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Not to be confused with the robot of the same name which fought in Season 5.0, the working name for Red Devil or the drone which has accompanied several competitors since World Championship III.

Spitfire is a heavyweight robot designed by Team Outlaw, which was originally accepted to compete in BattleBots World Championship V.

It is a large, two-wheel drive robot which was somewhat octagonal in shape, and armed with an angled bar spinner capable of spinning at 1500rpm. Spitfire was essentially a rethemed Ironside3, Trevor Wright's entry for the modern era of Robot Wars, but took on the look of a Supermarine Spitfire fighter aircraft from World War II.

Spitfire WIP 2023

Spitfire under construction in May 2023.

Unlike Ironside3, Spitfire's submitted CAD featured flamethrowers mounted in row to mimic aircraft exhausts, though whether there were going to be functional on the actual BattleBots entry remains unknown.

Spitfire was announced to Facebook Supporters as one of many accepted teams in early 2020, but due to travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Team Outlaw were forced to withdraw from the competition and are not known to have submitted a BattleBots application since.

Outside BattleBots[]

Trevor Wright's involvement in the sport began in the late 1990s as he entered a robot called Velocirippa into Robot Wars, initially in the Robotic Soccer side tournament of The Third Wars before competing in the main competition from the following year. In later series, Trevor Wright built a second heavyweight out of the old Velocirippa chassis called Mighty Mouse, which entered the last two original UK series. Neither robot, however, saw much success during the show.

Robin hood

Robin Hood as it appeared during Clash Bots.

Alongside team members Adam Lewis and Louise Hemstock, he then entered Ironside3 into Series 8 and 9 of the show as it returned in 2016, finishing third overall in the latter competition.

He also competed in the short-lived Chinese show Clash Bots with a repainted Ironside3 fitted with a new self-righting mechanism called Robin Hood. However, it lost its only fight in the show and was prematurely eliminated.

Craig Colliass and his family also have pedigree in the UK scene, entering Robot Wars with Gabriel and Cherub as Team Saint. Ironically, Team Outlaw and Team Saint fought one another in Series 8 of the show, as Ironside3 defeated Gabriel in the group stage battles in their heat. Team Saint also fought in Clash Bots with a black version of Gabriel called Excalibur. More recently, Team Saint began work on new robots in 2021, a middleweight called Uriel and heavyweight named Zadkiel.


  • Spitfire shares its name with another aircraft-themed heavyweight robot from a British team, which competed in the final season of Comedy Central BattleBots.
    • Coincidentally, both Spitfire robots applied for the fifth season of their respective eras.

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