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Root Canal.

Root Canal was built by Mutant Robots member Donald Hutson's middleweight entry to BattleBots for the final two seasons. It was a low robot with four omni-directional wheels attached at the corners for mobility, which allowed for movement in all directions. These were protected by armor. Root Canal's weapon was a diamond-tipped circular saw (originally one of the BattleBox's killsaws from the Long Beach event), mounted horizontally. Unfortunately, Root Canal did not enjoy the success its larger cousins Tazbot and Diesector had, losing both of its BattleBots fights.

Root Canal was inspired by the video game Quake, where Hutson realized he couldn't play the game without strafing from side to side, and it inspired him to build a strafing robot.

Donald rebuilt Root Canal into a heavyweight to compete in the 2009 BattleBots Pro Championship.

Robot History

Season 4.0

Root Canal fought CUAD the Annihilator in its only Season 4.0 fight. Root Canal struck CUAD early on with the saw, dealing little damage but scoring points, and then managed to get under CUAD. Then, CUAD went into a defensive spin, causing smoke to start coming from the tires. Root Canal moved in with the saw again, but CUAD charged Root Canal, slamming it against the wall, and Root Canal stopped moving. The fight ended before Root Canal could be counted out, but it still lost the fight on a 26-19 decision.

Season 5.0

Action5 t

Root Canal and WhirlWind collide.

Action6 t

Root Canal takes some damage from WhirlWind.

Root Canal was paired against WhirlWind in Season 5.0. WhirlWind spun around early on in the match and Root Canal got hit by its arm, and the hit knocked out one of the omni-directional beads on Root Canal. The next hit by WhirlWind crippled Root Canal as it knocked the wheel guard in on one side. Root Canal could still move but was unable to drive well and when the fight ended WhirlWind was given the decision, 27-18, thus eliminating Root Canal from the tournament.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 2
Wins Losses
Season 4.0 None CUAD the Annihilator
Season 5.0 None WhirlWind
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