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Simone Giertz (born November 1, 1990) is a Swedish inventor, television presenter and online content creator who served as a guest judge during BattleBots World Championship III.

She served as part of the roster of guest judges, notably appearing alongside Naomi Kyle and Derek Young. Her involvement as a guest judge was speculated as an image surfaced on Instagram, and later Reddit, of her in the Pits during the 2018 competition.[1]

Simeone Giertz judges Naomi Kyle

Simone Giertz (right) with Derek Young and Naomi Kyle on the judging panel.

In a May 2018 YouTube video uploaded by then-safety inspector William Osman, Simeone Giertz operated HUGE as it fought Osman's creation, Moist Pony.[2]

Outside BattleBots[]

Craig Danby and Simone Giertz 2018

Simone Giertz and Craig Danby during World Championship III.

Giertz was born in Stockholm, Sweden and at the age of sixteen, spent a year in Hebei, China as an exchange student. During this time, she featured in the Chinese sitcom Huan Xi Long Xia Dang. She later began studying engineering physics in a Swedish research university, but dropped out after a year to pursue other projects.

She began working with electronics in 2013, where she began designing and building mechanical robots which performed everyday tasks. Describing herself as the "Queen of Sh**y Robots" her projects formed the basis for her YouTube channel.


Simone Giertz (right) alongside her fellow judges.

In 2016, Giertz moved to the United States and joined a year later, collaborating with the likes of fellow BattleBots guest judge and former competitor Adam Savage.

She moved on from building impractical robots, featuring on the front cover of Wired magazine in December 2019, and started a product design company Yetch in 2022.[3]

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  • Simone Giertz built a robot to promote the second season of the HBO series Westworld in April 2018.