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Sharko, formerly known as Sharkoprion, was a heavyweight robot built by veteran competitor Edward Robinson of Aquatic Machine Force, which featured in numerous BattleBots World Championships as well as BattleBots: Bounty Hunters.

In all of its appearances, it was a long, two-wheel drive robot designed to look like the prehistoric helicoprion shark. Its armor was unique as it was largely made out of recycled parts, quoted to be 85% of the overall bot on the show, though this often did not hold up well in battle. While known as Sharkoprion during World Championship III and IV, the bot was armed with a front vertical spinning disk and a thwacking tail at the rear for weaponry.


Sharkoprion during hero shots for World Championship III.

In its debut year, Sharkoprion found its best success, winning a rumble against future Top 32 bot Kraken and fellow rookies Deviled Egg, before losing out to the experienced Warhead and getting a win over multibot Gemini.

Sharkoprion returned in 2019, but as an alternate as the team were only at taping during the second week of filming. Aesthetically, Sharkoprion sported smaller wheelguards and a meaner face painted on the front, but was largely the same design. It would only fight twice during World Championship IV - losses to newcomers Bloodsport and Ribbot.

Sharko WC V

Sharko during World Championship V hero shots.

Following the passing of long-time teammate John Hoffman during the initial and eventual filming dates for World Championship V, Edward Robinson sold the previous build of Sharkoprion and entered with a new version, now shortened to Sharko.[1] While its shape largely remained the same, Sharko had been fitted with a set of pneumatic grappling jaws which could also function as a flipper, replacing the ineffective disk spinner from past seasons. It was also given metallic plating around its shark-like body to give the impression Sharko was part-robot. Maintaining his role as team captain, he called upon Deviled Egg's Zak Hassanein as well as Dominic Borg to assist throughout the season. Sharko failed to pick up a win, however, losing both Fight Night battles.

Sharko returned for BattleBots: Bounty Hunters, losing its opening match to fellow veterans Team LOGICOM and Captain Shrederator.

Prior to the season, Edward Robinson made it clear that this would be Sharko's final season before being transferred over to a new owner.[2] He later started a GoFundMe fundraiser claiming that he would keep the robot's career going and apply for World Championship VI, though this never came to fruition.

As of November 2021, he was in the process of developing a video game called Oubliette to help fund a new heavyweight robot.[3] This robot turned out to be a new build called TriloBot, which was ultimately not selected to compete in World Championship VII. As such, team member Zak Hassanein joined up with Team Break32 and Riptide instead.

Robot History[]

World Championship III[]

Sharkoprion vs. Kraken vs. Deviled Egg

SharkoprionRumble1 bb2018

Sharkoprion flips Deviled Egg with its spinning disc.

SharkoprionRumble2 bb2018

Sharkoprion attacking a hurt Kraken.

Sharkoprion's first match in BattleBots was a three-way rumble against Kraken and Deviled Egg. In the beginning of the match, Sharkoprion used its tail to whip it into the pneumatic jaw of Kraken. It quickly then used its vertical spinning disk right on the bottom wedge part of Kraken's jaw. Sharkoprion found itself in Kraken's jaw, but kept grinding its disk on the front of Kraken, allowing Deviled Egg to deliver damage to the back of Kraken and one of their tires. Sharkoprion then escaped the grip of Kraken and then delivered a blow to the back of Deviled Egg, flipping it over and high-centering it. Sharkoprion again was caught by Kraken, whose fangs fell out after the first grab, rendering their primary weapon largely useless. Sharkoprion kept hitting the front of Kraken until it let go of Sharkoprion, although it was apparent that Kraken had been immobilized. The match ended with Kraken getting counted out, giving Sharkoprion a debut win to its name.

Sharkoprion vs. Warhead

Warhead fire Sharkoprion

Sharkoprion is cooked by Warhead.

Warhead bite Sharkoprion

Sharkoprion's tire comes off in the final seconds.

Sharkoprion's next opponent was fellow veteran team Warhead, who opted for the crushing dino head for this battle. The match was relatively even to start with, as Sharkoprion was able to evade Warhead's jaws. However, Warhead was later able to get a hold of Sharkoprion and roast Edward Robinson's bot with its flamethrower. Once released, Sharkoprion retaliated by tearing into the side of Warhead, causing some damage but not enough to affect their opponent's ability to drive. Sharkoprion found itself taking another bite from Warhead, this time to the right wheel, which left it with only hampered maneuverability. Warhead held on until it was forced to release again, and as Sharkoprion tried to find another opening, Warhead took another bite and Sharkoprion's left tire became dislodged. The fight went the distance, and the judges ruled unanimous in favor of Warhead.

Sharkoprion vs. Gemini

Gemini screws Sharkoprion

Sharkoprion is sent into the screws.

Sharkoprion dewheel Gemini

Sharkoprion takes a wheel off the red half of Gemini.

Next up was Ace Shalender's multibotGemini. The match got underway and Sharkoprion started to spin around to keep the Gemini twins at bay and stop their weapons from causing damage. Sharkoprion then started to maneuver around, suffering the gyroscopic forces of its weapon, but still able to cause sparks. Sharkoprion continued its spin technique and got the Gemini twins to hit each other, tearing off one of the twins' armor pieces and damaging the red Gemini's wheel. After creating more sparks, Sharkoprion tore off the red Gemini twin's wheel completely. As the Gemini twins continued to circle, Sharkoprion continued its spin and caused more damage. However, the black Gemini robot was till mostly functional and Sharkoprion was shoved hard into the screws, doing no apparent damage. Time ran out and the judges awarded a 2-1 split decision for Sharkoprion.
Damage to Sharkoprion after the fight.

Damage to Sharkoprion after the fight.

World Championship IV[]

Sharkoprion vs. Ribbot

Sharkoprion ribbot

Ribbot chews up its own foam as Sharkoprion lays immobile.

While not in the main tournament due to arriving late to filming, Sharkoprion was still able to compete in a couple of exhibition fights, the first of which came against the amphibious Ribbot. As the match got underway, Sharkoprion immediately spun around and lost both its left wheel guard and left tire. Struggling to move with just a few seconds gone, Sharkoprion did its best to maneuver and ripped off Ribbot's top. Sharkoprion then found itself against the screws, where it took damage and stopped moving due to a broken gearbox. Sharkoprion was counted out, giving Ribbot the win by KO.

Sharkoprion vs. Bloodsport

Bloodsport Sharkoprion

Surrenderbot is destroyed as Sharkoprion approaches Bloodsport.

Sharkoprion's second and final exhibition fight was against the rookie horizontal spinner Bloodsport. For this fight, they opted to take Surrenderbot into the BattleBox. Sharkoprion started off okay, withstanding the first impact from Bloodsport, whose weapon was taking time to get going, and Surrenderbot. However, Sharkoprion wasn't safe for long as after they spun around for an attack, they took a big hit from Bloodsport that disabled their drive completely. Surrenderbot was also out of commission but both ended up taking another hit, leaving Sharkoprion smoking and down to one wheel. A merciful count began on Sharkoprion, giving Bloodsport the win by knockout.

World Championship V[]


SMEEEE Sharkoprion Sharko

Sharko struggles to get a hold of SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Sharko's first fight in 2020 came against the awkwardly-shaped SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Sharko went in with its mouth open, intending to bite down on either end of SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE, but had no luck and only managed to remove some of its opponent's name from the front. Sharko soon took damage to its left wheel, but this didn't have much of an impact on its mobility, Luckily, SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE was unable to do anything in return so Sharko simply started to spin around, trying to cause damage in some way, but found itself in the corner with little to do. Time ran out and the judges awarded a 3-0 unanimous decision to SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Sharko vs. Slap Box

Slap Box flips Sharko

Slap Box overturns Sharko.

Slap Box lifts Sharko

Sharko is lifted by Slap Box.

Sharko next found itself against another debuting team in Slap Box. Both robots met in the center of the BattleBox before Sharko worked to get its weapon into play. Sharko spun around to try and hit with its tail but could not cause any damage to Slap Box. After much circling, Sharko managed to get a bite but couldn't do anything with it so it released. Sharko then got a second bite but this time it was flipped over by the primary weapon of Slap Box. Sharko was able to drive inverted but now had no offense and limited defense too. Slap Box righted Sharko before putting it back on its head, leaving it little to do but spin in place. Eventually, Sharko stopped moving completely and was counted out, giving Slap Box the win by KO.

BattleBots: Bounty Hunters[]

Sharko vs. Captain Shrederator

Captain Shrederator versus Sharkoprion

Sharko attempts to bite down on the shell of Captain Shrederator.

Sharko also participated in BattleBots: Bounty Hunters, where it would hunt for a chance to beat legendary bot Bronco and earn a share of a $25,000 jackpot prize. However, Sharko's path to the prize held an emotional component as well; once it was done fighting in the side tournament, it would be handed over to its new owners and leave captain Edward Robinson's possession forever. the first obstacle on its journey to fight the Inertia Labs machine would be fellow veteran Brian Nave and Captain Shrederator.
"Win, Edward. Win!"
— Chris Rose offers words of encouragement to Edward Robinson

At the start of the battle, Sharko zigzagged its way out of its square before driving towards Captain Shrederator and attempting a flip. The full-body spinner dodged, retaliating by smacking Sharko in the jaw and sending it spinning. It backed away, gaining distance for another charging attack, but this time it was flung across the box by its patriotic opponent.

Sensing he wasn't making much progress through head on attacks, Edward Robinson switched to his familiar sit-and-spin tail slap strategy, but this only allowed Captain Shrederator to rip Sharko's tail off completely. Undeterred, the deep-sea bot tried again, but was flung away for its efforts.
"Captain Shrederator with no regard for sea life!"
— Chris mourns Sharko's continued damage

Though Sharko lay unmoving after this hit, it fired its flipper again in an attempt to keep the fight going. In response, Captain Shrederator delivered another vicious blow that sent Edward Robinson's bot flying into the wall. Despite continued efforts to bring the bot back to life, and a small final nudge from the shell spinner, there was nothing Edward Robinson could do but watch as his robot was counted out, giving Captain Shrederator the win by KO in just 48 seconds and ending Edward Robinson's career with Sharko on a sour note.


World Championship III
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 - Rumble vs. Deviled Egg, Kraken Won (KO)
Fight Night #2 vs. Warhead Lost (JD)
Fight Night #3 vs. Gemini Won (Split JD)
World Championship IV
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match #1 vs. Ribbot Lost (KO)
Exhibition Match #2 vs. Bloodsport Lost (KO)
World Championship V
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 vs. SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE Lost (JD)
Fight Night #2 vs. Slap Box Lost (KO)
NOTE: Sharko was offered a third fight against Beta, but it could not be fixed in time for the match and was replaced by GRABOT.
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters
Bounty Hunters - Bronco Bounty
Quarter-Final vs. Captain Shrederator Lost (KO)

Competitive Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 4

Exhibition Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2

Total Wins/Losses[]

  • Wins: 2
  • Losses: 6
Competition Wins Losses
World Championship III Kraken & Deviled Egg (Undercard Rumble)
Gemini (Undercard Match)
Warhead (Undercard Match)
World Championship IV None Ribbot (Exhibition Match)

Bloodsport (Exhibition Match)

World Championship V * None SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE (Undercard Match)
Slap Box (Undercard Match)
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters None Captain Shrederator

* Sharko's withdrawal from fighting Beta during the World Championship V does not contribute to their win/loss record.

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"When it goes in for the kill, it'll rip through at will. You're gonna need a bigger bot. Duna-duna, duna-duna, duna-duna. It's SHARKOPRION!"

"Welcome to Shark Week, he's fin it to win it and looking to seal the deal. It's SHARKOPRION!"

"In the deep blue sea roams a robotic beast. A ferocious force that's ready to feast. Here to cause a frenzy that'll put you on the mensi, you've met your Deadliest Catch. It's SHARKOPRION!"

"Hark hark, I see a shark. Here to toss you like a baby seal, eat you like a tasty meal. You'll be gone like a Megalodon when you're attacked by SHARKOPRION!"

"From Jacumba, California, the jaws of strife, it's SHARKO!"

"From San Diego, California, the killer B-O-T from the deep blue sea, it's SHARKO!"

See Also[]


  • Sharkoprion appeared in a humorous cold opening for World Championship III where it exited the men's bathroom while Chris makes a remark on its diet.
  • The motors that powered the first iteration of Sharkoprion were actually the old motors intended for Sean Irvin's BattleBots superheavyweight Techno Destructo, but they went unused.
  • Sharkoprion is misspelt multiple times as "Sharkopion" on the BattleBots website under the 2018 list of competitors.
  • Team captain Edward Robinson used to work as a travelling fire-breather and sword-swallower, until the latter caused him to suffer an injury which meant he retired.
  • Edward Robinson officially auctioned off the 2018 build of Sharkoprion in January 2019, in order to fund a new build.[4]
  • Both of Sharkoprion's losses in 2019 came by KO after 56 seconds.[5]
  • Despite its name being shortened to Sharko in 2020, the robot's full name still appeared in the graphics for both the fight card and after its intro.
  • Sharko was originally scheduled to fight a third time in World Championship V, against fellow veterans in Beta. However, they were unable to get the robot battle-ready and both GRABOT and Rampage were approached instead. As they were ready first, GRABOT became Beta's opponent.
  • The head of Sharko could often be seen during the Norwalk events during the livestreams, particularly during the February 2021 event as a display piece on the shelves.
  • Sharko became a house robot for featherweight live events across the US following its retirement from BattleBots.