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Purple Fire (sometimes stylized PurpleFire) was a heavyweight robot designed by the robotics club at Florida Polytechnic University which applied for BattleBots World Championship III but was not selected for the competition.[1]

It was a four-wheel drive robot armed with an undercutting horizontal spinning bar. This type of undercutter could be seen on fellow competitor Double Dutch. However, unlike Double Dutch, there is only one bar, as opposed to two. The design was to add stability to a horizontal bar spinner while also allowing the robot to be invertible.

PurpleFire Vortex

A render of Purple Fire, still under the name 'Vortex'.


Top view of Purple Fire.

The team was composed of students at Florida Polytechnic University who had backgrounds in FRC and VEX. Team captain Jacob Rogers had previously met with the teams behind HyperShock, Witch Doctor, and Nightmare.[2] The team only started adding combat robotics when Purple Fire was designed. The team were not accepted for World Championship III. It is unknown if constriction was ever started as the application video only showed a concept CAD. It is also unknown if Florida Polytechnic attempted to enter any other seasons of BattleBots.

Outside BattleBots[]

Florida Polytechnic still has a combat robotics branch of their robotics club. The club has made two 15lbs robots, named Hyperion and Themis, which have won several awards. The team's website also says their 250lbs robot is currently under construction. It is unknown if this robot is Purple Fire.[3]