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Railgun MAX is a heavyweight robot which was built by Team Atom, and competed in Discovery Season 4 of the Battlebots reboot.

It is a two-wheel drive, robot armed with an eggbeater spinner - a unique style of vertical spinning weapon where the central material is cut away leaving a lighter but similarly effective weapon. Like most other drum spinners, Railgun MAX could self-right by using the gyroscopic forces from its weapon being powered as it turned, though the bot was invertible regardless. It also had a minibot called Platypus to accompany the main heavyweight, both of which were colored red and gold, which are traditional colors of Chinese culture that represent celebration and prosperity. Railgun MAX impressed in its debut season, going 3-0 after beating MadCatter, Shellshock and fellow Chinese representatives Wan Hoo. However, their season took an abrupt turn following a loss to the experienced Gary Gin and Free Shipping, resulting in a 3-1 finish. Railgun MAX was consigned to a play-in rumble where it faced fellow rookies Uppercut and Bloodsport. Though the latter found itself sent out of the BattleBox early on, Uppercut managed to get the better of Railgun MAX, who were eliminated from the tournament just shy of the Top 16.

Team Atom previously applied for the 2018 season of BattleBots under the name Diamond Tears, but it was not selected to compete. Despite its decent performance, it failed to advance to the Round of 16 after being destroyed by Uppercut in the rumble.

Railgun MAX and Team Atom's work area during Discovery Season 4.

Although the team teased a new version of Railgun MAX for future seasons of the show, Team Atom did not return for either of the following two seasons due to travel restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We have prepared a lot for season 5, so it is very sad that we are not making it this time. However, the new RGM is in process, and we would love to share it to all our fans and all Battlebots fans when it is finished."
— Team Atom address their absence from the 2020 competition in a Facebook post.[1]

Team Atom and Faruq Tauheed with Railgun S.

Outside of BattleBots, the team have previously competed in RoboGames with a middleweight called Railgun S, which would be the inspiration and predecessor to their 2019 season entry. Various members of the team have also competed at Dutch Robot Games and various lower weight class Indian events.

Robot History[]

Discovery Season 4[]

Railgun MAX vs. MadCatter

Railgun MAX takes an axe shot to the drum from MadCatter.

Railgun MAX splits MadCatter into thirds.

Railgun MAX was matched up against newcomer MadCatter. When the match began, Railgun MAX was able to use its weapon to great effect, spinning its opponent around, taking a piece of armor off, even disabling the added minibot. Railgun MAX attacked again, having its eggbeater connect with the axe of MadCatter, but both weapons stayed functional. By this point, the damage Railgun MAX did was loosening the blue drive pod. It drove away before coming in and ramming its opponent, and this time, causing enough damage to break MadCatter into two sections. Both halves of Mad Cater landed on their sides and were unable to get out of that position, in spite of the axe still being functional. MadCatter was counted out, giving Railgun MAX the win by KO.

Railgun MAX vs. Shellshock

Railgun MAX kicks Shellshock into the rails, disabling the shell.

Railgun MAX starts emitting smoke as Shellshock gets counted out.

Railgun MAX's next opponent was against fellow newcomer, Shellshock. As the match got underway, Railgun MAX got in a big hit, that ripped off one of Shellshock's weapon teeth. Railgun MAX moved in and hit them again, throwing them into the arena lexan before the landed upright near the screws. After a final hit, Shellshock was upside down and emitting lots of smoke. As Shellshock was counted out, Railgun MAX also began smoking from its left drive motor giving way, but it was too late for Shellshock to claim victory and Railgun MAX won by KO again.

Railgun MAX vs. Wan Hoo

Railgun MAX kicks Wan Hoo over in the initial collision.

Railgun MAX in a pushing match with Wan Hoo.

Railgun MAX was now up against the other newcomer from China, Wan Hoo. For this match, Railgun MAX brought in their minibot Platypus to take hits to slow down Wan Hoo's drum, then high-center it so Railgun MAX could hit it. The match started out very well for Railgun MAX as they were quick to throw Wan Hoo over, but Wan Hoo was quickly back in the match so Railgun MAX threw them over 360 degrees near the screws. Wan Hoo was also now weaponless as their weapon belt had come out on impact but Wan Hoo was determined so Railgun MAX continued to fight, eventually losing power to its own weapon and beginning a pushing match. Time ran out and the judges awarded Railgun MAX a unanimous 3-0 decision.

Railgun MAX vs. Free Shipping

Railgun MAX kicks Free Shipping in the air just as its weapon shuts down.

Railgun MAX is hit by the pulverizer as the time runs out.

For its last match of the regular season, Railgun MAX was against Gary Gin and Free Shipping. Railgun MAX immediately started to take control by throwing Free Shipping repeatedly through the air but Free Shipping was relatively unscathed. After another impact or two, Railgun MAX was then pushed into the arena barrier by Free Shipping, taking flames directly to its front. Railgun MAX escaped and took off one of Free Shipping's tires but this also disabled its own weapon. After nearly getting clamped by Free Shipping, Railgun MAX tried to run away to get in a better position, but it instead ended up getting clamped by Free Shipping and rammed into the rails before being taken to the pulverizer in the last few seconds of the match. The judges awarded Free Shipping a 2-1 split decision, due to the loss of their egg beater and them constantly sitting back while Free Shipping righted itself every time.

Railgun MAX vs. Bloodsport vs. Uppercut

Railgun MAX punts Bloodsport out of the arena.

Railgun MAX takes a shot to the disabled wheel from Uppercut.

At this point, Railgun MAX's record was tied with Uppercut and Bloodsport so the three of them were required to fight in a rumble for a place in the Top 16. Railgun MAX started off well, throwing both Uppercut and Bloodsport around, eventually getting Bloodsport out of the arena. However, this last exchange with the bar spinner had crippled a drive wheel and weapon of Railgun MAX, leaving it defenseless. Railgun MAX soon took a hit to its broken wheel, causing the tire to come off. Railgun MAX took one more slam from Uppercut before it was counted out, giving Uppercut the win by KO and a place in the Top 16.

Railgun MAX vs. Gruff

Railgun MAX's drive motors began to burn up.

Railgun MAX's tire after getting grilled by Gruff's flamethrower.

Railgun MAX also took part in a grudge match against fellow RoboGames competitor, Gruff. Early on, Railgun MAX was able to dish out a few hits, but Gruff was tanking each and every shot in the opening moments. All of a sudden, smoke poured out of Railgun MAX as its drive motors began to burn up, and was soon only able to just barely drive with its left side. Railgun MAX was slammed into the corner by Gruff, who capitalized on the good fortune. Railgun MAX was then flipped upside-down as its left side drive motor gave way too. Now unable to move, Railgun MAX was shoved into the wall, then forced into the screws. Railgun MAX was counted out, giving Gruff the win by KO.


Discovery Season 4
Fight Nights
3-1, lost Play-in
Fight Night vs. MadCatter Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. Shellshock Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. Wan Hoo Won (JD)
Fight Night vs. Free Shipping Lost (Split JD)
Play-in Rumble vs. Bloodsport, Uppercut Lost (KO)
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match vs. Gruff Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 3
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 4

MadCatter (Undercard Match)

Shell Shock (Undercard Match)

Wan Hoo (Undercard Match)

Free Shipping (Undercard Match)

Uppercut (Play-in Rumble)

Gruff (Grudge Match)

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"This bot rides eternal, shiny and chrome. It'll beat you down with hits to the Thunderdome. It's a road warrior who came to slay. What a day! What a lovely day! Witness me! It's NOT Mad Max. It's RAILGUN MAX!"

"You're about to get whipped like an eggbeater. How do you like yours? Beaten, scrambled, or sunny-side dead? Omelette you get ready for RAILGUN MAX!"

"In the Chinese Zodiac, it's the year of the pig and this bot will make you squeal like one. Here to mess up that purrty mouth, it's RAILGUN MAX!"

"From Shanghai, it'll bring the power like the movie Rush Hour. Kung-fu you till you're black-n-blue ala Jackie Chan, till you go all Chris Tucker. Uh! Which one of y'all kick me, man? It's RAILGUN MAX!"

"This bot is so Hong Wrong, it will steal your Seoul. And when you Glasgow in the box, it Dublin matter what you do, because you're already Lon-Done. Say Shanghai to RAILGUN MAX!"

An early design of Railgun MAX.


  • Railgun MAX is one of just two Chinese representatives to compete in BattleBots, the other being fellow 2019 season competitor Wan Hoo.
  • According to an early CAD posted by team member Tony Tong, Railgun MAX was originally going to be pink like their smaller bot, Railgun S.