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SupercaliBotulistic, originally called Botulistic, was a lightweight robot which fought in Season 3.0 and Season 4.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots.

Botulistic was an invertible, pentagonally-shaped robot with flame decals and armed a large sheet metal flipper in its debut season. It went winless in its only preliminary battle, however, and was redesigned to feature two large, exposed wheels and a narrower flipping panel. However, SupercaliBotulistic faired no better in Season 4.0, again losing in its only fight.

The robot was made by Big Bang Robotics, who previously made the successful middleweight Heavy Metal Noise, and it was succeeded by The Phreak for Season 5.0.

Robot History[]

Johnson SCB

Jay Johnson with Botulistic at Season 3.0

Season 3.0[]

Botulistic vs. Trilobot

Botulistic's first match of Season 3.0 was against Trilobot. Throughout the match, Botulistic managed to get under and lift Trilobot numerous times, but each time, Trilobot managed to slip off before Botulistic could take advantage. One of Trilobot's front spikes became jammed in between the main aluminum body and the Lexan armor plates, causing the match to be paused and forcing the two bots to be separated. Near the end of the match, Botulistic rammed Trilobot while its own wedge was off the ground, causing it to ride up Trilobot's wedge and giving it the opportunity to drive Botulistic into the spikestrip. Both robots survived until the end of the fight, and Botulistic just lost out on a 24-21 judges' decision, eliminating it from the competition.

Season 4.0[]

SupercaliBotulistic vs. Batray

Now known as SupercaliBotulistic, it returned for Season 4.0 and came up against BatRay. SupercaliBotulistic's main problem was that when it moved, its wedge lifted up off the ground. BatRay went right under it and slammed it into a wall. BatRay also had the pushing advantage and was able to move Supercalibotulistic around. Eventually BatRay got under SupercaliBotulistic and slammed it into the wall where it was jammed and immobile. BatRay then freed SupercaliBotulistic and defeated it on a 15-30 judges' decision.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
Season 3.0 None Trilobot
Season 4.0 None BatRay