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This page/section of page contains SPOILERS about re:MARS all:STARS 2022 and/or BattleBots: Champions. If you are unaffected by potential spoilers, then continue to read the page. Otherwise, this page/section of page should not be read before watching the relevant episodes.

The 2022 re:MARS all:STARS BattleBots Challenge was a tournament held in Las Vegas, Nevada as a collaboration between Amazon and the Discovery network.

It took place on June 23, 2022 at 7:30pm PST, held between eight marquee BattleBots competitors.[1] Presenter Chris Rose was at the event as well as ring announcer Faruq Tauheed and Bot Whisperer Pete Abrahamson. Although Kenny Florian was absent due to a conflicting schedule, Will Bales featured as a guest commentator. There were no judges at the event, with matches going the distance decided by audience participation. Several rule changes were trialled during these fights in response to the frustrations of the 2021 season. This included obscurity concerning controlled movement, where any and all translational movement was now deemed "controlled", as well as actively punishing any refusal to engage during a fight.

Team Witch Doctor did not return to defend their title from the previous event. However, the eight competing robots were announced on May 26, 2022, and first-round matchups were revealed to Facebook Supporters on the same day. The event was not livestreamed unlike previously, but there are plans to upload footage to the BattleBots YouTube channel at a later date.[2] Although all information about fight results was initially under non-disclosure agreement, this was later changed to apply only to fight footage.

On June 13, 2022, BattleBots revealed the competition structure for the event, the format consisting of a small knockout tournament with four first round battles, two semi-finals and a final bout between the winning semi-finalists.[3] First round draws were made public on June 16, 2022.

The event was ultimately won by HyperShock, who overcame Tombstone and Blip en route to the final, where it defeated Team Whyachi and Hydra.

According to Bunny Sauriol, Malice was the first choice backup for the event in case of any issues with the eight competing robots. This was confirmed with images of promotional banners for the event showcasing Malice among the field. JackPot was later confirmed to be the second choice backup robot. Both fought in a grudge match during the event, which was won by Malice.

Tournament Bracket[]

re:MARS Round 1
Blip vs. Whiplash
Tombstone vs. HyperShock
Cobalt vs. Skorpios
Hydra vs. MadCatter
Grudge Matches
Malice vs. JackPot
re:MARS Semi-Finals
Blip vs. HyperShock
Cobalt vs. Hydra
re:MARS Final
HyperShock vs. Hydra


  • The 2022 re:MARS all:STARS event was the first BattleBots competition not to involve Kenny Florian since the show's revival in 2015.
  • HyperShock was driven by Alex Bales, wife to Will Bales, for the first time at this event.
  • Skorpios was originally an alternate for the event, but was called up to compete after an unknown team withdrew.
  • Of the eight competing robots, three fought in the previous re:MARS all:STARS event - Skorpios, Tombstone and Whiplash.
  • The event marked the first competition for Hardcore Robotics since the departure of veteran team member Rick Russ.
    • It also marked the first time Justin Billings had driven Tombstone at a competitive event since the previous re:MARS event.
  • Every fight was won by knockout, with the exception of Skorpios vs. Cobalt.
  • The Skorpios team were joined by members of Team Malice, Vegas Combat Robotics and Team LOGICOM especially for the event.
  • HyperShock's win over Hydra marked the first time it had beaten Jake Ewert's bot in three attempts to date.
  • This was the first time Witch Doctor and Lock-Jaw did not participate in a reboot era BattleBots competition.
  • Of the two backup robots, only Malice featured on the promotional poster made for the event, whereas JackPot did not.
  • Whiplash used its signature disc for the first time since its loss to End Game during the 2020 season, having not used it at all during the 2021 season.