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Project:2 was the working name of a heavyweight robot designed by Team Storm for a projected Season 6.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots.

The successor to the team's first heavyweight, Storm, Project:2 was a six-wheel drive, invertible, box-shaped robot with a steep front wedge, deemed a 'full-body hammer' by the team. However, news that BattleBots was not renewed for a sixth season on Comedy Central came as Project:2 was in development, so Team Storm turned their attention towards entering Robot Wars instead.[1]

"... in September 2002 disaster struck, Comedy Central had pulled the plug on BattleBots in the US. Whilst the concept still existed, the television network behind it had pulled out. BattleBots November was put on hold..... meaning we had a robot (or a pile of parts at this point) and no-where to play with it."
— Team Storm on the robot's origins

Project:2's pushing power and 20mph top speed made it a formidable contender when it competed in the United Kingdom, under the name Storm 2.

Team Storm would eventually compete in 2016, entering Photon Storm into World Championship II on ABC.

Outside BattleBots[]

Storm 2 first competed in the New Blood competition held during the second series of Robot Wars: Extreme. Entering the third heat, Storm 2 qualified through its three-way Round 1 battle against Direct Action and Revolution 2 before quickly disposing of Chopper in the second round. Storm 2 would promptly defeat ICU to win its heat in dominant fashion, advancing to the New Blood Grand Final against three other heat winners. In the eliminators, Storm 2 fought Thor and won by judges' decision, before defeating Mute in the final to become New Blood Champion. In doing so, Team Storm earned automatic entry as the No.16 seed into the next UK championship - Series 7.

Storm 2 Series 7 official photo Robot Wars

Storm 2 as it appeared during Series 7 of Robot Wars.

A rebuild Storm 2 would enter Series 7, now featuring a four-bar lifter in accordance with the active weapon rules enforced ahead of the series. The team's dominance continued as Storm 2 won its heat, defeating seasoned veteran The Steel Avenger in the heat final. Storm 2 then got the judges' nod against Grim Reaper before causing an upset against No.2 seed Firestorm 5. After taking out the defending champion Tornado in the Grand Final eliminators, Storm 2 came off second best in a highly controversial title-decider against Typhoon 2, suffering a first career loss to finish runner-up.

Storm 2 represented the United Kingdom during the Third World Championship special, again beating Tornado as well as the German Ansgar 3 in Round 1. After beating Tough as Nails in the semi-finals, Storm 2 defeated Supernova to become World Champion in the final episode of the original run of Robot Wars. The team also intended to enter a featherweight robot called Storm Vortex into the competition run concurrently with Series 7, but ultimately pulled out.

Storm 2 Series 8 Robot Wars

Storm 2 in the arena during Series 8 of Robot Wars.

The team also entered Techno Games in 2003 under the name Ickle Toaster, competing in Sumo and Football competitions. In Sumo, it took on Storm Chaser (Tornado in Robot Wars) and won, but broke part of the dojo in doing so. This was not televised, but Team Storm uploaded this to their YouTube channel in May 2015.[2] Competing in Football alongside Savage Toaster, its run was not only cut short but also went unaired as Team Storm's machine inadvertently sent the ball into the live audience.

In 2007, Storm 2 received an Honorable Mention in The Combat Robot Hall of Fame. It enjoyed a fruitful career after its Robot Wars successes, appearing at live events with a front-hinged lifter replacing its four-bar mechanism. It would also compete at RoboGames in 2008, getting the better of Eugene but losing out to Sewer Snake.[3] Team Storm were then forced to forfeit their loser's bracket fight due to an irreparable gearbox.

With the return of Robot Wars in 2016, Storm 2 entered with interchangeable weaponry. Able to swap its lifting arm for a vertical spinner if desired, Storm 2 qualified through its group battle alongside Eruption before beating it in the Round Robin fights. A loss to Team MAD and Apollo and win over PP3D saw it qualify for the heat final on points, where it again took on Apollo. This time, however, Storm 2 was flipped out of the arena and failed to make the Grand Final.

In July 2024, it was announced that Storm 2 would return to combat for the sportsman heavyweight event MechMania.

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