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Team Doom Robotics are a BattleBots team which debuted in World Championship V with their heavyweight entry Perfect Phoenix. The team also competed in BattleBots: Bounty Hunters as well as BattleBots: Champions I.

Having competed in 2020 season fully, Team Doom Robotics were later burdened by captain Tyler Nguyen's school terms conflicting with BattleBots filming. As such, they could only attend the final days of filming and competed exclusively in the 2021 spin-off series as a result.

Tyler Nguyen Ray Billings 2020

Ray Billings and Tyler Nguyen.

Perfect Phoenix is essentially a refurbished Brutality, which was formerly owned by Aptyx Designs.

Team Members[]

Tyler Nguyen 2021 Perfect Phoenix

Tyler Nguyen[]

Stepson to Ray Billings, Tyler Nguyen took the reigns of Perfect Phoenix from 2020, captaining and driving the robot from the age of 11. Despite his age, he is a well-respected competitor on the US scene. As well as picking up multiple event wins as part of Team Doom Robotics, Tyler Nguyen competed in the UK web-series BuggleBots with his beetleweight Captain Doom.

With Perfect Phoenix stemming from Paul Ventimiglia's iconic heavyweight Brutality, this makes the robot older than Tyler himself. He has also fought with 1lb robot Commander Doom 2, winning multiple fights and the Sportsmanship Award in the 2017 Bot Blast event at just 8 years old.


Name Weight Class Series
Perfect Phoenix Heavyweight World Championship V
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters
BattleBots: Champions I


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 4