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Peanut was a lightweight robot built by Team Van Cleve that competed at the BattleBots NPC Charity Open 2004. It was a four-wheeled, invertible robot armed with a wedge. It was able to win one fight and lost two.

Robot History[]

2004 NPC Charity Event[]

Peanut's first fight was against Llamakazi.

Peanut vs Llamakazi

Llamakazi slams Peanut against the wall

This fight started with Peanut going all the way across the arena to meet Llamakazi, getting its low wedge underneath it. Llamakazi got away and tried to maneuver around to the side of Peanut. This backfired for Llamakazi, however, as Peanut repeatedly got under it with its wedge. Eventually, one-minute into the fight, Peanut was able to get a good hold of Llamakazi, where it slammed it into the wall. Llamakazi drove over Peanut's wedge a couple more times, and then Llamakazi managed to get its wedge under Peanut for a brief moment, but Peanut slid off. Then, Peanut got another good hold of Llamakazi and slammed it into the wall again. After Peanut got under Llamakazi with its wedge a few more times, Llamakazi managed to get its wedge underneath the side of Peanut. Llamakazi gave Peanut a long drive across the battlebox before slamming it into the wall near the pulverizer, where Peanut was stranded. Peanut was stuck on the wall, and it couldn't move.

Peanut was counted out and was sent to the loser's bracket, where it faced Mini Madd.

Peanut won this fight and advanced to the next round, where it faced the spinning disk of Amish Rebellion.

Peanut vs Amish Rebellion

Amish Rebellion attacks Peanut with its disc

Both bots drove to the center of the arena, and Amish Rebellion drove over the low wedge of Peanut. Amish Rebellion struck Peanut's wedge with its disk, and then Peanut slammed Amish Rebellion near the pulverizer. Amish Rebellion was struck by the pulverizer a couple times. However, Peanut got its wedge stuck underneath the arena wall during that attack. The fight was paused so Peanut could get a free unstick, because Peanut got itself stuck. The fight resumed, and Peanut, for some reason, was leading with its back end where it was vulnerable to Amish Rebellion's disc. Peanut bumped into Amish Rebellion a couple times, and then Amish Rebellion got its rear wedge under Peanut for a moment. Peanut then turned around and got its wedge underneath Amish Rebellion, where it slammed it into the wall. After both bots spent some time maneuvering around the arena, Amish Rebellion managed to get a hold of the side of Peanut with its rear wedge, where Peanut was slammed hard into the wall. Just like in its fight against Llamakazi, Peanut was stuck on the arena wall, where it couldn't move, and it was counted out. This eliminated Peanut from the tournament.


Peanut after the 2004 NPC Charity Ope


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
Wins Losses
2004 NPC Charity Event Mini Madd Llamakazi

Amish Rebellion