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"I have a plethora of interchangeable tools that people haven't seen - things I'm saving for a special occasion."
— Donald Hutson on Tazbot

Tazbot was a heavyweight robot from Team Mutant Robots, created by Donald Hutson, which competed in both of the 1999 BattleBots events as well as every season of the Comedy Central run.

It was a teardrop-shaped robot armed with a custom pickaxe on a rotating turret. The pickaxe was effective as both a flipping and a spinning weapon, the unconventional shape and armament giving Tazbot an advantage over many of its opponents. The combination of turret and lifter also allowed it to self-right from any angle. Tazbot's wheels were cambered at a 60-degree angle, which gave it better control and grip when making sharp turns. Tazbot proved very resilient in combat, its armor was shock mounted to the base, and its rubber-mounted bracket wedges diverted hits away from its body.

Though Tazbot never won a title, its unique appearance and method of fighting made it a constant crowd favorite, and it claimed the "Coolest Robot" award from Season 4.0. Tazbot took fourth place in Long Beach, won the royal rumble in Season 2.0, and reached the semifinals in Season 4.0, as well as builder and driver Donald Hutson claiming Season 4.0's "Best Driver" award.

Robot History[]

Long Beach 1999[]

Tazbot vs. Rhino

Tazbot lifts Rhino.

Tazbot went through the first round by a bye and its first opponent was Rhino. In the match, Tazbot got a few lifts on Rhino and Rhino got a few hits on Tazbot before the CO2 ran dry. The match ended with Tazbot winning on a judge's decision and advanced to the next round, where it faced Razer.

Tazbot vs. Razer

Tazbot flips Razer on the killsaws.

Tazbot got its sharpened pickaxe under Razer rather quickly and tipped them onto the killsaws. Razer flipped it self-right back over just in time for a couple rides through the floor saws. Tazbot got a second flip and Razer's topside was pressed on to the killsaws, cutting their cables to flip back over. Tazbot won by KO at 4:34 and it was now put up against BioHazard

Tazbot vs. BioHazard

BioHazard flips Tazbot onto its back.

Tazbot moved slowly hoping to test its new tail and anti wedge devises that circled its perimeter. The only chance Tazbot had was when BioHazard drove itself onto the killsaws and one of its skirts was lifted for a second. Tazbot soon found itself pushed against the arena wall where BioHazard got underneath Tazbot and flipped it onto the killsaws. During the remaining four minutes, Tazbot tried to self-right with its arm before it was counted out. BioHazard won by KO at 2:34 and Tazbot was eliminated.

Tazbot vs. Punjar

Tazbot lifts Punjar.

Tazbot came back for the loser's bracket where it eventually fought Punjar. Tazbot went straight at Punjar and rotated its sharpened weapon under their side of Punjar. Tazbot lifted Punjar, but couldn't flip it over. Tazbot dragged Punjar to the killsaws right before the time ran out. Tazbot won on a judge's decision and its next opponent was a rematch against Rhino.

Tazbot vs. Rhino

Tazbot constantly tried to pin Rhino, but Rhino started striking its spike onto Tazbot's armor. Tazbot started pushing Rhino towards the killsaws and was holding strong before it suffered a delayed battery failure, caused by a direct blow to one of the batteries and making a low battery error code stopped Tazbot. Rhino won by KO at 3:56 and Tazbot secured fourth place.

Gigabot Royal Rumble

Tazbot wasn't finished, however, as it was one of 13 robots to enter the gigabot rumble. Tazbot went at every robot it could, trying to smash and flip any thing that moved. The only lifts Tazbot got were on frenZy, Kill-O-Amp and Razer before a fire broke out and the event was paused to extinguish the burning robot. In the end, Voltarc lifted both Razer (who was biting into frenZy) and frenZy (who was smashing Razer repeatedly) into the air for a great finally. Tazbot's turret had quit working once again but made one last feeble attempt to kock the elevated pile of flailing robots over to one side. Tazbot had no such luck budging the 600lb tower but was still able to move when the round was over. In the end, Razer won the heavyweight rumble.

Las Vegas 1999[]

Tazbot vs. Mortis

Tazbot lifts Mortis before its arm actuator breaks.

Tazbot once again went through the first round by a bye and its first opponent was Mortis. In the match, Mortis went straight at Tazbot, swinging its axe on Tazbot's shell. These hits left some holes on Tazbot and Tazbot started lifting the front of Mortis. Once Mortis was about a foot in the air, there was a structural failure in the turret and the arm actuator snapped. Both robots went pushing each other until the time ran out. Mortis won on a 6-3 judge's decision and Tazbot was eliminated. 

Heavyweight Rumble

Tazbot wasn't finished, however, as it entered the heavyweight rumble at the end of the tournament. Tazbot went straight at Blunt Force Trauma in the beginning and started lifting Razer, where it was eventually flipped. For the majority of the rumble, Tazbot went back for Mortis, and started lifting it. Unfortunately, Tazbot's arm was jammed with its arm up and was later lifted against a flipped Mortis and Razer by the arm of BioHazard before the rumble ended.

Season 1.0[]

Tazbot vs. Vlad the Impaler

Tazbot was lifted against the arena wall by Vlad.

Tazbot once again went through the first round by a bye and its first opponent was the reigning heavyweight champion Vlad the Impaler. Tazbot went straight at Vlad and started lifting it towards the killsaws. Vlad escaped and went straight at Tazbot, where it was flipped and pushed against the entrance ramp. Tazbot was flipped back to its wheels by Vlad and Tazbot was lifted again against the spikestrip. Tazbot was flipped and righted again but after many lifts from Vlad, smoke began pouring out from Tazbot's overheated brushes for the DC motor that powered the arm. Tazbot was once again lifted from Vlad and slammed it against the arena wall, where Vlad reversed Tazbot (as it was on the top rear of Vlad) and the ramrods flipped it. Vlad pushed the flipped Tazbot against the corner of the BattleBox before the time ran out. Vlad won on a unanimous 9-0 judge's decision and Tazbot was eliminated.

Heavyweight Royal Rumble

Tazbot wasn't finished, however, as it entered the heavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. It performed well as it survived until the end of the rumble, but lost to BioHazard.

Season 2.0[]

Tazbot vs. Decimator

Tazbot lifts Decimator's side.

Tazbot's first opponent of the season was against Decimator. In the match, Decimator zoomed across the BattleBox at an incredible pace, hitting Tazbot which was still in its square, and flying over the top of Tazbot. Decimator then drove across the BattleBox before taking a shot from the killsaws, followed by Tazbot pushing Decimator into the spikestrip. Decimator then charged across the BattleBox again, but took a massive hit to the front wedge by the killsaws, which bent part of it upwards. Decimator then pushed Tazbot, before charging in for a ram. This hit actually took the entire front wedge of Decimator off, leaving it with even more ground clearance than before. Tazbot then chased Decimator around the BattleBox before getting its turret arm underneath Decimator and lifting it slightly, but Decimator escaped. Decimator began emitting CO2 and uncontrollably drove itself into the spikestrip, before having a side panel ripped off by the killsaws. Decimator then crashed into another spikestrip. Tazbot then drove to where Decimator was, and lifted Decimator up into the air, where CO2 was coming out of Decimator quickly, as the tank must have been ruptured. Tazbot then pulled Decimator off of the spikestrip, and Decimator attempted to push Tazbot but was unable to move it anywhere. Decimator then charged at a killsaw, taking more damage and getting flipped upside down. Tazbot began whacking Decimator with its turret, but couldn't move for a while, before driving towards another corner and attempting to whack Decimator again, but couldn't get out of its position once more. Tazbot won the fight on a 32-13 judge's decision and was now pitted up against Kill-O-Amp.

Tazbot vs. Kill-O-Amp

Tazbot lifts the front of Kill-O-Amp.

Kill-O-Amp went straight at Tazbot, who, for several seconds remained motionless, but as soon as Kill-O-Amp came close, Tazbot moved in and started lifting the front end of Kill-O-Amp, lifting it off the ground for several seconds as Kill-O-Amp stopped moving. Kill-O-Amp's drivers report that they are having control problems and couldn't move, presumably due to radio interference. After careful consideration, Kill-O-Amp was being counted out and Tazbot was declared the winner. Tazbot was now in the quarterfinals and it was a rematch against Vlad the Impaler.

Tazbot vs. Vlad the Impaler (Quarterfinals)

Vlad lifts Tazbot.

Both robots charged at each other but Vlad the Impaler struck first and rammed Tazbot into the spikes. Vlad then took a run at Tazbot again, but Tazbot managed to lift Vlad slightly with its turret arm. Tazbot then lifted Vlad the Impaler into the killsaws. Vlad then retaliated by doing the exact same thing to Tazbot. Both robots then lifted each other with their weapons at exactly the same time and sent them both nearly tipping over. Finally, Vlad managed to perform a match-deciding move by charging at Tazbot and flipping it over with its lifting forks. Tazbot attempted to self-right but Vlad the Impaler hit Tazbot before it could perform such a move. It flipped Tazbot back over anyway. Tazbot then lifted Vlad into the killsaws again, but Vlad the Impaler retaliated by ramming Tazbot with its back plate. Both robots then locked their weapons again, but Vlad was on top this time, flipping Tazbot onto its back for a second time. With Tazbot in a vulnerable position, Vlad the Impaler took advantage by slamming Tazbot into the spikestrip and causing that side of the arena's lexan to shake from the impact. Vlad then kept ramming Tazbot into that same wall to prevent it from self-righting. With 3 seconds left on the clock, Tazbot finally self-righted, but was unable to do anything in the short amount of time left. Vlad the Impaler won with a 29-16 judge's decision and Tazbot was eliminated again.

Heavyweight Royal Rumble

Tazbot in the Season 2.0 Heavyweight Royal Rumble.

Tazbot takes his revenge on Vlad the Impaler in order to win the Heavyweight Royal Rumble by crowd vote with a little help from Punjar, Good Show Tazbot, Good Show.

Tazbot wasn't finished, however, as it participated the heavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. It performed really well and won overall.

Season 3.0[]

Tazbot vs. BattleRat

Tazbot tries to lift BattleRat.

Due to being a previous quarterfinalist, Tazbot was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 3.0, where it eventually fought BattleRat. Both robots went straight at each other and BattleRat gets underneath Tazbot and almost flips it over with its lifting arm. BattleRat lifts itself and Tazbot pushes BattleRat to the killsaws. Both robots were pushing each other and Tazbot gets caught on the killsaws. Tazbot gets its lifting arm on the left side of BattleRat and lifts it next to the killsaws. After more pushing from both robots, Tazbot almost gets hit by the pulverizer and BattleRat gets popped by the piston. Tazbot lifts BattleRat again and Tazbot gets popped by the piston. BattleRat raised its lifting arm backwards in an attempt to lift Tazbot, but it doesn't work. BattleRat then flips itself and gets caught on the killsaws again. BattleRat rights itself and Tazbot pushes BattleRat against the spikestrip. Tazbot pushes BattleRat on the killsaws and Tazbot tries to get its lifting arm under BattleRat. After BattleRat gets popped by the hellraisers, it pushed Tazbot against the spikestrip and then the killsaws again. Tazbot gets its lifting arm under BattleRat's front and almost flips it over again. Tazbot drives over BattleRat's wedge and Tazbot attempts to lift BattleRat. BattleRat lifts Tazbot again and gets its arm on top of Tazbot's spinning turret. The time ran out and Tazbot won on a 34-11 judge's decision. This win put Tazbot to the round of 16, where it faced GoldDigger.

Tazbot vs. GoldDigger

Tazbot lifts GoldDigger.

Both robots went straight at each other and Tazbot gets its lifting arm underneath GoldDigger's rear. Tazbot lifts GoldDigger and drops it on the BattleBox floor. Tazbot lifts GoldDigger again and GoldDigger starts spinning. Tazbot lifts GoldDigger again and flips it onto its back. GoldDigger gets caught on the killsaws and Tazbot lifts GoldDigger again, as GoldDigger started smoking. GoldDigger's pickaxe gets caught on Tazbot's lifting arm and Tazbot tries to spin its turret to knock GoldDigger off its arm, but Tazbot's turret only remains stationary while its entire body spins underneath. Tazbot pushes GoldDigger on the killsaws, which results in damage and frees the two robots. GoldDigger is moving slowly and continues to take damage from the killsaws. GoldDigger is only moving in circles and Tazbot pushes it towards the pulverizer. GoldDigger manages to get its pickaxe under Tazbot's turret and pins it against the wall, but with some lifting and driving, Tazbot gains control once again. With six seconds left, Tazbot pushes GoldDigger under the pulverizer again. Tazbot won on a 38-7 judge's decision and it advanced to the quarterfinals, where it faced BioHazard for the second time.

Tazbot vs. BioHazard (Quarterfinals)

Tazbot attempts to lift BioHazard.

At the beginning of the match, both bots clashed in the center of the box. Both bots bumped each other around for a little bit, but then BioHazard gained the upper hand, first with a slight lift and then another, pinning Tazbot against the wall in the process. BioHazard then preceded to manuver Tazbot into the pulverizer for a few seconds. After escaping the pulverizer, Tazbot and BioHazard took shots from the killsaws. After a few more lifts, BioHazard finally flipped Tazbot over in the last remaining seconds of the match. BioHazard won on a 27-18 judge's decision and Tazbot was eliminated from the tournament.

Heavyweight Royal Rumble

Tazbot wasn't finished, however, as it participated the heavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. It first went at Nightmare but decided not to, going for GoldDigger instead. It went back at Nightmare before being attacked by KillerHurtz. Then Tazbot broke down early in the rumble and eventually lost out to HexaDecimator.

Season 4.0[]

Tazbot vs. Silverback

Tazbot lifts Silverback.

Due to being a previous quarterfinalist, Tazbot was allowed to the skip the preliminary rounds of Season 4.0, where it faced Silverback. In the beginning, Silverback went straight at Tazbot and falls on its back. Tazbot gives a couple of side hits on Silverback while it self-rights. As both robots were going around each other, Silverback flips itself by driving onto Tazbot again. Tazbot pushes Silverback into the screws while Silverback self-rights again. Silverback is on its wheels again and starts running away from Tazbot. Silverback climbs onto Tazbot but doesn't flip over. Silverback runs away and drives over the killsaws. Tazbot goes after Silverback, which now has its arm fully up in the air. As soon as its knocked over by Tazbot (which happens soon after), Silverback self-rights again. Then Silverback drives backward and tumbles over on its own. Silverback drives up onto Tazbot's lifting arm again and gets flipped again. Silverback self-rights again and Tazbot pushes Silverback around the BattleBox. Silverback drives itself up and over and Tazbot pushes the upside-down robot into the wall. Silverback is up against the screws and Tazbot tries to lift Silverback, but it couldn't. Silverback's arm was stuck and Tazbot pushes Silverback around the BattleBox. Silverback was being counted out and with four seconds left on the count, Silverback gets the arm moving again and rights itself. Silverback drives onto Tazbot and almost flips itself over again. Silverback starts to push Tazbot against the arena wall and Tazbot hits Silverback with its spiked arm. Silverback ends up hitting the arena wall and Tazbot attempts to swing its arm into Silverback, but Silverback runs away and Tazbot gets caught on the killsaws. The fight ends with Tazbot pushing a flipped Silverback around the BattleBox. Tazbot won on a 38-7 judge's decision and it advanced to the round of 16, where it faced Botulizer.

Tazbot vs. Botulizer

Tazbot lifts Botulizer.

Botulizer came in and Tazbot latches on with its arm, only to be dragged around by Botulizer. After breaking free Botulizer bashes Tazbot and Tazbot almost scoops Botulizer. Both take a slight hit from the killsaws (although Tazbot also took a second hit). Botulizer rams Tazbot but retreats when Tazbot tried to lift it. Botulizer rams Tazbot again and accidentally drives into the killsaws. Tazbot nearly gets another lift on Botulizer and latches on again only to get pushed into the killsaws. Tazbot surveys Botulizer for an opening and nearly gets another lift. Tazbot managed to scoop Botulizer up and tried again to lift it but fails, instead it rams Botulizer into the spikes and holds it there for the remaining seconds. Tazbot won on a 27-18 judge's decision and it advanced to the quarterfinals, where it faced SlamJob.

Tazbot vs. SlamJob (Quarterfinals)

Tazbot lifts SlamJob against the spikestrip.

Both robots went straight at each other and SlamJob fires its axe, but misses. Tazbot gets its lifting arm underneath SlamJob's front skirt and SlamJob fires its axe on Tazbot's lifting arm. SlamJob pushes Tazbot against the arena wall and SlamJob gets caught on the ramrods. As Tazbot tries to get underneath SlamJob, SlamJob pushes Tazbot against the spikestrip. While this is happening, SlamJob's axe gets caught on Tazbot's lifting arm. SlamJob was able to push Tazbot towards the screws and later drags Tazbot on the killsaws. This actually damaged SlamJob's spiked hammer. Both robots were separated around the killsaws and Tazbot charges into the side of SlamJob. Slamjob gets caught on the killsaws and Tazbot attempts to lift SlamJob again. After more pushing between both robots, Tazbot got its lifting arm underneath SlamJob's front and lifts it from the front against the spikestrip. SlamJob gets under Tazbot and pushes it on the killsaws again. The match ended with both robots pushing each other. Tazbot won on a close 24-21 judges decision and it advanced to the semifinals, where it faced BioHazard again.

Tazbot vs. BioHazard (Semifinals)

Tazbot gets lifted by BioHazard.

The match started with Tazbot and BioHazard immediately ramming into each other, causing BioHazard to spin 180 degrees in the air and Tazbot to be turned away from BioHazard. Tazbot pushed BioHazard towards a pulverizer but it escaped and Tazbot was nearly hit instead. After bumping each other a couple of times, BioHazard attempted to topple Tazbot but only succeeded in lifting the turret armed robot up. BioHazard then got under Tazbot and pushed it before letting it go and raising the lifter. BioHazard got under Tazbot again and tried to lift it but was clipped by the killsaws and Tazbot escaped. Tazbot ran away but got pushed by BioHazard before the two times champion fired the lifter. BioHazard got under Tazbot again and pushed around in a circle before trying to topple Tazbot. Tazbot ran at BioHazard, driving onto and off BioHazard before fleeing with BioHazard in close pursuit. BioHazard's front skirt was hit by the killsaws before BioHazard continued to chase Tazbot around raising the lifter slightly before turning and catching Tazbot and trying to put Tazbot on its side only for it to fail and Tazbot's axe to get under the lifting arm, preventing the arm from going down. Tazbot removed the axe and escaped BioHazard before the low down robot but got under Tazbot again. Unfortunately for Tazbot, its wheels were on either side of BioHazard's body, preventing it from escaping. Tazbot escaped from BioHazard's grasp when BioHazard drove over to a pulverizer where BioHazard nearly got hit by the pulverizer. BioHazard drove at Tazbot again, getting under and attempting to topple its opponent but Tazbot slide off and escaped. BioHazard got under Tazbot again, lifting it slightly before trying again to turn over Tazbot only to lift it up. Tazbot escaped and headed towards the blue square. BioHazard followed and was clipped by the killsaws, both robots started pushing each other before Tazbot ran away and BioHazard got under for a brief moment before Tazbot escaped. BioHazard ran at Tazbot but stopped. Tazbot drove onto the low down robot, which started to move again. BioHazard continued to stop and start for last 20 odd seconds of the fight before Tazbot got one of its small wedges stuck on BioHazard's skirt. BioHazard raised the lifter one last time before the fight ended. BioHazard won the close 24-21 judge's decision and Tazbot was eliminated for the third time.

Despite reaching the heavyweight semifinals, Tazbot didn't participate the heavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament.

Season 5.0[]

Tazbot vs. Ringmaster

a piece of Tazbot's plow gets teared off by Ringmaster.

Tazbot gets knocked off onto the killsaws by Ringmaster.

The hit that immobilized Tazbot, giving Ringmaster the victory.

Due to being a previous semifinalist, Tazbot was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 5.0, where it faced Ringmaster. In this match, Ringmaster attacked Tazbot, but its ring wasn't doing much damage to the rear plow on Tazbot. Ringmaster delivered a small hit to Tazbot's wheel before a second hit knocked Tazbot a good distance away. Ringmaster got another good hit in before Tazbot got control and pushed Ringmaster around, Ringmaster spinning in circles all the while. Ringmaster was rammed once by Tazbot after escaping before Tazbot stopped moving as it ran out of battery power. Ringmaster went on the attack, ripping into the front of Tazbot and shearing off a piece of Tazbot's plow. Ringmaster hit Tazbot again, this time knocking it onto the killsaws. Ringmaster took a small hit from the killsaws itself, doing no damage. Tazbot was then counted out. A post-fight analysis showed that Tazbot's batteries had died, meaning Ringmaster's attacks didn't cause the knockout, nevertheless Ringmaster won the match by KO at 1:37 and Tazbot was eliminated from the tournament once again.

Due to damage from Ringmaster, Tazbot couldn't participate the heavyweight consolation rumble at the end of the tournament. Even if it did, it wouldn't come back for the heavyweight royal rumble due to an incident with Nightmare in the heavyweight consolation rumble which resulted in all the rumbles getting cancelled.


  • Wins: 10
  • Losses: 8
Competition Wins Losses
Long Beach 1999 Bye




BioHazard, Rhino
Las Vegas 1999 Bye Mortis
Season 1.0 Bye Vlad the Impaler
Season 2.0 Bye



Vlad the Impaler
Season 3.0 BattleRat


Season 4.0 Silverback



Season 5.0 None Ringmaster

Series Record[]

Long Beach: Fourth Place

Las Vegas: Round of 16

Season 1.0: Round of 16

Season 2.0: Quarterfinals

Season 3.0: Quarterfinals

Season 4.0: Semi-finals

Season 5.0: Round of 32

Mark Beiro Introductions[]

"From San Diego California in the heavyweight division, weighing in at 209½ pounds with a number 4 ranking and from the creative of mind Donald Hutson & representing by Team Tazbot. Here is TAZBOT!

"It's a pretty hot bot that'll hit you with a flurry in a hurry. At 207 pounds, please welcome TAZBOT!"

"He's vicious, he's malicious, he finds other bots delicious. Say hello to TAZBOT!"

"Do not try to reason with the pickaxe toating freakazoid in the blue square. Introducing TAZBOT!"

"With a lethal lifting arm as lucky charm, and a treacherous turret that you'll never forget. Let's hear it for TAZBOT!"

"Not only will he beat you senseless with his iron fist, he'll dig your grave while he's at it. On his way to fame and glory is TAZBOT!"

"Messing with him would be as foolish as purchasing the extended warranty on him. Duck and cover from TAZBOT!"

"The time has come for this robot to unleash its pit of fury, let loose its pit of rage and go holly walnuts on his opponent. Here is TAZBOT!"

"The vile fester in this bot's soul makes it prone to chewing up robots, then spitting them out like a frickin' Pez dispensor. Introducing TAZBOT!"


Any appearances by Tazbot in merchandise are listed below:


  • Tazbot made a brief cameo on CSI in the episode Precious Metal.
  • Tazbot had also competed in the American Robot Wars tournaments in 1996 and 1997 under the name of Tazz. In those tournaments, it fought against other would-be BattleBots competitors such as The Master, Snake, DooAllMauler, Punjar, Red Scorpion, frenZy, Monster and Nemesis.
  • Somewhere around the time of Season 2.0, Tazbot fought against Overkill in a mini version of the arena as a Hasbro exibition match for IBM.
  • Tazbot was one of at least eight robots to battle at the Hasbro Showroom's miniature arena for the 2001 Toy Fair. The other seven robots known to have participated are Diesector, Overkill, Vlad the Impaler, Ginsu, BioHazard, Ziggo and Toe Crusher.
  • Tazbot along with Diesector is still under Donald Hutson's ownership, as glimpsed in BattleBots Season 2 episode 1 where the bot was seen in the background, stored on a metal shelf, turret hammer dipped down.

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