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"Slice the competition with bits with one of the most dangerous BattleBots yet: ROTATOR! Activate the dual disk spinners, and show no mercy as you shred through your enemy's armor from either side. Send their heads spinning as you drive upside down, just like in the show!
— The toy's official description

ROTATOR was one of two BattleBots competitors released as part of HEXBUG's Rivals line of remote control toys. It was released in July 2020 alongside DUCK! in both a two-pack and individually.

The toy is highly accurate to Victor Soto's BattleBots machine, based on the 2019 season dual-disk build of ROTATOR , which was the most recent version of the bot at the time.

The disks cannot be controlled independently and are instead powered by a single motor connecting both disks via a rubber pulley. Although they can be removed via small plugs on the top and underside of the toy, there are no options to replace a second ROTATOR disk with any of the real robot's alternative configurations.

Much like other HEXBUG remote control toys, ROTATOR is capable of taking 'damage' thanks to removable armor pieces held onto the toy with small magnets. In the case of ROTATOR, its top panel and each of its front and rear armor pieces are removable.


  • ROTATOR was the first replica HEXBUG remote control toy to feature removable weapons.
  • ROTATOR was also the first BattleBots HEXBUG toy to feature dual weaponry.
    • HEXBUG's Robot Wars Matilda toy predated ROTATOR's release and also had dual weaponry, though was not released under the BattleBots line of toys.
  • ROTATOR and DUCK! were made available to purchase to a European audience in 2020, marking the first time HEXBUG BattleBots toys were sold in Europe since the very earliest releases.