Stephen Felk with Voltronic in 2016.

Stephen Felk is a BattleBots competitor from San Francisco, California. Felk is best known for his highly successful Battlebots entrant, Voltronic (known as Voltarc prior to season 2.0), which he built in the kitchen of his apartment using salvaged electric scooter parts.

Felk competed with Voltronic in all seven Battlebots tournaments, reaching the final round three times, but failed to win a championship. Notably, Felk is the only Battlebots competitor to face the same opponent on three separate occasions ( Vlad the Impaler built by Gage Cauchois). Felk lost all three Battles. After his first defeat, Felk maintained a sporting rivalry with Cauchois throughout the the original Battlebots run.

Stephen Felk with Voltronic in Season 2.0.

Felk also teamed up with fellow veteran Battlebots competitors Jim Smentowski and Paul Mathus to compete with a multibot known as The Swarm. for season 3.0. Felk constructed and drove the component, Mosquito.

Felk is also well known for his passion for Battlebots and robotic combat as a whole. He is also remembered for his pro-wrestler esque manner of speaking during interviews.

Stephen returned for the 4th season of the reboot on Discovery and Science as part of Free Shipping's team.

Outside of Battlebots

Felk attended Northwestern University's Technological Institute/BFA San Francisco Art Institute. He also has 22 years experience self employed in the building trades.

More recently, Felk was commentator for the 2012 ComBots cup.


"We are a very violent species, and that's the reason we rule the earth, is cause we killed everything else. Anything that got in our way, we eliminated. And so I think deep down in our psyche, there's thi..there's this feeling and repoire with violence that we really like. It's like pro-football." - Voltarc vs Bender mid fight interview.

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