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The Selection Committee is the name given to a group of BattleBots producers who make decisions on various selection processes impacting an ongoing or upcoming World Championship season.

They are the team of people who ultimately decide which applications are accepted fully, accepted only as reserves or alternates, and rejected ahead of a BattleBots season. As well as this, various Selection Committee members are responsible for determining Fight Night schedules for each accepted competitor.

During a World Championship season, the Selection Committee will also meet to discuss which robots best deserve to advance beyond the Fight Night stage and into the Round of 16 (later 32). This subjective selection process often allows for competitors with worse records but entertaining fights and close losses to carry as much or more weight than competitors with comparatively unimpressive wins.

A similar process took place to determine Wildcards during the first two World Championships on ABC, as well as Desperado Tournament competitors.[1]

At least two Selection Committee members are typically present during BattleBots Proving Ground fights held during the live show, BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon. This serves as a way to scout potential applicants willing to prove themselves in the BattleBox and help bolster their application to an upcoming season.

Selection Committee Members[]


  • In November 2018, BattleBots co-founders and Selection Committee members Greg Munson and Trey Roski traveled to the United Kingdom to witness the Cheltenham Extreme Robots heavyweight event. In doing so, they were able to scout for potential British competitors.[2][3]