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RIPperoni, also simplified to Ripperoni, is a heavyweight robot built by Omega Team which debuted in BattleBots World Championship VII alongside the team's other entry, Starchild.

It is a scaled-up version of captain Anna Zolnikov's 30lb pizza-themed robot of the same name, which competes at National Havoc Robot League events. Entered by alumni of the teams behind P1, Valkyrie and Uppercut, RIPperoni bears a strong resemblance to the latter, as it is two-wheel drive and sports a large 70lb vertical spinner at the front with a small, asymmetric feeder wedge ahead of it. The spinner mechanism combines a toothed disc with a smaller flywheel placed directly behind, both spinning in opposite directions to each other. This arrangement, similarly to Counter Revolution, was to balance out the gyroscopic forces acting on RIPperoni's weapon disc, increasing the robot's stability while turning.

NHRL RIPperoni

RIPperoni (30lb) in April 2022.

Both RIPperoni's disc and interchangeable wedge configurations are designed to look like an archetypal pepperoni pizza, with the robot's chassis - combining a welded steel 'skeleton' frame with billet-machined UMHW armor - also resembling the look of a take-out pizza box. The UMHW plastic was utilized to absorb impacts while protecting RIPperoni's vital components, allowing for a compact yet durable design.[1] To prevent its motors from overheating, RIPperoni also implemented dry ice, which sublimates from a solid state directly to a gas in contact with the air, ahead of each fight. The robot itself is driven by Frederick Moore, who drove Valkyrie in seasons prior.

Ripperoni test

An unpainted RIPperoni undergoing tests.

Anna Zolnikov cited Deep Six, Nightmare and Uppercut as inspiration for its design. However RIPperoni is unique in the fact that it actually uses two different-sized wheels due to the asymmetric nature of its design. The drive and weapon motors, batteries and other components are distributed within the chassis to accommodate this.[2]

"The 2 different sized wheels accommodate the asymmetrical chassis! The right side sits higher in the back so it needs a larger wheel. The small wheel is half the size of the big one. The two are geared differently so they produce the same linear speed."
— Anna Zolnikov on RIPperoni's unique design
RIPperoni hero shot WCVII

RIPperoni during World Championship VII hero shots.

RIPperoni was unveiled to Facebook Supporters and later publicly announced by Aberrant Robotics, the team behind P1, in September 2022.[3] RIPperoni's first opponent was a seasoned veteran in Gruff, as teased in a December 26 post on the BattleBots Instagram page.[4] Ahead of its debut, the team wrote their opponent's name as the pizza's "customer", but RIPperoni lost its opening battle after becoming unbalanced and struggling with its unique anti-gyro system. This was resolved for their second fight, however, and RIPperoni earned one of the biggest upsets in BattleBots history by knocking out the 2020 champion and inaugural Golden Bolt winner End Game. RIPperoni next took out HiJinx, and then won their first ever Main Event against Copperhead to finish with a 3-1 record. RIPperoni fell at the Round of 32 stage to the ever-durable Black Dragon, however, and the team's remarkable rookie campaign came to an end. The team did not leave empty-handed, however, as the robot's unorthodox design ultimately saw them win the Grant Imahara Award for Best Design.

Returning for BattleBots: Champions II, RIPperoni fought in the final Sin City Slugfest bracket for the last place in the Golden Bolt tournament. After defeating Glitch, Monsoon and HyperShock in consecutive fights, it qualified for the final bracket. However, it lost the first round of the Golden Bolt tournament to World Championship VI winner Tantrum.

Robot History[]

World Championship VII[]

RIPperoni vs. Gruff

RIPperoni's BattleBots debut came in the first episode of World Championship VII, against Gruff. RIPperoni entered this fight with its lightest wedgelets at the front, and a single, longer fork underneath the 70lb disc.

Gruff RIPperoni WCVII 1

RIPperoni takes on Gruff.

As the fight commenced, RIPperoni got caught on the BattleBox floor and turned as Gruff charged in, allowing Sam McAmis' bot to get underneath and land the first attack with its lifter. As RIPperoni was flipped over, its disc bounced the pizza-themed bot back onto its wheels. Gruff followed this up by firing its flamethrowers, but RIPperoni then dealt a hit to its side, and then to its lifter.

Ripperoni spin vs Gruff WCVII

RIPperoni dances across the BattleBox.

As Gruff recovered, it lifted its opponent up slightly, then clashed with RIPperoni's disc. This impact overturned Gruff, but also cost RIPperoni part of the protective material around its weapon. At this stage, however, one of Gruff's forks were bent out of shape and now loose. The debutant dealt another blow to the front of Gruff, but then became stuck on the BattleBox floor once more. As it performed a sharp turn, RIPperoni totally unbalanced, showing that the flywheel has been damaged, flipping itself over and allowing the spinning disc to make contact with the steel floor again.

Ripperoni Gruff 2

Gruff fires back against RIPperoni.

After bouncing and twisting through the air several times, RIPperoni was upright but its central fork was deformed, allowing the 3" teeth to hit the floor. Suddenly, Gruff was able to dictate the pace of the fight and got to the side of RIPperoni, shoving it across the arena and throwing it into the wall. It became clear that RIPperoni had lost drive to the larger of its two wheels, and therefore struggled with mobility from here on. However, due to the changes in rules regarding what counted as sufficient mobility, RIPperoni was very much still in the fight as long as it could still move. However, it twisted in place and allowed the disc to bounce against the floor once more, landing directly on the lifter. This invited Gruff to drive RIPperoni across the BattleBox, lifting it up but ramming itself into the Upper Deck in the process. Gruff then reversed RIPperoni towards the drivers' booths, where its limited mobility was now more evident.

Gruff RIPperoni 4 WCVII

Both robots limp to a judges' decision.

Gruff continued to try lifting RIPperoni for the remainder of the fight, wary to avoid its powerful spinner. With a successful lift, RIPperoni balanced on its smaller wheel and danced across the arena on its one functional wheel, but now Gruff was smoking and appeared to have lost drive on one side as well.

The fight went the distance, and Gruff took the win by unanimous judges' decision. After this loss, the RIPperoni team would not use these wedgelets again as they were deemed insufficient.

RIPperoni vs. End Game

Looking to cause an upset, RIPperoni's second opponent was World Championship V champion and top ranked robot, End Game. For this match, Riptide captain Ethan Kurtz joined Chris Rose and Kenny Florian as a guest fight analyst.
"In order to win this fight, we have to really hit End Game hard. Fortunately, we have more weapon reach than they do, so we're hoping to hit them before they hit us."
— Anna Zolnikov on their tactics ahead of the fight
RIPperoni End Game 1 WCVII

End Game instantly becomes stuck.

End Game immediately attempted to box-rush RIPperoni, though one of its long forks fell into a killsaw slot and got the former champions stuck with its wheels off the floor.
"This could be the end of the fight, RIPperoni might just leave them there!"
— Kenny Florian as End Game is caught in the killsaw slot
End Game Ripperoni WCVII

End Game and RIPperoni square off.

In response, RIPperoni dealt a shot to its side which spun End Game around but did not free it. Referee David Sanfilippo threatened a count-out if they could not escape, but RIPperoni sportingly got around to End Game's back end and dealt a mighty shot to throw them out of trouble. End Game was now back in the fight, but this driving error and the subsequent attacks cost the team two of their four elongated forks. RIPperoni continued to go weapon-to-weapon and tore a third fork away before retreating to the other side of the arena. End Game recovered and gave chase - its frame warped from the impacts of RIPperoni's giant spinning weapon.

Although RIPperoni's greater reach saw End Game come off worse in the following exchange, Jack Barker and Nick Mabey's robot bounced upright once more and started to deliver some hits with its own disc into play, initiating a combination of smaller hits which culminated into RIPperoni bouncing wildly across the BattleBox and then into the Upper Deck.

End game RIPperoni WCVII KO

End Game is immobile as RIPperoni turns away.

Both competitors appeared hurt from this most recent exchange, as RIPperoni struggled to drive with the hub of its larger wheel buckled and End Game twitched in place.
"RIPperoni struggling with that right side, but End Game is not moving, Chris... This is going to be a legendary upset!"
— Kenny Florian believes End Game to be immobile
End game damage RIPperoni WCVII

Post-fight damage to End Game's frame.

In trying to retreat, End Game had backed up over a raised part of the BattleBox floor and suddenly stopped moving altogether.[5] High-centered, a count began on End Game, sealing one of the biggest upsets in the sport's history.

Team ripperoni pits celebrating

Anna Zolnikov and Frederick Moore celebrate their win.

As the team returned to the pits, they were greeted with "Pizza!" chants from a handful of other competitors as RIPperoni's team celebrated their statement victory.

RIPperoni vs. HiJinx

Despite its win over the former champions, RIPperoni stood at 1-1 and next faced HiJinx in its third Fight Night battle. For this fight, Malice captain Bunny Liaw provided guest commentary.

Ripperoni HiJinx WC VII

RIPperoni throws HiJinx into the wall.

RIPperoni quickly got up to speed as HiJinx stayed close to the edge of the BattleBox. The two went weapon-to-weapon and RIPperoni threw HiJinx up towards the drivers' booth, in front of its captain Anna Zolnikov.

RIPperoni vs HiJinx WC VII

RIPperoni chases down HiJinx.

HiJinx recovered, but had lost its owl face and power to its weapon as well. RIPperoni bounced off the arena floor and HiJinx used its tail to try and out-wedge it, but took another shot from the vertical spinner.
Kenny Florian: "HiJinx taking some big shots to some critical areas. And it looks to me like that weapon is down, Bunny."
Bunny Liaw: "It's definitely down; it looks like a gear separated. Like, you can see it pulled apart right there. Oh, man..."
— Kenny Florian and Bunny Liaw commentate as HiJinx suffers further damage

HiJinx fire vs RIPperoni WC VII

A fire erupts within HiJinx.

RIPperoni overturned HiJinx before delivering a blow to its wheel. It then forced Jen Herchenroeder's bot back to the edge of the arena before HiJinx self-righted against the screws. Looking to recover, RIPperoni continued to attack, peeling away one of its top panels as a fire began inside HiJinx.

HiJinx KO vs RIPperoni WC VII

HiJinx is immobile and counted out.

As HiJinx appeared to lose drive on its right side, RIPperoni driver Frederick Moore remained aggressive, looking for a knockout. Sparks flew as it targeted the tail of HiJinx, but the horizontal bar suddenly came back to life before RIPperoni delivered a final blow to its frame.

Now, neither HiJinx's weapon nor its drive were functional and RIPperoni mercifully retreated. Chants of 'Pizza!' began among the crowd as a count began, confirming a positive 2-1 record for RIPperoni and a second win consecutive by knockout.

RIPperoni vs. Copperhead

RIPperoni finished the Fight Night rounds with its first ever Main Event against Luke Quintal and Copperhead.

RIPperoni Copperhead WCVII 1

Frederick Moore forces Copperhead into the wall.

As Copperhead approached the rookie bot, Frederick Moore drove towards the drivers' booths to give RIPperoni time to spin up. Copperhead gave chase, but RIPperoni then turned sharply, going from prey to predator and driving the 3-0 Copperhead into the wall in an impressive showing of control.

RIPperoni Copperhead WCVII 2

RIPperoni drives Copperhead into the wall.

This attack dislodged one of Copperhead's drive chains and left it inverted, but RIPperoni bounced weapon-first into the BattleBox floor before landing back onto its wheels.
Chris Rose: "RIPperoni sends Copperhead into the rails! Are you kidding me?!"
Kenny Florian: "Copperhead is inverted, and it's hurt, Chris!"
— Chris and Kenny react to RIPperoni's early dominance
RIPperoni Copperhead WCVII 3

Copperhead is thrown into the Lexan.

With its drive now compromised, Copperhead struggled to escape the corner. This offered RIPperoni the opportunity to continue attacking, and it capitalized, slamming its 68lb disc into the back of Luke Quintal's robot and punting it against the wall protection.

Copperhead RIPperoni WCVII KO

RIPperoni sets its sights on the minibot as Copperhead is immobilized.

Though this attack righted Copperhead, it totally disabled its drive. Although its weapon was still functional, Copperhead could not move and referee John Remar counted it out.

RIPperoni chased down Copperhead's snake minibot during the count-out before celebrating their third knockout win, matching its opponent with a strong 3-1 Fight Night record.

RIPperoni vs. Black Dragon

Entering the Round of 32 as the No.12 seed in its debut season, RIPperoni now faced No.21 seed Black Dragon. With Anna Zolnikov's half of Omega Team joining Brandon Zalinsky for Starchild's final Fight Night battle, Zalinsky returned the favor ahead of RIPperoni's Top 32 clash. During her pre-match interview, Zolnikov explained that the 'lightest' wedges used against Gruff proved insufficient, leaving RIPperoni with only its 'medium' and 'heavy' variations to use.

"Black Dragon does not die easily. They're a really durable bot, and they're also really low... we want to feed them into our right side where the weapon is totally exposed. We armored the front left side, but we're gonna try to keep that away from them and just keep the weapon pointed towards them, and maybe get a top attack."
— Anna Zolnikov explains Omega Team's battle strategy

RIPperoni Black Dragon WCVII 1

RIPperoni gains an early advantage.

RIPperoni headed out of the blue square towards the lower perimeter, but was unable to avoid an early box-rush by Black Dragon. Both spinners connected twice, the second exchange allowing it to turn the Brazilian machine over. Black Dragon retreated, but RIPperoni followed, slamming into and tossing it into the air with two more heavy hits.

Chris Rose: "And we have an inverted Black Dragon -"
Kenny Florian: "OH!"
Chris Rose: "- and now we have a flying Black Dragon, or duck, or whatever the hell that thing is today!"
Kenny Florian: "Oh boy, RIPperoni just takin' over here, Chris!"
— As RIPperoni asserts early dominance

A fourth collision resulted in Anna Zolnikov's machine re-righting Black Dragon. Black Dragon, now in the blue square, rammed and tipped RIPperoni backwards.
Black Dragon RIPperoni WCVII Pulverizer

Black Dragon finds itself under the pulverizer.

Once RIPperoni self-righted, the two heavyweights exchanged several rams and more spinner attacks between them. During these moments, RIPperoni took a glancing blow to its left wheel from Black Dragon - but without any significant effect- before pivoting and being pushed around. In response, it punted Black Dragon onto its back, but was almost tipped over on its side by another blow from its opponent's eggbeater. Pressured near the bottom-right corner, RIPperoni turned around to exchange more weapon-on-weapon blows, eventually flipping Black Dragon under the team’s nearest pulverizer in the process.

Kenny Florian: "Black Dragon's tryin' to come back, but they are inverted!"
Chris Rose: "B'ooh!"
Kenny Florian: "It's not where they want to be!"
Chris Rose: "Oh, the hundred-pound pulverizer... dishing out some pain to Black Dragon!"
— As RIPperoni throws Black Dragon under its team's pulverizer

RIPperoni vs Black Dragon WCVII 3

RIPperoni throws Black Dragon across the arena.

As before, RIPperoni followed Black Dragon across the BattleBox, pausing in the inner perimeter to line up another attack. It flung the Team Uai!rrior machine into an aerial spin as it charged in, and continued its assault while gyro-dancing. RIPperoni tossed Black Dragon across the lower inner perimeter, before re-righting its opponent with a few more blows over the bottom-left killsaw slots. By this point, Black Dragon's eggbeater had stopped rotating. However, RIPperoni soon began to be pushed around by Black Dragon, and the gyroscopic forces of its disc resulted in it being flipped across the BattleBox. Hitting the front of Black Dragon once more, it found itself recoiling near the top-left paddle.

"Black Dragon is as tough as they come. RIPperoni's gonna have to rip this bot’s heart out, if they want to stop it!"
— Kenny Florian as Black Dragon causes RIPperoni to recoil

RIPperoni vs Black Dragon WCVII 4

Black Dragon fights back.

RIPperoni continued to be pressured by Black Dragon; gyrating manically on its left wheel, it was soon rammed into and pinned against the bottom-left paddle. These counterattacks caused the disc to clip the paddle, and RIPperoni as a whole to lift onto its right wheel, as Black Dragon got around the back and drove underneath. A drive from Black Dragon resulted in RIPperoni flinging itself clear, as the disc clipped the former's left fork. Bouncing into the upright position, RIPperoni was immediately pressured once again. After a momentary pause, it inflicted more damaging hits to a charging Black Dragon, but, in the process, was sent recoiling into one of the Upper Deck screws. As the match entered the half-way mark, it was driven into one of the accompanying screw mounts, and was flipped over once more as a result.

"You can hear the crowd chanting "Pizza, Pizza!" Oh, nice shot by Black Dragon! RIPperoni just has to hang on here! Black Dragon's all over 'im. BIG countershot for RIPperoni!"
— Chris Rose as both robots continue to exchange violent attacks

RIPperoni vs Black Dragon WCVII 5

Black Dragon bursts into flames.

RIPperoni, now retreating, continued to throw Black Dragon away with three more heavy hits. A few more head-to-head exchanges - this time over the bottom-left killsaw slots - caused Black Dragon to instantaneously catch fire. However, RIPperoni was thrown against the control booth bumper and Lexan by its flaming opponent, which then steered it over the other killsaw slots from this end of the BattleBox. An up-ended RIPperoni churned at the floor with its disc, the contact eventually causing it to violently flip over once more. With just a minute remaining, it became apparent that RIPperoni's left wheel was no longer turning independently.

"Under a minute remaining... it is RIPperoni now having mobility issues! Can they make it to the closing bell?!"
— Chris Rose, noticing RIPperoni's disabled left wheel

Black Dragon RIPperoni WCVII KO

A flaming Black Dragon drives RIPperoni onto the Upper Deck.

With its drive partially incapacitated, RIPperoni was pushed around from the back by Black Dragon, but tried to respond by hitting Black Dragon a few more times with the disc. Both machines tentatively circled round each other and the now-active killsaws, before a ram from Black Dragon sent RIPperoni hurtling back towards the Upper Deck screws. RIPperoni, trying to turn around, suddenly stopped moving opposite the active killsaws on the top-right. Black Dragon rushed in, the collision flipping RIPperoni over and causing it to end up on the Upper Deck itself. With less than 35 seconds on the clock, RIPperoni tried to maneuver off the Upper Deck, but lost drive to its remaining wheel, despite the best efforts of Frederick Moore to regain control.

"The countdown has started! They can't move! Fred Moore doin' everything he can to resurrect the robot! CAN HE MAKE IT TO THE CLOSING BELL?! THEY CANNOT! Black Dragon has DONE IT! With just three seconds to go, RIPperoni is counted out! An all-time classic!"
— Chris Rose as Black Dragon takes the late KO

RIPperoni Black Dragon WCVII KO 2

RIPperoni is knocked out with just three seconds remaining.

Immobile over the Upper Deck, RIPperoni was counted out by Kathryn Godfrey, losing to Black Dragon by knockout after two minutes and 57 seconds. Though their rookie season run had come to an end, Omega Team members were quick to reconcile with the victorious Team Uai!rrior, exchanging hugs shortly before Julio Cortez and Gabriel Bertozzi were interviewed.

Anna Zolnikov RTGN RIPperoni

Anna Zolnikov and RIPperoni on the Road to the Giant Nut after-show.

During the Road to the Giant Nut after-show for Episode 17, Anna Zolnikov assured Chris Rose and Kenny Florian that RIPperoni was in 'good shape', save for a few loosened connectors and the need for a firmware 'update'. Zolnikov briefly addressed the robot losing its weapon motor mid-bout, while explaining the concept behind its opposite-rotating flywheel mechanism - a system Team End Game's Nick Mabey predicted would see wider use by future competitors. Upon being asked by Kenny Florian about this 'innovation', she added that RIPperoni's steel 'skeleton' and billet-machined UHMW chassis were essential for the 25lb mechanism to be included. Other topics discussed included the high school robotics club spurring Zolnikov's interest in BattleBots, RIPperoni's durability throughout World Championship VII, and the use of dry ice to cool its weapon motor in between battles.

RIPperoni Best Design Award WCVII

Omega Team are presented with their award.

Omega Team and RIPperoni were awarded the Best Design Award, which has been dedicated to the late Grant Imahara since his passing in 2020.

BattleBots: Champions II[]

RIPperoni vs. Glitch

RIPperoni made its return in BattleBots: Champions II, entering the final Sin City Slugfest bracket. There, it took on former co-Rookie of the Year winner Glitch in the opening round and sported Tegris armor, which proved successful in their win over eventual semi-finalist Copperhead during the regular season.
"As soon as light turns green, we're going to be very cautious and we're going to wait for them to expose their back side. Then we're gonna charge in for a really big hit."
— Anna Zolnikov discusses tactic pre-fight

Glitch RIPperoni BB Champions II teaser

RIPperoni takes on Glitch.

RIPperoni got its disc up to speed while Glitch strafed around the BattleBox with its eggbeater spinning. The pair almost met weapon-to-weapon, but this only resulted in a glancing shot which harmed neither team. RIPperoni continued to circle Glitch before riding up the wide left flank of Kyle Miller's machine.

Glitch RIPperoni BB Champions II teaser 2

RIPperoni and Glitch face away from one another.

Glitch suddenly stopped driving and this allowed RIPperoni to land a free hit to its vulnerable rear, capitalizing in line with Anna Zolnikov's pre-match tactics. RIPperoni punted Glitch into the corner before clipping its back end again, leading the former Slugfest winner weapon-first into the spiked barrier and tearing top armor away. RIPperoni retreated as Glitch's mobility was assessed by judge David Sanfilippo, but as it twitched in place, showing intent for the fight to continue, Frederick Moore charged into the wounded Glitch again, throwing it into the air as it landed upside-down. Glitch was mercifully counted out and the Omega Team entry advanced to the second round.

RIPperoni vs. Monsoon

Next up for RIPperoni was the British vertical spinner of Monsoon. Before the fight, Anna Zolnikov highlighted the similarities between the two robots, most notably their shapes and large, destructive vertical spinners. Due to this, she anticipated the fight would end in a knockout with both bots heavily damaged.
"This is definitely gonna be a knockout fight. I think if we're both doing three minutes, we're both limping with one wheel, can't hit each other, but I think somebody's getting roof-shotted."
— Anna Zolnikov outlines her expectations for the battle with Monsoon
Monsoon RIPperoni start

RIPperoni begins on the back foot.

At the start of the match, RIPperoni was slower to engage, waiting to see how Monsoon approached before going in. However, it took the worst of their first engagement, sent tumbling through the air by the powerful British machine. RIPperoni struggled to reset, taking several more glancing blows and having its wedge mangled before retreating to find an opening.

Monsoon RIPperoni fire

A fire ignites inside of Monsoon.

Monsoon followed, sliding into a corner of the BattleBox as it tried to attack. RIPperoni circled back around and hit Monsoon weapon-on, which caused Monsoon to smoke and catch fire. Although Tom Brewster's robot was visibly struggling to move, its weapon continued at full speed, forcing the pizza bot to approach cautiously

Monsoon RIPperoni KO

The knockout shot.

Although its opponent was stuck crab-walking, RIPperoni was hesitant to attack, fearing Monsoon's still-dangerous weapon. As Monsoon slid over the killsaws, Fred Moore moved to engage, but was unable to make contact before retreating again. However, when it happened again he pounced. RIPperoni hit the burning Monsoon, which put the British bot on its side, and it was unable to get back on its wheels.

RIPperoni Monsoon KO BB Champs II

RIPperoni stares down a beaten Monsoon.

With Monsoon counted out, RIPperoni won by knockout and moved on to the final.
"Monsoon is a super robot, and they have another really big weapon, so we were really really careful not to run into it even though we wanted to!"
— Anna Zolnikov in the post-match interview

RIPperoni vs. HyperShock

In the bracket final, RIPperoni took on 2022 re:MARS all:STARS event champion HyperShock, driven for this tournament by Alex Bales.

Ripperoni vs HyperShock 1 BB Champs II

HyperShock throws RIPperoni off-balance.

The pair met in the middle of the arena and RIPperoni nicked the right-front tire of HyperShock, but Alex Bales drove directly into RIPperoni's disc, knocking it back and destabilizing the pizza-themed bot. After this attack, RIPperoni was down its left-side drive, reduced to arcing in place. HyperShock was faring no better, however, as earlier damage locked up its right-front wheel against the wedge, meaning it too could only crab-walk across the BattleBox.

HyperShock RIPperoni BB Champs II 2

RIPperoni launches HyperShock.

As both robots limped towards the other, HyperShock gyroed into the path of RIPperoni's still-active disc and was thrown through the air, landing upright near the center of the BattleBox. This snapped one of HyperShock's drive chains as it lay on the steel floor, and although neither robot could drive in a straight line anymore, both were doing enough to satisfy the mobility rules introduced ahead of the season.
"Both bots still struggling to move... will we see a simultaneous incapacitation?"
— Kenny Florian

RIPperoni tried to time its movement, driving in a circle and only narrowly missing another hit on the frame of HyperShock. With neither of the right-side wheels moving on the 2022 re:MARS all:STARS champion, RIPperoni inched forward and struck the left-rear wheel, damaging the hub and then chipping away at the plow.

Ripperoni vs HyperShock Champs II JD

RIPperoni and HyperShock limp to a judges' decision.

As the two-minute mark passed, the fight had now moved over the blue starting square and although both competitors were struggling for mobility, their primary weapons were very much still a threat. Damage to HyperShock's wheels appeared to accumulate to its left-rear wheel also locking up, meaning it was now only moving on one tire as the fight entered its final seconds.

Both robots survived the full three minutes, so the Slugfest final went to judges. RIPperoni won by unanimous decision, earning the final spot for the Golden Bolt Tournament.

RIPperoni vs. Tantrum

RIPperoni competed in the Golden Bolt tournament as winner of the fifth and final Sin City Slugfest bracket. Its first round opponent was World Championship VI champion Tantrum.

RIPperoni Tantrum lost wheel Golden Bolt

RIPperoni loses a wheel early on.

Both robots showcased their agility in the opening seconds, looking to capitalize on a potential driving error. Tantrum dashed towards the red starting square, but as RIPperoni turned sharply, the smaller of its two drive wheels flew off.
Chris Rose: "Kenny Florian"
OHH!: "Woah! There goes the wheel... it just fell out without a shot!"
— Chris and Kenny react as RIPperoni loses a wheel

Tantrum RIPperoni Golden Bolt 2

Tantrum attacks the underside of RIPperoni.

Yet to land an attack on the pizza-themed robot, Tantrum began circling RIPperoni as it looked to find a favorable angle. Tantrum had to continue attacking with Frederick Moore still able to arc across the arena floor with its primary weapon still a major threat. The former Giant Nut winner eventually got to RIPperoni's rear, shoving it across the BattleBox but lifting it in such a way that the 70lb disc made contact with Tantrum. Dillon Carey retreated before getting in underneath its opponent again, delivering a hit with its own spinner.

RIPperoni Tantrum bouncing Golden Bolt

Tantrum sends RIPperoni tumbling.

This forced the RIPperoni disc-first into the steel floor, bouncing uncontrollably and landing upright.
"Just a little precise shot from Dillon Carey! Trying to get RIPperoni to destroy itself, Chris."
— Kenny Florian

RIPperoni Tantrum punch Golden Bolt

Tantrum lands a punch to RIPperoni's tire.

With the fight passing the 1:30 mark, Tantrum appeared content with remaining patient as the unbalanced RIPperoni flung itself through the air again. Tantrum was again able to destabilize RIPperoni, backing off to conserve their machine before getting to its rear and honing in on the one remaining wheel, punching away with its drum.

RIPperoni continued to show limited mobility in the closing moments, but neither robot landed a strong attack as the fight went to the judges. Tantrum won by unanimous judges' decision, ending RIPperoni's streak and rookie year.


World Championship VII
Fight Nights
Fight Night #1 vs. Gruff Lost (JD)
Fight Night #2 vs. End Game Won (KO)
Fight Night #3 vs. HiJinx Won (KO)
Fight Night #4 - Main Event vs. Copperhead Won (KO)
World Championship Tournament
#12 Seed, Round of 32
Round of 32 vs. Black Dragon (21) Lost (KO)
BattleBots: Champions II
Sin City Slugfest V
Quarter-Final vs. Glitch Won (KO)
Semi-Final vs. Monsoon Won (KO)
Final vs. HyperShock Won (JD)
Golden Bolt Tournament
Quarter-Final vs. Tantrum Lost (JD)


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 3
Competition Wins Losses
World Championship VII End Game (Undercard Match)
HiJinx (Undercard Match)
Copperhead (Main Event/Undercard Match)
Gruff (Undercard Match)
Black Dragon
BattleBots: Champions II Glitch


World Championship VII
Grant Imahara Award for Best Design
BattleBots: Champions II
Sin City Slugfest Winner

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"From Cambridge, Massachusetts. Like a pizza party at the office. Everyone can get a slice from RIPPERONI!"

"Italy's the place for good food and romance. But don't let this bot lull you to a trance. When this goon hits your eye with a big pizza pie, it's not amore. It's time for you to die. Ring-a-ling-a-ding, it's RIPPERONI!"

"From Cambridge, Massachusetts, it buried Papa John's under a Pizza Hut, it's RIPPERONI!"

"Remember the BOOK IT Program where you get free pizza for reading books? Well, this bot is committing R. L. Crimes, giving Goosebumps as it cooks. The Bot-car Children are all in hiding somewhere in A Wrinkle in Time. It burned down the Bridge to Terabithia, then picked up the Hatchet and cut out its spine. It's RIPPERONI!"

"From Cambridge, Massachusetts, uh, yeah, hi, can I get a large pizza, half pepperoni, half 70lb vertical spinner with 250-mile-per-hour tip speed? Yeah, thanks. It's RIPPERONI!"

"She stuffs coffins like crusts, sends Papa John crying to his mama. Trust me, you don't want a pizza piece of this drama. She'll kick your Domino's over, playing with her is a mistake. She'll let your mamas borrow a handkerchief when she's crying at your wake. Even The Noid avoids RIPPERONI!"

"From Cambridge, Massachusetts, serving you a dead bot with a side of breadsticks, it's RIPPERONI!"

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  • Team captain Anna Zolnikov states her pizza of choice to be a thin crust mushroom, whereas the team's favorite pizza is Hawaiian.[1]
  • RIPperoni's first win against End Game was aired on February 9, 2023, which is also National Pizza Day.
  • RIPperoni became the first robot to defeat a former heavyweight champion to secure their first BattleBots win.
  • RIPperoni also became the first rookie robot to feature in a Main Event since Hydra in World Championship IV.
  • Sarah Pohorecky is the only team member to have been part of both Team Uppercut and Aberrant Robotics in previous seasons.
  • RIPperoni was the only rookie robot to make it into the Round of 32 during World Championship VII.