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Plan X was a heavyweight robot which participated in the first season of ABC's reboot of BattleBots. It was created by Mike and Lisa Winter of the Robot Action League, who were known in the past for creating the lightweight Tentomushi. Plan X reached the Round of 16 before being destroyed by Bronco. The base of Plan X was a BattleKit, made by Carlo Bertocchini of BioHazard fame.


Plan X and its minibots in the blue square.

Plan X was a four wheel drive robot modeled to look like a 1950's style spaceship and featured a vertically-spinning bar and a pneumatically powered rear weapon designed to fend off spinners (which could be interchanged with a wedge to press itself into the ground). In typical Robot Action League fashion, the robot also came with two "minibots" which were equipped with a wedge and two small thwack arms respectively. The most unique feature of Plan X was the "brain" atop it, which had multiple colored LED's inside. The brain was designed to read sensors spread throughout the robot and flash different colors depending on how much damage it took in order to give it the feel of a living, thinking organism.

Robot History

ABC Season 1

Plan X vs. Wrecks

Plan X pushes Wrecks around the BattleBox.

Plan X's first ever match in BattleBots was against the unique walker design of Wrecks. Plan X's maneuverability allowed it to get behind Wrecks and shove it around for most of the match, eventually stranding it on the screws. It then turned around and delivered a few small hits to the defenseless Wrecks with its spinning bar. However, with five seconds left Wrecks freed itself and tore into the side of Plan X, sending an entire side of it flying. However, this superficial damage was not enough to sway the judges, who gave Plan X an unanimous victory. This win put the now No.13 seed Plan X to the Round of 16, where it faced the No.4 seed Bronco.

Plan X vs. Bronco

Bronco flips Plan X against the screws.

In the match, both robots were moving around the BattleBox for a brief moment and Bronco flips Plan X on top of the screws, immobilizing it and destroying the brain. Bronco backs off and Plan X was being counted out. Bronco won the match by KO in 40 seconds and Plan X was eliminated from the tournament.


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
Competition Wins Losses
ABC Season 1 Wrecks Bronco

Faruq Tauheed Introductions

"While other kids were learning their ABCs, she was learning how to KO the competition. Here's the father-daughter creation, PLAN X!"

"Like father, like daughter. Like total destruction. You're gonna need a plan B. It's PLAN X!"