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Episode 1 was the first episode which served as the premiere of Season 5.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots.

This episode showed a total of four fights, kicking off the televised rounds of three weight divisions. Two former Giant Nut winners kicked off their campaigns - Ziggo and Son of Whyachi.

The episode premiered on August 20, 2002.


Warhead Darkstar-2J Ziggo Code:BLACK
Warhead SF02
Darkstar-2J Season 5.0
Ziggo Season 5.0
Code black
Team: Team Razer Team: Team Merkins Trolls Team: Team Ziggy Team: Team LOGICOM
Captain: Ian Lewis Captain: Unknown Captain: Jonathan Ridder Captain: Adam Baxter
Son of Whyachi Steel Reign Moebius Ankle Biter
Son of Whyachi SF02-removebg-preview
Steelreign bb2002
Moebius 5.0
Team: Team Whyachi Team: Team XD Team: Team DaVinci Robotics Team: Odin Robotics
Captain: Terry Ewert Captain: Logan Davis Captain: Brett "Buzz" Dawson Captain: John McKenzie

Fights (WIP)[]

Warhead vs. Darkstar-2J


Ziggo vs. Code:BLACK


Son of Whyachi vs. Steel Reign


Moebius vs. Ankle Biter