Paladin's Season 5.0 appearance.

Paladin was a lightweight robot built by Team Batteraizees which competed in the final two seasons of BattleBots. It was armed with a 26-inch long titanium axe which was interchangble with other weapons. It didn't perform well in competition, winning only one fight overall.

The team who built Paladin also competed with middleweight Hipoponomous, which performed just as poorly. Paladin's weapon was put on Hipoponomous in Season 5.0 after it had issues with its disc, nicknamed "the beat-down stick".

Robot history

Season 4.0

Paladin sfb01

Paladin's Season 4.0 appearance.

Paladin went up against Bad News. In the match, Paladin beat the heck out of the floor, but not out of Bad News. Bad News' drum was quite strong, and tossed Paladin up and enabled Bad News to get underneath. Neither robot was doing much serious damage, despite a lot of loud noise. Eventually, though, Bad News struck Paladin upwards and got under it a second time, and afterwards Paladin looked to be dead. The damage; the dents and bends, finally began to show and Paladin didn't last much longer. In the end, the judges gave Paladin most of the points in aggression, but Bad News won nearly all the points in damage and came out strong in strategy, giving it the win, 28-17.

Season 5.0

Paladin's first match this time was against Rim Tin Tin. Paladin easily dodged Rim Tin Tin and was axed a few times until the time ran out. Paladin won on a 42-3 judge's decision and advanced to meet Whirl Wep-EEL Brain.


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
Wins Losses
Season 4.0 None Bad News
Season 5.0 Rim Tin Tin Whirl Wep-EEL Brain
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