Road Rash BB2016

Road Rash.

Road Rash was a robot that was built by Team Danger 4 for the second season of ABC's BattleBots reboot. It had a grabbing weapon which would hold its competitors while it used its saw to cut into them. Road Rash had a unique magnetic drive system, that could also be swapped out for traditional wheels. The robot was an alternate for the competition and unfortunately was never chosen to compete. However, the team did get to compete in a exhibition rumble against fellow former Team JACD members, Overhaul and SawBlaze. More recently, Team Danger 4 have participated at RoboGames 2017 with Boris Badneov sporting pincers similar to those of Road Rash.

The name was inspired by the Sega Genesis game Road Rash, as well as the overall idea of motorcycles crashing into each other and/or falling on the pavement.

Since then, some of the members from Road Rash would go on to join the fellow Massachusetts team, Valkyrie.

Some members of the team also competed with Overhaul in the first season of ABC's BattleBots, which reached the quarterfinals.

Robot History

ABC Season 2

RoadRash flipped Rumble bb2016

Road Rash flipped by Overhaul.

SawBlazevsRoadRash Rumble bb2016

Road Rash being attacked by SawBlaze.

Despite not competing in the main tournament, Road Rash managed to get working and replaced Brutus (due to Adam wanting to give Dane a chance to participate and not being able to repair his own bot) for an MIT rumble with Overhaul and SawBlaze. However, once the rumble began, Road Rash ran directly into the kill saws and destroyed it's self righting mechanism. Road Rash was then quickly overturned by Overhaul. Unable to self-right due to the broken self-righting mechanism, Road Rash was left by the screws, moving its jaws back and forth, only getting minor interaction from its saw when the other two robots got too close. Time ran out and the judges gave the decision unanimously to SawBlaze.

Faruq Tauheed Introductions

"Ask your doctor if he's ever seen a rash like this. Then make an appointment for some ointment. It's ROAD RASH!"

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