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Team Coolrobots was one of BattleBots' most well-known teams. It was headed by builder Christian Carlberg and assisted by drivers Brian Roe and Luke Khanlian, who drove Minion and TriDent respectively. The team won many battles during and after BattleBots, and the team still exists today, last fighting in the Discovery reboot with Mecha Rampage. The team was sponsored by game publisher Wizards of the Coast, best known for Magic: The Gathering.
Robot Name Weight Class Seasons of Competition
Toe-Crusher Lightweight Long Beach 1999, Season 2.0-Season 5.0
Knee-Breaker Middleweight Long Beach 1999, Season 4.0-Season 5.0
Little Slice Middleweight Long Beach 1999
Slugger Heavyweight Long Beach 1999-Las Vegas 1999
Minion Superheavyweight Las Vegas 1999-Season 5.0
OverKill Heavyweight Season 1.0-Season 5.0
Dreadnought Superheavyweight Season 3.0-Season 5.0
TriDent Middleweight Season 4.0-Season 5.0
UpperCut Heavyweight Season 5.0
Little Killer Antweight Season 5.0 (BattleAnts)
Chunk Middleweight 2009 College Championship
OverDrive Heavyweight (250 pounds) ABC Season 1 and 2
Mecha Rampage Heavyweight (250 pounds) Discovery Season 3
  • OverKill.
  • Toe-Crusher
  • Knee Breaker (Long Beach 1999)
  • Little Slice
  • Slugger
  • Minion
  • Dreadnought
  • Knee-Breaker
  • TriDent.
  • UpperCut
  • Little Killer
  • Chunk
  • Spinzone
  • P.H.M. (Pretty Hate Machine)
  • Buzzcut
  • Small Bite
  • Little Slice of Hell
  • Little Slice rebuilt into Blinky
  • OverDrive
  • Rampage (RoboGames 2017)
  • Mecha Rampage
  • Team Coolrobots old logo during the Comedy Central days.


  • Wins: 49
  • Losses: 32
  • Draws: 1


  • Several of Team Coolrobots' robots appeared in the CSI episode "Precious Metal." In addition, the victim, accused, and killer were named Christian, Brian, and Luke respectively.

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