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Subatomic is a heavyweight robot designed by Bots 'n' Stuff Robotics, best known for building Bloodsport, which was entered into BattleBots World Championship VIII.

It is a two-wheel drive, invertible robot armed with a large drum spinner at the front. Subatomic has a strong radioactive theme, evidenced also by its lime green chassis, decorative piping and warning stripes across the drum itself. The overall design of the robot gives it a strong resemblance to World Championship III runner-up Minotaur.


A render of Subatomic in April 2023.

The main robot is accompanied by a minibot called Meltdown - a weaponless, four-wheeled base with a 12" decorative nuclear smoke stack sat upon it.

Subatomic is unique in that it features "expressive eyes" on the front, either side of the drum spinner. These are capable of showing an array of expressions, reflecting the "emotion" of the robot at any given time.

The robot is co-captained by Robert Lyle, as well as former Retrograde captain Aaron Lucas.

Bots 'n' Stuff Robotics team member Seth Schaffer confirmed on September 13, 2023 that Subatomic was put on pause in order to focus on Fireball and Bloodsport[1], who both fought in BattleBots Proving Ground in the weekend prior.

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