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Primary Target was a middleweight robot built by HHS Robotics which competed at BattleBots IQ in 2004.

Little is known about the robot's design, other than it being armed with a powerful spinner capable of reaching a 200mph tip speed.[1] However, the team's website was later updated to state the tip speed was 100mph.[2]

"We have slaved for nearly 3 months working to create a 120 pound spinning monster, with more than 12 horsepower of spinning mass and motors."
— HHS Robotics describe Primary Target on their home page

Primary Target was built by a high school team from Hennepin County, Minnesota.

It is unknown who Primary Target fought during the 2004 event.

Robot History[]

BattleBots IQ 2004[]

Primary Target vs. ?

Primary Target's opponents during the competition are not known. However, due to the event's double elimination format, it is confirmed Primary Target lost twice as it did not place in the Top 4.


  • Wins: 0 (Minimum)
  • Losses: 2 (Minimum)
Competition Wins Losses
BattleBots IQ 2004 ? ?

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