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For the robot from Mutant Robots which competed in numerous seasons of Comedy Central BattleBots, see Tazbot.

"I'm so excited to introduce a brand new Tazbot. The robot that I once built 26 years ago being remade for BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon."
— Donald Hutson

Tazbot is one of twelve ShowBots which appear at BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon, the first BattleBots live event of its kind.

The most notable difference concerns the revamped Tazbot build being six-wheeled whereas Donald Hutson's original heavyweight was two-wheel drive. Tazbot is also predominantly red in color and its turret lifter now also has a spatula-like piece at the end as opposed to a dual-sided pickaxe. Tazbot's rear two wheels make up part of a weaponless minibot which can detach from the rest of the main robot.

As with all other ShowBots, Tazbot is standardized to use OYES switches made by Team End Game, as well as lithium iron phosphate batteries as opposed to lithium polymer batteries. The latter was enforced to reduce the risk of hazardous fires during shows.[1]

Tazbot typically fights Kraken during the live shows, and in Donald Hutson's absence, is fronted by hired actors TJ Blocker and Tyler Shackerford.


  • According to Donald Hutson, Tazbot is significantly lighter than other ShowBots, which are estimated to weigh just over 300lbs. This was not intentional as he did not realize how far over the typical 250lb limit others were building to.
  • Tazbot's entrance music is the theme song from S.W.A.T., an American crime drama.


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