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Petunia is a heavyweight robot from The Netherlands built by Team P.C.P. which competed in Discovery Seasons 3 and 4 of the BattleBots reboot.

It was a two-wheeled, wedge-shaped robot armed with a powerful hydraulic crushing claw as its primary weapon, which also acted as a self-righting mechanism. Petunia is partially invertible, capable of driving on its back end, although its claw was rendered ineffective when the robot was inverted, and it had to use its weapon to self-right when it was completely upside-down. Its crushing weapon boasted 10 tonnes of crushing force, and crushed into its own wedge for maximum damage output, at the expense of range. As its name suggests, Petunia is designed to resemble a flower, as confirmed in their appearance during BattleBots Resurrection. More specifically, Petunia's name derives from the septic tanker truck seen in the Stephen King novel Christine.[1]

It its debut season, Petunia was able to pick up three wins, including a KO over veteran Brian Nave and Captain Shrederator, as well as a victory over future Most Destructive Robot Award winner ROTATOR. However, it was not selected to progress to the tournament bracket.

For the 2019 season, Petunia appeared largely the same, though now had rounded edges to the top of the wedge and bolder, aesthetics to clear up any misconception of it looking like a bird, despite previous flower-related introductions from Faruq Tauheed. The team picked up fellow Dutch native and experienced builder Jeroen van Lieverloo, who competed with Reality in Discovery Season 3. Petunia again failed to make the championship bracket, with two of its three wins coming from exhibition matches.

Petunia's reveal to Facebook Supporters in 2020.

Petunia was originally accepted to return for Discovery Season 5 in the initial roster revealed to Facebook Supporters in early 2020. The image presented showed cartoon fire coming from the tip of the beak, suggesting it was to be armed with a flamethrower inside its beak, similar to Mohawk. As proven by a May 2021 weapon test video, this was indeed the case.[2] However, due to international travel restrictions enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic, Team P.C.P. were forced to withdraw, stating their intention to compete again the following year.[3]

Team P.C.P. reapplied for Discovery Season 6 in 2021, but were ultimately rejected.

PacifieR (top) and Petunia (bottom) pictured together.

Petunia in January 2022.

Petunia was originally designed for Series 9 of Robot Wars under the name PacifieR, but later withdrew from the show. It was functionally identical to what became Petunia, but sported a lighter blue on its wedge, which did not quite protect the entire sides of the bot, as well as different illustrations. Team P.C.P. had previously fought in the Dutch series of Robot Wars with vertical spinner PulverizeR, becoming champion of the second series and qualifying for both the European Championship and Third World Championship events as a result. Parallel to the show, an upgraded PulverizeR also competed at three Dutch Robot Games events between 2001 and 2003. It then appeared at the 2005 European Championship and 2006 UK Championship, but only appeared sporadically at live events afterwards.

While not a part of Team P.C.P. for the majority of their time in the sport, team member Jeroen van Lieverloo originally competed Dutch Robot Wars with X-Bot and Impact in its first and second seasons respectively, but did not achieve much success. He also competed as a member of three-part multibot √3², which made its heat final before ironically losing to the aforementioned champions PulverizeR. After failing to qualify for Series 7 of Robot Wars with a second version of Impact, Jeroen van Lieverloo became part of fellow Dutch entrant Gravity, which made the semi-finals before losing to reigning champion Tornado.

Robot History[]

Discovery Season 3[]

Petunia vs. ROTATOR

Petunia's armor is damaged by the spinning disc of ROTATOR.

Petunia takes ROTATOR to the killsaws.

Petunia fights back against the weaponless ROTATOR.

Petunia's BattleBots debut came against Victor Soto and ROTATOR. The match began poorly for Petunia as it took early damage to its armor and weapon from ROTATOR's dual discs. Fortunately for Petunia, ROTATOR soon lost power to its weapons and was practically defenseless. Petunia managed to grab a hold of ROTATOR near the wheel with the intention of taking it to the BattleBox hazards. However, ROTATOR spun around to try and cause damage but there was no damage to Petunia. Petunia continued its grabbing strategy by grabbing ROTATOR near the middle of the robot. As the fight drew to a close, Petunia got one last attack on ROTATOR and brought it to the killsaws, causing damage to ROTATOR's tire before time ran out. Despite the early damage from ROTATOR, the judges awarded the win to Petunia.

Petunia vs. Monsoon

Petunia's hydraulics are damaged.

Monsoon sends Petunia flying through the air.

Monsoon watches on as Petunia is counted out.

Next up for Petunia was British entry Monsoon. As the match began, Petunia was quickly hit hard in the back by Monsoon's vertical spinner, causing hydraulic fluid to leak from the machine. Petunia was then thrown over but landed upright. After a third hit, smoke began to pour from Petunia, but Monsoon's weapon also stopped working. As the match progressed, Petunia's smoke turned into fire as the lithium polymer batteries suffered damage on the last impact. Monsoon briefly also stopped moving as the hydraulic fluid made the BattleBox floor slippery in that area. However, once Monsoon proved it was still mobile, Petunia was counted out and the British bot took the win by KO.

Petunia vs. Captain Shrederator

Petunia traps Captain Shrederator against the wall.

Petunia crushes into the broken Captain.

Petunia's next opponent was the veteran shell spinner Captain Shrederator. As the match got underway, Petunia started strong as they were able to use their wedged front to deflect Captain Shrederator's initial attack. Petunia continued to use its sloped front to its advantage as it tanked the blows. After Captain Shrederator's third attack, the bot deflected into the wall and stopped spinning. Petunia took advantage by grabbing Captain Shrederator and puncturing into the shell, causing smoke and eventually fire to erupt from within its opponent. Captain Shrederator was no longer moving and was counted out, giving Petunia the win by KO.

Petunia vs. Yeti

Petunia gets tossed onto the screws by Yeti.

Petunia was drawn against the previous year's semi-finalist, Yeti. The Dutch machine was off to a poor start as they were quickly thrown onto their back, but was able to right itself. Petunia took another hit that threw it onto its beak, where it momentarily could not escape. In a showing of good sportsmanship, Yeti freed Petunia. However, they had now lost the tip to the crushing beak, rendering it largely ineffective. Petunia continued to fight but was chased down by Yeti's relentless assaults. Petunia was forced to self-right again after being thrown over, but was now only driving in circles. After one last hit, Petunia stopped moving near the screws and was counted out, giving Yeti the win by KO.

Petunia & Predator vs. Bale Spear & Double Dutch

Petunia grapples with Double Dutch.

Petunia also took part in an untelevised 2v2 Tag Team match alongside Craig Danby and Predator, where it faced Bale Spear and Double Dutch. The fight began rather evenly as none of the four robots were able to gain an advantage on their opponents. Petunia then targeted Double Dutch, attempting to clamp down on its top panel as its own weaponry was no longer working. However, attempts to do so led to Petunia lifting its own body arena floor, which made it difficult for it to drive. As the match ran down, Petunia was continuing to fight with Double Dutch as Bale Spear and Predator had stopped moving. Time ran out and the judges awarded 1 point and a unanimous 3-0 decision to The World and Petunia and Predator.

Discovery Season 4[]

Petunia vs. WAR Hawk

Petunia is attacked in front of the drivers' booths.

First for Petunia was a match against veteran Rob Farrow and WAR Hawk. Both robots were rather tentative out of the gate, maneuvering around one another and getting in a few light hits. However, Petunia took the first big hit from WAR Hawk's primary weapon and was thrown into the arena barrier. WAR Hawk continued to attack Petunia several more times, finding itself landing underneath the pulverizer, which added to its concerns. Petunia's drive had been impacted by the assault, and was subsequently counted out, giving WAR Hawk the win by KO.

Petunia vs. Marvin

Marvin deflects off the front of Petunia.

Petunia's next fight was against newcomer Marvin. For this battle, Petunia opted for its longer beak for more reach. When the match began, Petunia took attacks from Marvin, sending sparks flying but causing no damage. Petunia then got under Marvin from behind and bit down before moving it around the arena. Petunia let go and maneuvered around a bit before biting down on Marvin again, this time taking them into the arena barrier before letting go. Marvin was now having drive issues and Petunia found itself upended against the arena barrier for a bit before recovering. With only seconds left in the fight, Petunia then grabbed Marvin again, taking it to the screws, which tore off one of Marvin's weapon teeth. Both robots survived to a judges' decision, which ruled unanimously for Petunia.

Petunia vs. Hydra

Petunia is wedged in place and unable to escape.


Next up for Petunia was the latest creation from Team Whyachi, Hydra. The fight commenced and Hydra initially missed with their flipper, allowing Petunia to try and get a bite in. Petunia got another chance when Hydra missed with its flipper again, but the Dutch bot was unable to capitalize. Petunia was then thrown through the air, but luckily landed upright before being tossed around once more. Petunia was very nearly thrown of the BattleBox but managed to bounce in, causing damage to the timer display in the process. Petunia was then thrown high into the air, and wedged itself between the wall and pulverizer as it landed. With no way to escape, Petunia was counted out, giving Hydra the win by KO.

Petunia vs. Valkyrie

Petunia keeps Valkyrie in the corner of the BattleBox.

Petunia was next placed against Leanne Cushing and Valkyrie. Petunia began the match well, withstanding the impacts of Valkyrie's blade. It was soon able to bring Valkyrie onto its back and push it towards the wall, causing Valkyrie to gyro on top of it and grind the disc on the wall. Petunia tried to bite down but Valkyrie's weapon was still spinning at top speed so they ended up taking a solid hit that sent Valkyrie into the other side of the corner and bent the beak on Petunia. Petunia then backed into the rear of Valkyrie to push it into the wall, but this proved to be a huge mistake, as Petunia took a hit from the disc in one of the most vulnerable areas, completely immobilizing it. Petunia was counted out, giving Valkyrie the win by KO, ending its season at 2-2.

Petunia vs. SubZero

Petunia checks in on an immobile SubZero.

Petunia wasn't done yet as it participated in an exhibition match against veteran SubZero. The match was off to a very poor start as Petunia was mostly running away without attempting to make any contact with SubZero. After a few light bumps, Petunia attempted to get a bite on SubZero but SubZero fired its weapon and got free. However, SubZero suddenly stopped driving just under the pulverizer so Petunia eventually grabbed it and took it across the arena floor before letting go. SubZero tried to move using only the momentum of its flipper but was counted out, giving Petunia the win by KO.

Petunia vs. BattleSaw vs. Jasper

Petunia gets to grips with BattleSaw early on.

Petunia drives away as BattleSaw is disposed of.

Petunia then slams Jasper into the arena barrier.

Petunia also took on newcomers BattleSaw and Jasper in an exhibition rumble. However, as the match began, BattleSaw was quickly immobilized by Jasper so Petunia bit down on their track and pushed it aside, before going after Jasper. Petunia was able to get under Jasper but ended up also flipping itself over. Petunia righted itself and took light taps from the back of Jasper's hammer. Petunia then ran into the screws before again getting under Jasper and nearly flipping itself. Petunia was maintaining some dominance, shoving it into the arena barrier at one point as Jasper was mostly avoiding conflict. Petunia took a late shot from the killsaws before time ran out, but remained the aggressor throughout. The judges awarded Petunia a unanimous 3-0 decision.


Discovery Season 3
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. ROTATOR Won (JD)
Fight Night vs. Monsoon Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Captain Shrederator Won (KO)
Fight Night vs. Yeti Lost (KO)
USA vs The World
Representing the Rest of the World, untelevised
Team Match (with Predator) vs. Bale Spear & Double Dutch Won (JD)
Discovery Season 4
Fight Nights
Fight Night vs. WAR Hawk Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Marvin Won (JD)
Fight Night vs. Hydra Lost (KO)
Fight Night vs. Valkyrie Lost (KO)
NOTE: The battle against Valkyrie was intended for Science Channel, but was ultimately only aired in international broadcasts.
Exhibition Matches
Exhibition Match vs. SubZero Won (KO)
Rumble vs. BattleSaw, Jasper Won (JD)


  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 5
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 3

ROTATOR (Undercard Match)

Captain Shrederator (Undercard Match)

Double Dutch and Bale Spear (Untelevised USA vs. The World Tag Team with Predator)

Monsoon (Undercard Match)

Yeti (Undercard Match)

Discovery Season 4

Marvin (Undercard Match)

SubZero (Exhibition Match)

Jasper and BattleSaw (Exhibition Rumble)

WAR Hawk (Undercard Match)

Hydra (Undercard Match)

Valkyrie (Untelevised Undercard Match)

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"This bot is all about flower power. It puts the maimin' in the stamen, the metal in the petal. Watch out, it's going in for the chlorakill. It's PETUNIA!".

"It's a little bot of horrors, inflicting pain and you're about to suddenly see more. Feeeed meeeee. It's PETUNIA!"

"A robot Toucan Slam with a beak that's on fleek and wings that sting. So naturally it's called......PETUNIA?!"

"This bot is crazy as a daisy but definitely not lazy. It's faster than most and will turn you into compost. Get ready to be greenhouse gassed by PETUNIA!"

"If you're a birder who's into murder, then break out the by knocks for this bot. He'll fly into the ring with all sorts of power and yeah, he's also named after a flower, PETUNIA!"

"From the Netherlands, where they ride bikes and build dikes. AmsterDAMN! This bot is dooooooope! It's PETUNIA!"

"If this Dutch bot was a pop music duo, it would be called Holland Oates. Its crusher is a mean meter, he's a man eater. Whoooa, here she comes! Here to ruin ya, it's PETUNIA!"

"When I hear the words death, destruction, suffering, blood-baths, and carnage, one name comes to mind. PETUNIA!"

"From the Netherlands, here for the flower fans, you better tiptoe around this tulip or it'll crush you and its powerful grip. Say good afternoon-ia to PETUNIA!"

"Excuse me, judges. Can we have separate checks, please? For this fight, we're going Dutch. I'll pay for me and you'll pay with your life. Here to split you in half, it's PETUNIA!"

"The dirty bird from Holland so that makes it Dutch. If there were two of them, would they be called Dutches? Either way, you're gonna need crutches. It's PETUNIA!"


  • Petunia was named after the tanker truck used to defeat the titular antagonist in Stephen King's novel Christine.
  • The team's name, P.C.P., stands for "Peace, Club, PacifieR".

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  1. Public message from Jeroen van Lieverloo in the Out of the Arena Discord server.

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