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"This tank-treaded, barnyard brawler is ready for a fight! Utilize Rusty's ferrous force to crush your rivals! Deliver devastating blows with the powerful hammer to vanquish your combatant with ease! With its solid build and signature popcorn helmet, Rusty is as robust and rugged as they come!
— Rusty's official description

Rusty was one of the BattleBots competitors selected to be released as part of HEXBUG's Rivals line of remote control toys. It was released in July 2022 in both a Rivals set alongside HyperShock, as well as individually.

Rusty was announced to be a new HEXBUG release on February 18, 2022. It is based on the second build of Rusty intended for World Championship VI, though it ultimately never competed and was swapped out for its original 2020 build.

It is available in a Rivals pack alongside HyperShock priced at $49.99, and independently for $29.99. Releases of both Rusty and HyperShock were first located in Target stores in July 2022, before being made available elsewhere shortly afterwards.

Like other toys in the line, Rusty features multiple removable parts. Rusty's overhead weapon is relatively powerful, capable of righting the toy if flipped over.


  • Whereas the real-life Rusty uses tracks for locomotion, the prototype version did not.
    • This was remedied for the final version, which runs on tracks similar to the Tank chassis.


  1. Photo by Discord user garlic.