Ray Billings
Ray Billings is a robot combat veteran and the leader of Hardcore Robotics, a trio consisting of himself, his son "Justin Billings" and "Ricky Russ."

The trio is most well known for building the most deadliest horizontal spinners, such as Last Rites, which competed at RoboGames as well as the ComBots Cup, and Tombstone, which has been the most feared bot in the competition, earning its rightful place as the no.1 seed for 3 years in a row. Both bots had indeed, a very successful reputation. Both bots were destructive bots and Tombstone became the runner up in the 2015 ABC Battlebots reboot series, then champion in the 2016 ABC Battlebots series. It earned the award of the "Most Destructive Robot" and is undoubtedly dreaded by many competitors in which it faces of the carnage that it can create. During competition, Ray typically does not fear the opposition due to the sheer power of his own robot, but once in a while, he's drawn against a robot that he may be at least slightly fearful of.

It was announced in May 2017, that Ray's next bot would be sponsored by Michelob Ultra. One of his other horizontal robots, Suitcase Nuke (which can actually fit inside a suitcase, hence the odd name) has been decommissioned due to his most recent robot Soylent Green (which competed at Motorama robot conflict,) which has been on his more recent journeys. Not all bots that Ray creates are quite "normal" combat bots, such as the The Great Pumpkin, which carries the spirit of Halloween with it, or "Frosty The Snow Bot" (one of the more older bots created) which carries the spirit of Christmas. Team Hardcore Robotic's team logo is the Grim Reaper, so most of their bot's names revolve around death and the color black. So what would be a more appropriate name for a bot then Darkness, which competed during the original Battlebots TV run. Ray Billings has been known to play a "villainy reputation" throughout the Battlebots seasons, one of his most famous "quotes" being:


Despite this, Ray expressed that he knew that someone had to play the "bad guy" in the series, and as it turns out, it was quite easy fitting into this personality (though he's quite unsure what that tells him about his own personality.) In general, Ray is a nice guy and the type of person that will help out when necessary. For many, many years, Ray has competed in the sport of robot combat, and he still competes till this day.

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