As part of the toyline by Road Champs, six SpinBots were released in two groups of four and included, BioHazard , Mauler 5150 , Blendo , Punjar , Frenzy and Bender. These six were also a part of 2nd Edition and featured the same painted on damage featured on the other Battlebots toys in 2nd Edition. Included with the set of four SpinBots was a mini replica of the Battlebots Arena shaped into a skateboard half-pike style design, stickers for that arena, and a special wind-up attachment that allowed the user to battle with the SpinBots in the arena with the winning robot being the one to knock out its opponent first. The arena was separated into two halves and featured places for the launchers used to create battles in the center as well as a painted on spikestrip that played no role in the battles' outcome. Each robot replica was placed on a satellite dish-shaped piece with a special extrusion at the top designed to fit in the hole underneath the replica. The two pieces were then placed on the launcher, which would then send the robots into battle in a manner similar to Beyblade. Much like BioHazard's other toy releases where the name was included, re-releases of 1st Edition Spinbots Action Arena that included it covered over its name with tape.


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