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Skorpios is a heavyweight robot which has competed in every season of the BattleBots reboot since ABC Season 2.

The robot was originally designed and built by Offbeat Robotics, led by Orion Beach and featuring Zach Lytle, before he was promoted to team captain in later seasons. Skorpios is a two-wheel drive bot with a wedge at the front, paired with an articulating arm with a saw or blade attached to attack from overhead.

The Skorpios team has become known for overlapping with numerous other modern BattleBots competitors. These include Dan Chatterton and Micah Leibowitz, both of which were members of Wrecks in ABC Season 1. Jen Herchenroeder, formerly of Battle Royale With Cheese, joined for one season before piloting her own entry from Discovery Season 5 onwards, HiJinx. Jerry Serafin was also part of the team in ABC Season 2, becoming more well-known for Chronos in later seasons and joining up with Robotic Death Company to be part of Gigabyte for Discovery Season 6.

Skorpios was eliminated early on in its debut year after becoming pinned under the arena screws in a three-way battle involving Bad Kitty and fight winner Black Ice. It did win another rumble against DeathRoll and Bucktooth Burl, but Skorpios played no further part in ABC Season 2.

For Discovery Season 3, Skorpios appeared largely similar, though its cutting saw was now embedded with diamond crystals and the robot itself was a deep pale blue color. The central "face" beteen the sides of the front scoop now had larger blue eyes and the teeth were more pronounced too. This version of Skorpios performed better, defeating Lucky in an undercard match before emerging victorious in a main event over Icewave. It lost to Rotator in its third match, but overcame HyperShock to make Top 16, but dropped out due to not having the proper parts to compete.

For Discovery Season 4, Skorpios now sported the shade of blue which it has since become known for. The biggest difference concerned the primary weapon; a 1/2" thick single-toothed disc weighing 11lbs and cut from AR400 steel, replaced the cutting saw, which was an unused option throughout the season. Its front wedge had sharper prongs which were curved higher to allow for robots to be trapped on it easier, and it boasted interchangeable face plates. Like the last season, Skorpios had a good start to its campaign, but the destruction to its wheels cost it in their last two fights to the vertical spinners of Uppercut and Lock-Jaw.

Skorpios returned for Discovery Season 5 appearing largely unchanged, though the primary weapon was upgraded. The 11lb disc now ran on a brushless motor, making their weaponry much more destructive. They also boasted had an additional Diablo-branded cutting blade with carbide teeth for instances where they wanted to run a more traditional saw, though this had to be retired for the season after being bent out of shape against Bloodsport. As of 2020, Skorpios had three different types of hammer saw; the classic disc, a two-toothed bar and a hollow blade which essentially replaced their 21lb option "Big Bertha" (though it had the same diameter, it weighed the same as their classic option). A secondary weapon was also used in the form of a flamethrower built into a scorpion-like tail, complete with sharp pieces to either work like a hammer or a clamping arm. The front wedge was now 3/8" thick AR400 steel, and 3/16" of the same steel for armor. Skorpios was finally able to qualify for the main tournament, defeating the feared Tombstone on path to a 2-1 Fight Night record, but lost in the first round of the tournament to Witch Doctor. Skorpios also did well in the Icewave Bounty Hunters bracket, defeating three opponents to earn the right to have a rematch with Icewave, whom it easily defeated to earn a portion of the $25,000 prize.

Skorpios also participated in Discovery Season 6, boasting a rebuilt chassis, a new weapon clutch and overall tweaks to improve reliability, including a new drive train and faster weapon motor. The scorpion tail weapon was scrapped due to it burning out the clutch in its first BattleBots Bounty Hunters fight against Black Widow, and struggling through the remainder of the tournament. In the time between filming and the air date for Season 6, Zach Lytle and Diana Tarlson showcased their expanded range of blade options for Skorpios; their favorite of which is a 14lb asymmetric disc called "T-Rex". The second of their new hammer saw discs is also their lightest, weighing just 7lbs and being used solely when the team want as much weight dedicated to armor as possible. Named "the Klondike bar" it is a more traditional, symmetrical bar with teeth on either end. Away from weaponry, the team explored methods of incorporating magnets into their design, in order to limit how often the robot wheelies when accelerating. Skorpios was confirmed to still have their diamond saw blade as an option, however state a reason it is used so infrequently is down to it becoming deformed under the robot's weight as it is overturned.[1]

Robot History

ABC Season 2

Skorpios vs. Bad Kitty vs. Black Ice

Skorpios gets its wedge stuck under the screws.

Skorpios was one of twelve robots forced to fight in the preliminary rounds in order to qualify for the main bracket. It fought Bad Kitty and Black Ice in its match. Unfortunately, it was pushed into the screws wedge-first early into the match by Black Ice and was stuck. Despite using its saw blade to cut into the screws, leaving a 3" gash nearly halfway through,

Skorpios cuts into the screws, trying to free itself.

it was unable to free itself and was counted out. Black Ice won the rumble by KO and Skorpios was eliminated from the tournament.

Skorpios vs. Bucktooth Burl vs. DeathRoll

Skorpios cuts Bucktooth Burl.

Skorpios wasn't finished yet, however as it participated in a rumble against Bucktooth Burl and DeathRoll. When the rumble started, all three robots maneuvered around before Skorpios attacked DeathRoll in the corner, sending sparks flying. Eventually, Skorpios' weapon was damaged to the point that it could no longer spin freely but Skorpios kept attacking. DeathRoll was repeatedly attacked by Bucktooth Burl and was flipped over before Bucktooth Burl eventually lost driving ability. Time ran out and Skorpios was declared the winner.

Discovery Season 3

Skorpios vs. Lucky

Skorpios grinds its saw onto Lucky.

Skorpios cuts into Lucky on the front.

Skorpios' first match in the 2018 season was against Lucky. The match started off evenly as both robots were having trouble getting under each other. Eventually Lucky flipped Skorpios and its saw hit the BattleBox floor, causing a shower of sparks and righting Skorpios. Skorpios got its saw into Lucky's wheel and disabled its left side, leaving Lucky trapped under and taking shots from the pulverizer. Skorpios eventually disabled Lucky's right side with less than 30 seconds left, time ran out and Skorpios won on a unanimous 3-0 judges' decision.

Skorpios vs. Icewave

Skorpios shoves Icewave to the pulverizer as its front armor is torn off.

Skorpios shoves Icewave against the screws.


Up next for Skorpios was Icewave. In response, Skorpios added some extensions to the front of its saw arm to hopefully keep Icewave at bay. The match started off rather poorly for Skorpios as it lost the uses of it saw arm from Icewave's first attack. However, Skorpios retaliated by shoving Icewave around, losing one of its front extensions near the floor in the process. Skorpios continued to pressure Icewave by using its speed to catch Icewave before it could get its weapon up to speed. Skorpios took another hit from Icewave and lost the second of its front extensions but got Icewave into the screws briefly. Skorpios chased Icewave again and pinned it against the wall before time ran out. The judges awarded a split 2-1 decision for Skorpios.

Skorpios vs. Rotator

Rotator rips off Skorpios' arm.

Skorpios' next match-up was against Rotator, and they had replaced the front prongs which had been torn off by Icewave with a more solid piece of metal. The match got underway and Skorpios took a barrage of hits from Rotator but they were only causing sparks. Skorpios managed to get under Rotator and brought the saw down but the weapon wasn't able to reach top speed and go to work so Skorpios released. Skorpios continued to try and get an attack on Rotator and was doing rather well to withstand the punishment but one particular hit ripped off the saw arm completely, leaving Skorpios to fight with just the main body. Skorpios continued to fight on and lost one of the two top rear panels next to where the saw arm was attached but managed to survive the full fight. Time ran out and the judges awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision to Rotator.

Skorpios vs. HyperShock

Skorpios attacks HyperShock as it is upside down.

Up next for Skorpios was HyperShock. Skorpios was fitted with an angle grinder to replace the saw arm that Rotator tore off in the previous fight but was otherwise unchanged. When the match began, things weren't going so well for Skorpios as they were thrown into the air, turning full circle at least twice before landing on the angle grinder and bouncing upright. This didn't seem to phase Skorpios as they continued to attack but had lost the use of the angle grinder for a weapon. Skorpios lost one of its top panels but continued to attack, trying to keep HyperShock from running away to get its weapon up to top speed. Skorpios then lost the angle grinder completely but managed to flip HyperShock over under the pulverizer in the final 10 seconds. HyperShock couldn't self right but there wasn't enough time for a count out so the fight went to the judges, whom ruled a 3-0 unanimous decision to Skorpios. Skorpios would've made the Top 16, but the team dropped out due to lack of parts and no active weapon.

Discovery Season 4

Skorpios vs. Copperhead

Skorpios and Copperhead come together.

Skorpios hits Copperhead's backside and flips over.

Skorpios was first drawn against Copperhead. As the match began, Copperhead struggled to get their weapon going, so Skorpios largely evaded damage. However, Skorpios was soon tossed through the air and had their front wedges bent up at the tips. Skorpios was also fairly resilient and continued to attack, bringing down the saw without much damage done to Copperhead. Unfortunately, with their front forks bent upward, they weren't able to mount much of an attack until Copperhead started to lose mobility on one side. This allowed Skorpios to throw them over before Copperhead was counted out, giving Skorpios the win by KO.

Skorpios vs. Sidewinder

Skorpios lays into its prey.

Skorpios' next opponent was Sidewinder, which had just come off a win in an untelevised match against P1. When the match began, Skorpios was doing well as they were attacking Sidewinder and causing minor damage. Skorpios took further control when Sidewinder's lower weapon mount broke off, taking its bar with it, then proceeding to knock a piece of Sidewinder's rear armor off. This left Sidewinder with just its wedgelets and what was left of the mount, but there was little offense or defense against Skorpios. They continued to attack, tearing off Sidewinder's wedgelets and ripping into Sidewinder's exposed electronics. Sidewinder was then partially high-centered on its exposed wires, smoking, and stopped moving. Sidewinder was counted out, giving Skorpios the win by KO.

Skorpios vs. Tantrum

Skorpios cuts into Tantrum on the wall.

Skorpios next found itself against Tantrum and remained with its flywheel over the saw. As the match began, Skorpios maneuvered around Tantrum and attacked with its weapon, mostly causing sparks as it worked to avoid Tantrum's weapon. Skorpios continued to attack in this manner, but occasionally got on top of Tantrum's front wedgelets. Skorpios showed dominance, but Tantrum wasn't giving up and was still able to drive. Skorpios eventually disabled Tantrum's weapon and brought it to the pulverizer, which lost its front cover on impact. Time ran out and the judges awarded Skorpios a unanimous 3-0 decision. After the fight, it was revealed that Skorpios' disc was warped when it collided with Tantrum's disc, but they had plenty of spares to swap it out.

Skorpios vs. Uppercut

one of Skorpios' tire gets hit by Uppercut.

Both weapons collide.

Skorpios gets hit and tossed by Uppercut.

Skorpios was now looking for its fourth win and was placed against newcomer Uppercut. Skorpios went with its flywheel again, but as the match began, found it difficult to cause much damage. Skorpios ended up being on the receiving end of multiple hits, the first two breaking both wheels, then a few other shots to its wedges and back. Skorpios continued to try and fight, but with its mobility hindered, it wasn't really able to do much. Eventually smoke began to pour out and Skorpios stopped moving. Skorpios was counted out, giving Uppercut the win by KO.

Skorpios vs. Lock-Jaw

Skorpios was now on the verge of the Top 16 bracket, but was placed against veteran Donald Hutson and Lock-Jaw. Skorpios went with its flywheel once again, but this didn't make things any easier as they were quickly tossed all around the arena by Lock-Jaw. Skorpios tried where possible to make an attack, but even when it connected with its disc, it was thrown into the air. Worse still, it also had suffered damage to its wheels and one tire eventually came off, leaving it down to just one damaged wheel. Skorpios wasn't giving up and Lock-Jaw's weapon was also smoking, but Lock-Jaw had full mobility. Unfortunately, Skorpios began to smoke as well and stopped moving before being counted out, giving Lock-Jaw the win by KO and a spot in the Top 16.

Skorpios vs. Black Dragon

Skorpios then had an exhibition match with Black Dragon from Brazil, where they debuted their 21lb disc "Big Bertha". Despite this new weapon, Skorpios started off poorly as they tipped backwards and were thrown into the air by their opponent. Skorpios recovered but struggled to get an opportunity to bring down the saw. Instead, Skorpios was tossed repeatedly but able to either right itself or landing upright each time. Skorpios then got a hit on Black Dragon, but struggled to cause serious damage. Skorpios maneuvered again and ended up taking its saw into the arena barrier by mistake, causing only sparks. As the match wore on, Skorpios was still struggling to land much of a hit and eventually its weapon arm motor began smoking. Both robots survived to a judges decision, which ruled unanimously for Black Dragon.

re:MARS Amazon BattleBots Challenge

Skorpios vs. Chomp

Skorpios was one of 10 robots to compete in a live stream event in Las Vegas, Nevada for the Giant Bolt award. Its first opponent in the bracket was Zoe Stephenson and Chomp. When the match began, Skorpios was looking for position while Chomp was more tentative. Skorpios then took advantage of Chomp's failed attack by keeping Chomp on its side and attacking with the saw. Chomp got back up, but again missed the attack so Skorpios went in again. Finally, Skorpios took a hit from Chomp, but it did little, if any damage and Skorpios was able to topple Chomp and shove it against the arena barrier to cause more sparks. By this point, Chomp was really struggling to self-right so Skorpios was on the attack again. Time ran out with Chomp up against the arena barrier unable to self-right. The judges awarded the victory to Skorpios.

Skorpios vs. Lock-Jaw

Up next for Skorpios was a grudge match against Lock-Jaw from their playoff match to get to the Round of 16. Skorpios faced pressure from Lock-Jaw quickly when the match began as they were thrown into the air and their saw got bent enough to prevent it from working. Still, Skorpios had the saw arm, its speed and its durability to continue, but it continued to take punishment from its opponent. Skorpios soon had its front wedge tips bent upward and it was thrown onto its back multiple times, but was able to get back up each time. With a minute remaining, Lock-Jaw began smoking but still pushed onward, trying to keep Skorpios in check. Both robots fought near the pulverizer as Lock-Jaw's smoke got worse. Finally, as the seconds wound down, Lock-Jaw stopped moving and burst into flames. The judges award a 2-1 split decision for Skorpios, giving them their revenge on Lock-Jaw.

Discovery Season 5

Skorpios vs. Bloodsport

Skorpios' first fight of the season was against the heavily remodeled Bloodsport. In response, Skorpios was equipped with its new Diablo sawblade and had a slightly different face plate with higher spokes to prevent Bloodsport from nicking the armor covers like Rotator easily did two years prior. Things did not start off well for Skorpios as they took two hits from Bloodsport, but luckily these, hits cost Bloodsport half of its front wedgelets. Skorpios started to gain some control of the fight and pushed Bloodsport to the pulverizer, but its saw became bent as a result. Skorpios continued to take punishment, but ended up having part of the front plate for its front wedgelets partially detached. Unfortunately, the damage it had taken was now taking its toll on Skorpios and they found themselves against the arena barrier with only half their drive and smoking somewhat. Skorpios took one final hit from Bloodsport before being counted out, giving Bloodsport the win by KO.

Skorpios vs. Perfect Phoenix

Skorpios slams its hamer saw down on Perfect Phoenix.

Skorpios' next fight was against Perfect Phoenix. Skorpios started off box-rushing and using its wedge to deflect Perfect Phoenix's blows. After a few hits by Perfect Phoenix, Skorpios brought it to the rails, bringing hits that were able to cause Perfect Phoenix's motor to smoke and stop its weapon. Skorpios then delivered Perfect Phoenix up into the screws, repeatedly attacking it and then backing off. Perfect Phoenix's blade was stuck on the screws and therefore was counted out, giving Skorpios the win by KO.

Skorpios vs. Tombstone

Tombstone loses a wheel as Skorpios evades further hits.

Skorpios next fought Tombstone, a match Zach Lytle and his team had been preparing for over the past four years. Skorpios was armed with its hammer saw and pontoons up front, and started off well as they tanked early hits from Tombstone. However, Skorpios was starting to show signs of damage as they took impacts to their pontoons and right wheel, which became mangled as a result. This didn't hinder Skorpios much as they managed to corral Tombstone, whom had lost drive on one side, and bring down the saw, causing damage to Tombstone's top armor. Tombstone continued to fight and as Skorpios moved in, their pontoons forced Tombstone's disabled wheel out of the robot and left it dangling by a few wires. Skorpios continued to control the fight and ripped off the exposed wheel completely. With Tombstone simply crab-walking, the referee determined this to not be controlled movement and began a count-out with both teams unaware as a result of an inoperable speaker system. Skorpios continued to attack before letting off as Tombstone was counted out, earning the win by KO.

Skorpios vs. Witch Doctor

Skorpios made it into the Round of 32 as the No.10 seed and faced the No. 23 seed Witch Doctor. Skorpios went in the same way they went in against Tombstone but struggled against Witch Doctor's attack as they were sent flying but landed upright. After some circling, Skorpios took a hit to their right wheel but this didn't cause any real damage. Skorpios continued to absorb impacts, even as they were sent flying but their hammer saw had become disabled as a result of the exchanges. Skorpios was sent flying again before being brought to the pulverizer, which missed them. Time ran out with both robots still functional and the judges awarded Witch Doctor the win and a spot in the Top 16.

At the end of the series, Skorpios was awarded the Founder's Award.

BattleBots: Bounty Hunters

Skorpios vs. Black Widow

Black Widow feels the sting in Skorpios' tail.

Skorpios also took part in one of the mini tournaments to have the chance to face Icewave in the finals and the chance at winning a piece of $25,000 but it had to first make it past newcomer Black Widow. For this match, Skorpios was armed with "fangs" and flames and started off rather poorly as they were attacked from underneath thanks to their opponent's low wedge and drum. Skorpios recovered and started to take control of the match by pounding away with its hammer, removing bits of legs along the way. Skorpios again found itself on top of its opponent and took only minor damage as a result. Skorpios then took it to the pulverizer, which landed several hits before time ran out. The judges awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision to Skorpios to advance to the quarter-finals.

Skorpios vs. P1

Skorpios lays into P1 and breaks off a wheel.

In the second round, Skorpios found itself facing fellow veteran P1 and was armed pretty much the way it typically fights with the exception of its weapon, which was its hammersaw. Skorpios started off strongly, getting under P1 and taking advantage of their opponent's wedgelet problems. Skorpios began to use its hammersaw as it drove P1 around the arena. Skorpios then gave chase as P1 began driving circles around them but Skoropis caught up and delivered more blows with its hammersaw, costing P1 a wheel. P1 continued to have issues with its wedgelets so Skorpios brought it near the screws and delivered multiple blows to P1's backside. In the final seconds, Skorpios was flipped over and couldn't right itself but there was no time for a countout. Time ran out and the judges awarded Skorpios a unanimous 3-0 decision to advance to the semi-finals.

Skorpios vs. HyperShock

Skorpios slides underneath HyperShock from the side.

In the semis, Skorpios met Will Bales' HyperShock and was armed with its same setup for its previous match, with the exception of pointed bits to protect the body from HyperShock's weapon. Skorpios was pretty even with HyperShock as neither robots' weapons were working to the extent they're known for. Skorpios continued to chase HyperShock and brought down the saw but neither robot had the true weapon advantage. Still, Skorpios had the ground clearance advantage and began carrying HyperShock around again, this time briefly getting stuck with them. As time drew to a close, Skorpios lost one of the two protective spikes but the judges awarded them the decision to face Icewave for the prize money.

Skorpios vs. Icewave

Skorpios pins Icewave against the barrier.

Skorpios kept its configuration used for much of the event and was now in a rematch against Marc DeVidts and Icewave. Much like their first match, Skorpios absorbed the impacts from its opponent before it started to take control. Skorpios began shoving Icewave around the arena and eventually got it to the pulverizer, which caused damage to Icewave's internal combustion engine. After this, Icewave was noticeably slower but managed to survive to a judges' decision. The judges awarded Skorpios the victory and a piece of $25,000.

This money went towards Bot Bash Party, which Diana and Zach both run to inspire young children into engineering and robotics through the means of themed birthday parties. The project had suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, but is now back up and running.

Discovery Season 6

Skorpios vs. Blade v3

Skorpios returned for the 2021 season, with their first fight confirmed to be against South Korean newcomer Blade v3. All that is known about the fight is that it will be shown during the fourth episode airing January 27, 2022.

Skorpios vs. Yeti

Later on in the season, Skorpios is due to face Yeti in the Main Event of the ninth episode, airing March 3, 2022. Nothing else is known about this fight, as it was confirmed in Discovery's episode descriptions from their website.


  • Wins: 15
  • Losses: 7
Competition Wins Losses
ABC Season 2 Bucktooth Burl and DeathRoll (Exhibition Rumble) Black Ice
Discovery Season 3

Lucky (Undercard Match)

Icewave (Main Event/Undercard Match)

HyperShock (Undercard Match)

Rotator (Undercard Match)
Discovery Season 4

Copperhead (Undercard Match)

Sidewinder (Undercard Match)

Tantrum (Undercard Match)

Uppercut (Undercard Match)

Lock-Jaw (Play In Match)

Black Dragon (Exhibition Match)

re:MARS Amazon BattleBots Challenge


Lock-Jaw (Grudge Match)

Discovery Season 5 Perfect Phoenix (Undercard Match)

Tombstone (Main Event/Undercard Match)

Bloodsport (Undercard Match)

Witch Doctor

BattleBots: Bounty Hunters

Black Widow




Discovery Season 6 TBA TBA

Faruq Tauheed Introductions

"It causes more chaos than the Greek government. The gyro of the BattleBox. It's SKORPIOS!"

"It's the sexiest Greek export since John Stamos. Here to Greek havoc, it's SKORPIOS!"

"Des-bot-cito. It will blow you to smithereeno and make you feel completely defeato. It's SKORPIOS"!

"You should call this bot Pizza Cut, because he's ready to serve you by the slice. You're about to be tossed and turned into sauce with a side of bot-zzarella sticks, SKORPIOS!"

"This bot's handin' out more buzzes than supercuts. Things might get hairy and definitely scary. I once had a barber named Larry... just once... *Taps back of the head* He messed this up pretty bad. It's SKORPIOS!"

"This bot come from a builder named Beach. It'll spring break you. You'll chug too much bear, get totally smashed and your painful pic will end up on SlapChat. It's SKORPIOS!"

"Its favorite soda is orange slice. Its favorite fries is waffle cut. Its favorite meal is pork chop. Woo, that's some good stuff. Hmm, mm hmm hmm. It's SKORPIOS!"

"Call this bot Martin Scor-saw-se because it loves to yell CUT. This year's winner for best hack-tor is SKORPIOS!"

"Who's that coming through the door-pios? It's looking kinda sore-pios. What does it have in store-pios? Maybe start a war-pios. Give it up for SKORPIOS!"

"Uh uh uh... this is a Faruq encore-pios. Oh look who's back for more-pios. To get hardcore-pios, it's going to be a civil war-pios, with lots of blood and gore-pios. But if anyone can beat this foe-pios, its the one and only SKORPIOS!"

"It's ready to make you feel the sting. You'll be saying, don't stand so close to me, or I'm gonna call the police. You don't have to put on the deadlight for SKORPIOS!"

"Oh my Lanta, this bot is hackier than Uncle Joey. It's about to cut... you... out. By the time he's through, you'll be like "how rude!". Will it win this fight? You got it dude! It's SKORPIOS!"

"Get ready for... SKORPIOS!"


  • During its ABC Season 2 rumble against Black Ice and Bad Kitty, Skorpios left a three inch gash in the screws while stuck and trying to get free.
  • In 2011, Zach Lytle and Diana Tarlson run Bot Bash Party, where kids get the opportunity to build and drive combat robots for themed birthday parties.
  • Outside of robots, Zach is a professional yo-yo champion, earning the nickname "Magneto", and has even designed his own yo-yos in the past.
  • Skorpios' heaviest weapon weighs 21lbs, and is called "Big Bertha". It has only been used once against Black Dragon in Discovery Season 4, but caused the robot to wheelie and made it hard to control.
    • By contrast, their lightest blade, "The Klondike Bar", weighs just 7lbs and allows the team to use additional armor.
  • One of Faruq's intros claims Skorpios to be a Greek import. This references the Greek private island of the same name, which is situated in the Ionian Sea.
    • As of 2011, only 5 people lived in Skorpios - this is fewer than the amount of Skorpios team members in every Discovery season of BattleBots.