As part of a range released in 2001 by Tiger Electronics and Hasbro, Son of Whyachi was 1 of 8 robots in the RC Custom Series . Like other robots in the series, Son of Whyachi contained the same chassis as the other toys and built in impact sensors allowed "vitual damage" to be shown on the toy, as a result of ramming. Flashing LEDs on top of each toy displayed exactly how much damage it had taken, and the robot would cease to function once its light was no longer illuminated. Son of Whyachi's toy was based on the Season 3.0 version, and it includes a replica of the real robot's shuffling "feet" where the toy's wheels were attached to the motor slightly off-center, causing them to "wobble" and provide movement similar to the feet. The toy came with two hammer attachments for its spinning cage, the traditional ones used on the real robot and more spiky attachments. The spinning cage itself was actually two parts, one being the hammers, the other being the red support bars that form a triangle and fit about halfway down from the top of the hammers. During the Tournament Edition part of the toy range, Son of Whyachi was also released with DooAll.



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