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Ribbot is a heavyweight robot built by David Jin's team of fellow WPI students, which has competed in every season of the BattleBots reboot since Discovery Season 4.

Ribbot is a four-wheel drive, modular robot designed to resemble a frog, hence its name. In its debut season, the look was complete with foam legs and a frog body made by the team, however this was outlawed for future seasons due to the mess it made in the BattleBox. Ribbot boasts an array of different weapons, with most revolving around different types of spinners. These include a traditional 35lb vertical disc spinner, an undercutting 46lb horizontal flywheel, a 12lb bar spinner atop a defensive wedge and exclusively for its debut season, a lifter module. The team became known for their tendency to take on part of their opponent's look, as seen in fights against End Game, SawBlaze, Axolotl and Overhaul.

"The arena cleanup crew was not too happy with the foam but it looked pretty getting destroyed so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"
— Team member Christian Cooper explains the retirement of Ribbot's foam frog limbs.[1]

Ribbot returned for Discovery Season 5, but were forced to swap out their foam frog features, but saved around 20lbs in the process.[2] Instead, the team used vacuum-formed heads, but this came at the cost of losing the arms and legs. The team reworked their main configurations with kinetic weaponry and dropped the option for a lifter. For weaponry, Ribbot retained the vertical and horizontal weapons, but ditched the lifting weapon. Ribbot finished with a modest 2-1 record after Fight Night, earning it the No.20 seed in the Top 32. However, its run continued, defeating Beta in the Round of 32 and pulling out a comeback win against Uppercut in the Round of 16 before losing out to Black Dragon in the final eight.

Ribbot came back for the 2021 season, now opting for brushless motors to power its primary weapon and featuring a self-righting mechanism on its vertical spinner configuration (which was now combined with its wedge). These changes made Ribbot the highest-volted robot in BattleBots history, boasting over 250v underneath its armor. Ribbot started the 2021 season with an unbeaten Fight Night record, knocking out Defender and Overhaul in its opening fights before following suit after a tussle with P1 to go 3-0. Ribbot then advanced to the Round of 32 with the No.2 seed. However, Ribbot's Giant Nut ambitions were cut short after losing to No.31 seed Hydra.

Returning for BattleBots: Champions, Ribbot ultimately won the second Sin City Slugfest bracket, defeating Double Jeopardy, Malice, Deep Six and Lock-Jaw en route to the Golden Bolt Tournament. It is as yet unknown how well it performed in the final bracket.

Robot History[]

Discovery Season 4[]

Ribbot vs. Kraken

Kraken biting into Ribbot.

Ribbot's BattleBots debut came against Kraken. For this fight, Ribbot opted for its vertical spinner as its team trusted it more over their undercutter. When the match began, Ribbot was quickly grappled by Kraken and moved towards the screws, where it lost a decorative leg near the screws. Ribbot got away and managed to bend one of Kraken's front teeth but this didn't stop them from being grabbed again and paraded around the arena floor. Ribbot was released, then grabbed again and taken to the pulverizer, which caused more damage to the cosmetic shell. After another trip to the screws where it lost the other rear cosmetic leg, Ribbot survived until the end of the match, but the judges awarded Kraken a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Ribbot vs. End Game

Ribbot and End Game collide.

Ribbot tosses End Game into the air.

End Game returns the favor.

Ribbot was next drawn against New Zealand representatives End Game. For this fight, Ribbot went with its bigger and heavier vertical spinner setup with wedgelets on the front. Ahead of the fight, the team added sunglasses to Ribbot to represent the New Zealand's team tendency to wear sunglasses. Ribbot began taking early punishment from End Game, losing one of its four decorative frog legs and being thrown into the air. Ribbot continued to fight and after taking more damage, managed to send End Game flying right in front of the pulverizer. End Game recovered but Ribbot was now turning the tables as it tore off one of End Game's front wedgelets and left End Game without drive on one side. End Game tried to fight back but Ribbot delivered a fatal blow that left End Game motionless. End Game was counted out, giving Ribbot the win by KO.

Ribbot vs. Falcon

Ribbot hits and tosses Falcon into the air.

Ribbot hits Falcon then slams it against the screws.

Next for Ribbot was Team Whyachi's remade Falcon. Ribbot went with its normal vertical spinner setup, only with a symmetrical bar compared to the single toothed disc. This setup proved to work well because as the match got underway, Ribbot was dishing out hits on Falcon. Falcon was having drive issues so Ribbot attacked a few more times, losing one of its cosmetic legs in the process. As the match progressed, Ribbot ripped off one of Falcon's front wedgelets and took them into the screws before losing another cosmetic leg. After losing the last two cosmetic legs, Ribbot disabled Falcon's dark gray drum. Falcon continued struggling so Ribbot attacked it once more, leaving Falcon with pretty much no movement near the screws. Falcon was counted out, giving Ribbot the win by KO.

Ribbot vs. SawBlaze

"RibBlaze" ahead of their fight against SawBlaze.

Ribbot's top section gets shredded by SawBlaze.

Ribbot's next match was against Jamison Go and SawBlaze with its vertical bar used against Falcon, and an inverted paint scheme which made it resemble its opponent. Ribbot started off the match poorly by quickly losing the cosmetic legs and top section early on. Ribbot continued to attack, but was shoved them around the arena and into the screws, losing its right front tire in the process. Ribbot continued to be dominated without much to retaliate with, especially once it lost the use of its weapon. Ribbot had little to do in return so it was shoved around again and ended up upside down under the pulverizer as time ran out. The judges awarded SawBlaze a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Ribbot vs. Valkyrie

Ribbot chases down the fly.

Ribbot grinds to a halt and Valkyrie shreds its wheels.

Ribbot also had a grudge match against another fellow Massachusetts bot, Valkyrie, which was a fight for the supporters released for Halloween. For this fight, Ribbot had its minibot and went with its vertical spinner configuration. It also introduced a new, blue wedge to deflect the undercutter. Valkyrie sported decorative eyes and wings to make it look like a fly. The match started with both minibots going at one another while the main bots spun up to full power. Ribbot made a slight advancement towards Valkyrie, but backed up to the corner, then turned towards the minibots. Ribbot was still trying to position itself as Valkyrie was at full speed and advancing a lot closer. Ribbot's wedge was able to only cause a shower of sparks, deflecting the undercutter very well for the first few exchanges as they drove to keep squared up. Unfortunately, something bizarre happened to Ribbot as the team couldn't figure out why it stopped suddenly. At this point, Valkyrie came around to the right side, shredded the foam and some of the tires. They opted to do the same to the left side, tearing one tire off fully. Ribbot was counted out, giving Valkyrie a quick win by KO.

Ribbot vs. Sharkoprion

Ribbot watches on as Sharkoprion is held up on the screws.

Ribbot chews up its own foam body.

Outside of the main tournament, Ribbot was also chosen to fight Edward Robinson and Sharkoprion. In response, Ribbot was armed with its undercutter and a minibot named Tadpole. Sharkoprion itself was accompanied by Team XD's drone, Spitfire. When the match began, Ribbot quickly took control by tearing off Sharkoprion's left wheel guard and tire. However, in the second hit, Ribbot lost its foam top and eventually ran into the screws, losing more foam in the process. Ribbot then when back on Sharkoprion and pushed it into the screws. While Sharkoprion remained motionless, Ribbot went after its own minibot, then while Sharkoprion was being counted out, tried to rip off Sharkoprion's tail but was unable to do so before its opponent was counted out.

Discovery Season 5[]

Ribbot vs. Tracer

Ribbot drives away as Tracer is flipped upside down.

Ribbot's first fight of the season was against newcomer Tracer. Ribbot opted to use its undercutter weapon as this allowed for better maneuverability. Unfortunately, things didn't start off well for Ribbot as they lost a tire almost immediately. Luckily, this didn't hinder Ribbot much and they were able to land a solid hit on Tracer; the impact sent Tracer upside down. With Tracer motionless and being counted out, Ribbot went after Tracer’s minibot “Clean Cut” and destroyed it before the count finished. Ribbot won by KO, and was 1-0 to start the season.

Ribbot vs. MadCatter

MadCatter and Ribbot collide weapon-to-weapon.

Ribbot strikes MadCatter.

Next for Ribbot was a match against fellow vetran Martin Mason and MadCatter. Ribbot was armed with its vertical spinner configuration and four wedgelets underneath. Ribbot started off quite well as they were able to dish out some early hits but lost a wedgelet in the process. Ribbot went after the opponent's minibot but this opened themselves up for an attack and they were sent flying, nearly ending up out of the arena and causing the frog body to partially become detached. Smoke began to pour out and Ribbot's weapon was slowing down, leaving them vulnerable as they were flipped upside down and lost the frog shell completely. Luckily, MadCatter's weapon had also been disabled as well as one of their lifting forks, resulting in a pushing match. Unfortunately, MadCatter got its weapon going and Ribbot was flipped right-side up, where it landed on MadCatter's minibot and had little maneuverability. Ribbot managed to get off MadCatter's minibot and pushed MadCatter into the corner, where it took two more blows from MadCatter. Both robots were then temporarily stuck and spent the rest of the match mostly pushing each other but MadCatter was given a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Ribbot vs. Axolotl

Ribbot lands one final attack on Axolotl, nearly throwing itself out of the BattleBox.

Now, Ribbot was placed against newcomer Axolotl and was armed with its undercutting disc. Ahead of the fight, Ribbot added pink fins above its eyes, similar to match its amphibious opponent. Ribbot immediately charged for the front of Axolotl, disabling their drum spinner in the process but deflecting up into the air. The next impact cut into Axolotl's right-side wheels, which was now pinned in the corner by the WPI students' machine. Ribbot went in for a final hit, with Axolotl immobile in the corner of the BattleBox, an attack also encouraged by Uh-Oh Robotics. As a result, Ribbot lost its top armor and sent itself flying into the pulverizer's arm, but won by KO after Axolotl was counted out.

Ribbot vs. Beta

Ribbot pops Beta high in the air.

Now in the Top 32, Ribbot faced John Reid and Beta with its typical vertical spinner setup, but the bot also fitted with extra armor on the top to withstand Beta's hammer. This proved to be a good choice as Ribbot had no issue getting underneath Beta and shoving them across the box. Ribbot dished out multiple hits which sent Beta flying and disabled Beta's primary weapon. With Beta twitching near the screws, it was counted out, giving Ribbot the win by KO and a spot in the Top 16 for the very first time.

Ribbot vs. Uppercut

Ribbot takes serious damage to its wheels and main chassis courtesy of Uppercut.

Seeded No.20, Ribbot had to face one of the most feared competitors of the 2020 season to this point, No.4 seed Uppercut. Ribbot chose to use their horizontal spinner, and in the beginning were clearly losing the fight, with their top and front wheels being torn off. Even without its front wheels, they still pushed Uppercut into the walls and using themselves as dead-weight, caused uppercut to burn out its drive motors. Ribbot then pushed Uppercut towards the pulverized, and landed a huge hit on Uppercut, immobilizing them and flipping Ribbot upside down. As they drove away, Uppercut was counted out and Ribbot once again advanced.

Ribbot vs. Black Dragon

Sparks fly as Ribbot and Black Dragon make contact.

Ribbot progressed to the Top 8 to face the No.5 seed, Black Dragon. Sporting its vertical spinner configuration for this fight, it started by circling the Brazilian machine. The first weapon-to-weapon hit between the two bots caused Ribbot to pop in the air, shedding some of its decorative armor in the process. Black Dragon made contact with Ribbot once more, sending it flying across the box and damaging part of the side wall. With its entire shell now off, Ribbot escaped to the center of the arena, but Black Dragon had started smoking. As both bots drove around, the smoke became thicker and more substantial, creating a cloud inside the BattleBox. It became apparent that Black Dragon's weapon was no longer working, but the smoke continued. Ribbot was now upside-down, struggling for control of the fight. As it escaped, Black Dragon's smoke turned to fire but seemed unfazed, continuing to bully Ribbot into the screws. Neither robot had functional weaponry at this stage, but the flaming Black Dragon fought on and remained aggressive. With a minute to go, Black Dragon's fire engulfed the bot as it darted around the box, but Ribbot never found its feet for the remainder of the match. Despite being on fire for over two minutes, Black Dragon survived to the end and took the unanimous judges' decision, ending Ribbot's run for the Giant Nut.

Discovery Season 6[]

Ribbot vs. Defender

Defender runs Ribbot into the Upper Deck early in the fight.

Defender becomes stuck on the barrier as Ribbot watches on.

Ribbot returned for the 2021 season and its first opponent was a new bot from a familiar face, Jason Vazquez's Defender. For this fight, Ribbot was equipped with its vertical spinner and hinged forks. Defender began on top as it initially won the ground game and shoved Ribbot into the barrier separating the Upper Deck's sets of screws. Ribbot could only grind against the front of Defender, sending sparks flying in its direction. Defender attempted to get its grappling arm into play, but opted instead to release Ribbot. This proved to be a mistake as Ribbot was able to damage the forks of Defender, sending parts flying and bending the middle fork upwards. Ribbot continued its assault, overturning Defender before sending it into the corner of the BattleBox, where it became stuck and unable to free itself. Defender was counted out, and Ribbot earned its first KO of the new season.

Ribbot vs. Overhaul

Ribbot ahead of its clash with Overhaul.

Ribbot circles an immobile Overhaul.

Ribbot's second opponent was against the redesigned Overhaul. For this fight, they opted for their horizontal undercutter and a unique blue shell fitted with cat ears to match their opponent. Ribbot spun up immediately and delivered an early shot to Overhaul's forks. Though Overhaul attempted to chase Ribbot down, it was quick enough to evade Overhaul's primary weaponry. As it landed another hit, Ribbot's undercutter sent small parts of Charles Guan's bot flying across the BattleBox. Following two more hits in quick succession, Overhaul was no longer moving. Ribbot drove circles around its opponent as it was counted out, and took the win to go 2-0 in the season.

Ribbot vs. P1

Ribbot enters the BattleBox with its P1-inspired design.

Ribbot collides with the front of P1.

Last up for Ribbot in the Fight Night rounds was fellow 2-0 team P1, for a shot at one of the top seeds in the Round of 32. For this fight, Ribbot sported a blue and orange top to reflect their racecar-themed opponent. As the buildup to the fight began, both robots positioned themselves side-by-side as if to ready themselves for a drag race before returning to their squares. During this time, Ribbot's decorative spoiler fell off. Ribbot attempted to get its vertical spinner into play early on as P1 circled its opponent. Ribbot became caught on the BattleBox floor momentarily, but continued its pursuit of P1. It then grazed its disc across the right front of P1 as sparks began to fly, with Ribbot shoving it backwards into the screws of the Upper Deck. However, P1 pushed back and was able to lift Ribbot's front wheels off the ground, using its superior drive power under the circumstances to drive Ribbot under the pulverizer. After several hits to Ribbot's top armor, P1 drove back before Ribbot breached the front and buckled part of its wedge upwards and out of shape. P1 was then punted across the BattleBox and found itself overturned. Although it was able to self-right, it did so onto the edge of the Upper Deck, leaving itself vulnerable to another assault from the WIP students' bot. Ribbot attacked again and threw P1 onto the Upper Deck, where it was only able to drive in circles. Unable to escape the Upper Deck, P1 was counted out, giving Ribbot the win by KO and an undefeated 3-0 record.

Ribbot vs. Hydra

Sparks fly as Ribbot's undercutter grinds down Hydra.

Hydra watches on as Ribbot is counted out.

Entering the Top 32 as the No.2 seed, Ribbot faced the winner of the No.31 seed play in - Jake Ewert and Hydra. For this battle, Ribbot opted for its horizontal undercutter and sparks flew as it made contact with the front of Hydra. However, Hydra was able to get its flipping arm under the front of Ribbot and throw them high into the air, landing on the screws and tearing the decorative frog shell away. Ribbot landed on its wheels and tried to clamber over Hydra to cause damage, but found itself hurled through the air a second time, bouncing right side up. As Hydra tried to flip a third time, Ribbot's undercutter sliced the tip of their weapon away, though it was able to fully retract and was otherwise unaffected. Ribbot struggled to settle and Hydra gave chase, flipping it against the screws two further times. At this stage, Ribbot's front-left wheel was locked up and much to the frustration of the team, who believed Ribbot was still able to show translational movement. Hydra opted against engaging any further and a count began on the No.2 seed. Ribbot could not survive the count and was eliminated from the tournament at the Round of 32 stage.

Following this fight, the Ribbot team's frustration became a source of controversy as they believed they were able to show translational movement. Hydra's Jake Ewert revealed that the fight had been edited to shorten the length of time Hydra refused to engage for, and confirmed he was not encouraged to engage with Ribbot again to disrupt the potential count.[3]

BattleBots: Champions[]

Ribbot vs. Double Jeopardy

The ruins of Double Jeopardy following Ribbot's attacks.

The frog of Ribbot is decimated by Double Jeopardy.

Ribbot entered BattleBots: Champions and in the first round of the bracket, faced against the returning cannon - Double Jeopardy. As the match began, Ribbot moved out of its square and positioned itself to allow Double Jeopardy to hit it. As Double Jeopardy launched its 5lb slug and 2lb ball bearing at Ribbot, the robot was violently launched backwards and the vacuum-formed head of Ribbot was blown apart, though no further damage was sustained. Following this hit, Ribbot advanced in with its undercutter, scuffing the wedge of Double Jeopardy and removing a side panel. As Double Jeopardy attempted to flee the onslaught, Ribbot continued to damage Double Jeopardy, peeling open one half of the wedge and eventually tearing off the additional side panel before tearing out an entire side of drive. Although Double Jeopardy was still able to move on three wheels with its motors falling out, Ribbot promptly tore out the remaining drive side, leaving Double Jeopardy with no mobility. As Ribbot threw the side panel of Double Jeopardy across the box, it was mercifully counted out, meaning Ribbot moved on by knockout.

Ribbot vs. Malice

Ribbot's appearance for fighting Malice.

Ribbot pins Malice against the Upper Deck.

Next up in the bracket was Bunny Sauriol and Malice. Ribbot opted for its plow and vertical spinner setup, whereas Malice opted for their traditional drum, Big Red. Ribbot began the fight by flipping Malice over and then throwing it in the screws. One side of drive appeared damaged from this early assault as Malice struggled to escape the red square. Ribbot flung Malice over a few more times and then used its superior pushing power to ram it around the arena. Ribbot purposely spun down its weapon, shoving it into one of the paddles before taking it to the pulverizer. Ribbot then pinned Malice against the Upper Deck before pinning it in the short corner once more. Ribbot spun back up in the closing seconds to prove its weapon had not been broken during the course of the battle. It went the distance, and Ribbot was declared the winner by unanimous judges' decision.

Ribbot vs. Deep Six

Deep Six slams into Ribbot.

Ribbot hones in on the wheel.

Awaiting Ribbot in the next round was Deep Six. Ribbot returned to its undercutter configuration for this match and allowed its opponent to get up to speed as it danced around Deep Six early on, looking for an opening. Ribbot forced Deep Six to arc on its one wheel, as the gyroscopic forces caused the right side to lift off the floor. Ribbot then oversteered and Deep Six charged forwards, delivering a big hit to the decorative exterior and destroying the frog shell. Ribbot spent the next minute of the fight patiently waiting to get to Deep Six's exposed wheels, but Dustin Esswein would not let it happen. Ribbot otherwise refused to engage, instead attempting to bait Deep Six into a driving error. Eventually, Ribbot managed to reach the back of Deep Six and unbalanced it, causing the bar to dig into the BattleBox floor and bounce away. Ribbot did not escape unscathed, however, as it lost a tire in this exchange. Deep Six landed on top of Ribbot, effectively high-centered, and David Jin's bot carried it to the screws. While the left-rear stabilizer was stuck on top of the hazard, Ribbot carved into Deep Six's left wheel as the screws reversed. Deep Six was no longer able to drive quite as freely as before, but could still show sufficient movement by arcing while the bar was spinning. Still wary of the primary weapon, Ribbot held off, but Deep Six's remaining tire gave way and Team Overboard's bot stopped moving. A count began on Deep Six and Ribbot moved on.

Ribbot vs. Lock-Jaw

Ribbot looks on as Lock-Jaw is counted out.

After making its way through the bracket, Ribbot earned the right to fight the episode's gatekeeper to the Golden Bolt tournament, Donald Hutson and Lock-Jaw. Ribbot again went for its horizontal undercutter ahead of this battle, and Lock-Jaw led with its rear plow in response. However, Hutson's plan immediately backfired as Ribbot was able to get to the side of Lock-Jaw and attack its exposed wheels with the horizontal undercutter. Lock-Jaw pointed its plow at Ribbot again and the WPI students' bot spun Lock-Jaw around with the hit that followed. Ribbot then threw Lock-Jaw over and continued to shred the tires with chunks of rubber flying away on each impact. Ribbot closed in again and the tires suffered further damage. Its hubs had also been bent in the assault and Lock-Jaw was no longer moving. A count began on Donald Hutson's bot and Ribbot took the win by knockout, preventing Lock-Jaw from reaching the Golden Bolt tournament.

Ribbot vs. TBC

In winning the second Sin City Slugfest episode, Ribbot qualified for the Golden Bolt tournament. Its first opponent is as yet unknown, but will either be against a fellow Sin City Slugfest champion or a former Giant Nut winner.


Discovery Season 4
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. Kraken Lost (JD)
Fight Night vs. End Game Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. Falcon Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. SawBlaze Lost (JD)
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match vs. Valkyrie Lost (KO)
Exhibition Match vs. Sharkoprion Won (KO)
Discovery Season 5
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. Tracer Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. MadCatter Lost (JD)
Fight Night vs. Axolotl Won (KO)
Top 32
20th Seed
Round of 32 vs. Beta (13) Won (KO)
Round of 16 vs. Uppercut (4) Won (KO)
Round of 8 vs. Black Dragon (5) Lost (JD)
Discovery Season 6
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. Defender Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. Overhaul Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. P1 Won (KO)
Top 32
2nd Seed
Round of 32 vs. Hydra (31) Lost (KO)
BattleBots: Champions
Sin City Slugfest
Lock-Jaw Episode
Round of 8 vs. Double Jeopardy Won (KO)
Semi-Finals vs. Malice Won (JD)
Finals vs. Deep Six Won (KO)
Golden Bolt Qualifier vs. Lock-Jaw Won (KO)


  • Wins: 14
  • Losses: 6
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 4

End Game (Undercard Match)

Falcon (Undercard Match)

Sharkoprion (Exhibition Match)

Kraken (Undercard Match)

SawBlaze (Undercard Match)

Valkyrie (Grudge Match)

Discovery Season 5 Tracer (Undercard Match)

Axolotl (Undercard Match)



MadCatter (Undercard Match)

Black Dragon

Discovery Season 6 Defender (Undercard Match)

Overhaul (Undercard Match)
P1 (Undercard Match)

BattleBots: Champions Double Jeopardy

Deep Six


Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"It's not easy being green, even when you're a killing machine. This bot will make you croak. RRR-RIBBOT!"

"This next bot is off the lily pad. Ready to make you feel really bad. And it's got a taste for one thing, victory. It's RIBBOT!"

"It only knows how to fight one way - FROGGY STYLE! Here to tear off your legs and eat em' with a side of flies. Don't run, you're already caught. It's the RIBBITY RIBBITY RIBBITY RIBBITY SMACK DADDY! RIBBOT!"

"Uh oh! It's hopping mad! Meaner than a junkyard frog. Been kicking bots since it was brawlliwog. There's no crime it won't Kermit, and after its tongue lashing, you'll be saying, "Ah spit!" RRR-RIBBOT!"

"This intro was too wordy, so I'mma say it like it's the 1930s. Say Mac, check out the gams on that bot. It's the bees knees and it's giving me the heebie jeebies. That's all I got. Give it up for the boys in green, RIBBOT!

"From Worcester, Mass., the felonious frog, RIBBOT!"

"From Worcester, Massachusetts, the only frog that’ll make you croak. It’s RIBBOT!"

"You know what they say... if you're feeling froggy, then leap! But be careful because this bot can put you straight to sleep. This amphibious assassin can do you really bad and then bury your body right under his lily pad. It's RIBBOT!"

"If you thought he was Kermit, you best make a correction cause this frog's here to show you The Painbow Connection. He might look like a Muppet but he's here to rock ya. He'll hit you so hard you can't waka-waka. Here comes RIBBOT!"

"Some amphibians make you hallucinate if you touch it with your lips, but when this toad licks you, you're gonna have a bad trip. You'll have Freaky Deaky visions of evil monsters and melting faces. Buy the ticket, take the ride. It's fair in loathing in broad Vegas. Its RIBBOT!"

"From Worcester, Massachusetts, cry havoc, and let slip the frogs of war. It's RIBBOT!"

"For this intro I Googled, 'Fun facts about frogs.' Now, let me begin. Did you know they don't have lungs? They actually breathe through their skin. They come in all sorts of colors from green to yellow to white and how's this for impressive? Many can jump twenty-times their height. There are over 4,700 species of frogs. There used to be millions but then this bot showed up at the pond and started to kill them. Give it up for RIBBOT!"

"They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince, but get too close to this frog, and you'll lose your lips. This ain't a fairy tale, Mother Goose. You've got something to dread because you can't live happily ever after if you're already dead. It's RIBBOT!"


  • Despite sporting multiple configurations, Ribbot is able to run both ways up with all of them.
  • Ribbot was originally set to have a horizontal drum spinner configuration, possibly similar to Malice, as well as a "HUGE module" though these were scrapped according to Christian Cooper.[4]
  • According to David Jin, the Ribbot team were interviewed ahead of their P1 fight as if it was going to be their first Main Event, even being asked how it feels to be in their first Main Event. However, production opted to keep SawBlaze vs. End Game as the marquee fight for Episode 8 of the 2021 season.
  • Ribbot was also set to have a drum spinner option for the 2021 season, though this was not finished in time.[5]