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Snake was a robot that competed in Battlebots Season 2.0 in the Super Heavyweight division. It was built by Mark Setrakian of Team Sinister. Keeping up with his tradition of building unusual, showy bots, Snake was no exception. It was a strange form of walker that used its whole body for locomotion. Snake was armed with a gigantic pair of jaws and a rear drill.

Snake had previously entered the 1997 Robot Wars event where it was beaten by Scorpion. Snake was built in 12 days for the event after Mark found that it would have taken too long to do the modifications he had planned for The Master.

Robot History

Season 2.0

Snake vs Anubis

In Snake's first fight it fought Anubis.

Snake spins up its drill

In this fight Snake tried to move out of its corner while Anubis, unsure on how to attack Snake, drove over and tried to lift it. Anubis eventually broke down

Snake approaching an immobile Anubis

and Snake used its drill to grind up Anubis while it was counted out. Snake vs War Machine

Anubis gets drilled into by Snake.

This victory put Snake into the second round where it fought War Machine. War Machine sped toward Snake, but Snake writhed into a stance which made War Machine's driver flinch. War Machine backed up for a ram and Snake tried the stance again but it didn't work and War Machine slammed right into the middle of Snake,

Snake gets slammed into by War Machine

which started smoking due a battery shorting out in the 2nd half of the body from the repeated impacts. Snake continued to writhe around and attack the pulverizer while it got counted out.

Snake tries to bite the pulverizer as it was getting counted out


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
Wins Losses
Season 2.0 Anubis War Machine

Mark Beiro Introductions

"This ain't no python. It's a coiled killing machine ready to get the frack on. Here is SNAKE!" (Snake vs Anubis)

"We'd all be in the Garden of Eden if it weren't for this cold-blooded bastard. It's the magnificent SNAKE!" (Snake vs. War Machine)


Any appearances by Snake in Merchandise is listed below:

Snake at Robot Wars 97 before the armor was removed

The controls that Mark Setrakian used to drive Snake