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S.O.B. was a middleweight robot built by a group of employees from Sony Online Entertainment known as Team SOE which competed in the final two seasons of Comedy Central BattleBots.

It was a four-wheel drive robot with a unique "dustpan" front which was designed to scoop up opponents and bring down its primary weapon which was a circular sawblade on an arm. The saw rarely caused damage, however S.O.B. won most of its fights on judges decisions due to its dustpan design. S.O.B. was originally a two-wheeled robot powered by two EV Warrior Motors and controlled by a Vantec speed controller with chain driven wheels and was originally armed with a spring-loaded spiked hammer which would double as a lifter mounted to a steel frame. However, the firing mechanism brought S.O.B. over the Middleweight limit (120 Pounds) and the team needed to make weight, so the saw arm was made as a last-minute weapon. S.O.B. lost its first fight in Season 4.0 due to a drive motor being loose and the saw battery being unplugged. For Season 5.0, S.O.B. recieved several upgrades, including a welded aluminum frame, dumping the EV Warrior Motors for DEWALT 18v drill motors which were the same motors Team Delta used for their bots, and new drive system featuring four-wheel drive, a new saw arm being made out of aluminum and controlled by a Victor speed controller, however, the arm was severly damaged by Knee-Breaker and was replaced by a steel arm. S.O.B. however, remained being controlled by a Vantec. However, after their fight with Twin Paradox, two of S.O.B.'s drive motors overheated and burned out part of the Vantec, so the team worked overnight swapping the Vantec out to four Victor speed controllers. S.O.B. did well in 5.0, making it to the finals before losing to T-Minus.

S.O.B. after BattleBots as That Darn Dustpan!.

S.O.B. as That Darn Dustpan! after BattleBots.

Outside BattleBots[]

After Comedy Central BattleBots, the team painted it red and changed its name to That Darn Dustpan!.

Robot History[]

Season 4.0[]

S.O.B. vs. Maggot

S.O.B. fought Maggot in its only Season 4.0 fight. After a false start, S.O.B. was having trouble with both its saw and one of its drive motors, but a lift by Maggot fixed the drive problem and after a second lift S.O.B. got under Maggot and drove it into the spikestrip. S.O.B. tried to bring the saw down, but since it still would not spin it used the arm as a hammer, bashing Maggot several times before being told to back off. S.O.B. did so and then immediately scooped Maggot up again, hitting Maggot a few more times before the fight ended. A 23-22 split decision in favor of Maggot knocked S.O.B. out of the tournament.

Season 5.0[]

S.O.B. vs Knee Breaker


S.O.B. slices into Knee-Breaker.

After a slight overhaul which included the lowering of the main chassis, S.O.B. was ready for the fifth phase of BattleBots. Its first opponent in the preliminary rounds was Knee-Breaker. This fight was easy for S.O.B., as Christian Carlberg was unable to maneuver Knee-Breaker away from the dustpan bot, and was thoroughly damaged by S.O.B.'s circular saw. After the full 3 minutes had elapsed, S.O.B. came out victorious on a 28-17 judges' decision.

S.O.B. vs. Maggot

Throughout the match, S.O.B. was able to avoid Maggot's lifting arm (barring once) and slide Maggot onto the dustpan at least 3 times for the saw to grind on its plastic armor. After a dominant display, it won a 31-14 judges' decision and reached the final preliminary round against WulfBane.

S.O.B. vs. WulfBane

Sob vs wulfbane3 s

WulfBane gets clamped by S.O.B. during Season 5.0.

This fight was easy for the team as well, as WulfBane had a high ground clearance and attempted to drive around S.O.B. but as S.O.B. had a wider turning circle, kept ending up in the dustpan and resulted in another win for S.O.B., ending up at a 27-18 judges' decision.

S.O.B. vs. Scrap Daddy Flipskanker

Sob vs scrapdaddy sf02

S.O.B. fighting Scrap Daddy Flipskanker.

S.O.B. then faced Scrap Daddy Flipskanker in the round of 64. During the fight, S.O.B took several shots from the killsaws, including one that tossed it into the air. The fight was a close wrestling match, with Scrap Daddy managing to wedge under the dustpan a few times and gaining some lifts. Whenever S.O.B managed to get Scrap Daddy into the dustpan to grind into its lifter, Scrap Daddy put its big wheels into use and quickly drove out of it. The final minute of the fight consisted of moments where S.O.B would back out and drive around the box to reset before jumping back into the offensive. When the match made the distance, the judges scored a tough 24-21 judges' decision in favor of S.O.B, allowing it to move on to the first TV round before reaching the Round of 32 against Twin Paradox.

S.O.B. vs. Twin Paradox

Sobvstwinparadox sf02

S.O.B. producing sparks on Twin Paradox.

The fight began with S.O.B. instantly charging across the arena and scooping up Twin Paradox before driving itself into the screws with Twin Paradox escaping. Both robots then maneuvered around each other for a while before Twin Paradox struck the tray of S.O.B. with its disk, sending it into S.O.B. S.O.B. rammed Twin Paradox into the spikestrip, trapping it with its circular saw before spinning it up to speed and producing a shower of sparks. S.O.B. then cut into Twin Paradox again, producing even more sparks. Eventually, S.O.B. stopped its weapon, backed up and let Twin Paradox get away but Twin Paradox drove straight into S.O.B., letting it get a few more slices in with its saw. Afterwards, S.O.B. pushed Twin Paradox into the pulverizer before resuming its offense. Twin Paradox escaped but seemed to be having control problems, driving over the killsaws and reversing directly into S.O.B.'s dustpan, where it was carried around for a while with S.O.B. taking a shot from the killsaws in the process. A few more attacks and S.O.B.'s arm motor and speed controller began smoking, causing S.O.B. to lose drive on one side. Both robots, now crippled, spent the remainder of the match attempting to hit each other but not getting any shots in. The match ended and it went to the judges, who scored a 26-19 win for S.O.B., putting it into the Round of 16 against T-Wrex.

S.O.B. vs. T-Wrex

Sob vs t-wrex s

S.O.B. gets T-Wrex in its dustpan.

After the Twin Paradox fight, S.O.B burned out some of it's electronics and the team had to do almost a complete internal rebuild and managed to get it ready for the fight. Not much happened at the beginning of the fight, with both robots positioning for an attack. T-Wrex got in a slight hit with its tail on the rear of S.O.B., but backed off. A while later and T-Wrex drove straight into S.O.B., where S.O.B. deployed its circular saw and caused a great deal of titanium sparks. S.O.B. then tried to drive T-Wrex into the pulverizers but it escaped before any damage was done. T-Wrex rammed S.O.B. but got caught in its tray, allowing S.O.B. to cut a bit more into T-Wrex before it got away. Both robots then crashed into hazards before T-Wrex lured S.O.B. into the killsaws, where it was sent flying. T-Wrex then rammed and thwacked S.O.B. again, before carrying it on its back due to another killsaw toss. T-Wrex reversed S.O.B. into the spikestrip but after a brief attack from S.O.B., got its tail caught in the spikestrip seam, where it was unable to pull itself away. S.O.B. won by knockout in 2:26.

S.O.B. vs. Wrath Jr.

SOB vs Wrath Jr. 5

S.O.B. pushes Wrath Jr. to the pulverizer.

Wrath Jr. was S.O.B.'s next opponent in the quarter-finals. This fight mainly involved Wrath Jr. charging into S.O.B., getting stuck in its dustpan, and S.O.B. slamming its non-functioning saw into Wrath Jr. Wrath Jr. also took a shot from the pulverizer, and S.O.B ran over the killsaws. A 26-19 judges' decision put S.O.B. into the semi-finals against Turtle.

S.O.B. vs. Turtle

Sobvsturtle sf02

S.O.B. pushes Turtle against the spikestrip.

Turtle had been severely damaged during its previous fight against Ankle Biter, and was not repaired sufficiently before going up against S.O.B. It turned out that Turtle's shell was bent so much it was scraping the floor and so the robot was barely able to move. S.O.B scored numerous points with its awe-inspiring circular saw before winning with a 31-14 judges' decision. S.O.B. had made it into the middleweight finals alongside T-Minus after 8 straight victories.

S.O.B. vs. T-Minus

Sob vs t-minus2

T-Minus flips S.O.B.

The two competitors approached each other slowly, not wanting to expose itself to the opposition. Eventually, S.O.B. scooped up T-Minus' side in its tray and brought its circular saw down, causing some sparks. T-Minus tried to flip but missed before being driven into the spikestrip by S.O.B., where it used its saw to grind part of T-Minus' flipper. T-Minus flipped at that moment however, and pushed
Sob vs t-minus3

T-Minus pushes S.O.B. onto the spikestrip.

S.O.B.'s arm back, disabling S.O.B's saw. T-Minus then chased S.O.B. across the BattleBox with the latter driving over the killsaws. T-Minus then got its flipping arm under S.O.B.'s dustpan and tried to flip again but flipped itself. T-Minus self-righted after a few attempts and continued the fight. T-Minus then went around the rear of S.O.B. and flipped it successfully, but S.O.B. landed on its wheels. Following a shot from the killsaws, S.O.B. was able to reactivate its circular saw but received damage to its drive-train, allowing T-Minus to get under again and flip S.O.B. upside down. In the midst of self-righting, T-Minus pushed S.O.B. into the spikestrip, where part of its pan prevented it from getting off. It tried slamming its saw into its pan and on the BattleBox floor but had no luck and was counted out in 1:53, finishing runner-up.


  • Wins: 8
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
Season 4.0 None Maggot
Season 5.0 Knee-Breaker
Scrap Daddy Flipskanker
Twin Paradox
Wrath Jr.

Mark Beiro Introductions[]

"The best you can hope for is a thrashing so spectacular, it will make the BattleBots opening montage. Here is S.O.B.!"

"His opponent's agonizing screams are worst than having to listen to Barbara Walter's pronounce words with the letter R. Here is S.O.B.!"

"Another first timer in the championship fight. Here is S.O.B.!"

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