P1 BBSeason4 2019

P1's Discovery Season 4 appearance.

P1 is a heavyweight robot which competed in the fourth season of the BattleBots reboot on Discovery and Science. It is a four-wheeled robot, silver and orange robot, designed like a formula one race car and armed with a front hinged flipping weapon, similar to Stinger. It also had a spark shooter at the rear that was mostly for decoration. P1 also has a minibot called Burnout, which has a flamethrower. Unfortunately, P1 didn't perform well, being a new bot for the team and encountering gremlins within their drive system again.

The team previously competed with Parallax, which had severe drive problems due to being held up in customs after flying over from the UK. P1's name comes from the team having a fondness for motor sports, as well as pole position, which P1 is the best place in it.

Robot History

Discovery Season 4


P1 gets under Sidewinder but loses a tire in the process

P1's first ever match of the 2019 season was against newcomer Sidewinder. This match didn't make it to TV so not all of the fight is known, but what is known is that P1 took damage from Sidewinder's spinning bar digging into the BattleBox floor, causing P1's forked wedge to get caught, as a result of Sidewinder getting flipped. After that, P1 lost part of a tire, and Sidewinder got the win by KO at 48 seconds.

P1's next match was against the veteran SubZero. Before the match began, P1 was at a disadvantage as the wedge that was attached to the machine did not stay flush to the damaged floor, and the forked wedge was damaged from Sidewinder. The match was off to a poor start for P1 as it was driving with some problems and its rear spoiler fell off before SubZero flipped it twice. SubZero then flipped P1 upside down towards the wall and then flipped both P1 and its minibot at the same time. P1 finally self-righted and after another flip, P1 was having drive issues since it lost its back left tire and was trapped near the screws by SubZero. P1 was able to drive upside down as it self-righted again, but it was directly in front of SubZero and it was thrown dangerously close to the wall, but it got lucky and bounced back down. After that flip, P1 started having more drive problems as SubZero waited, got into position, and flipped it out of the arena, leading to an instant KO as SubZero threw Burnout out of the arena as well.


  • Wins: TBA
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
Discovery Season 4 TBA

Sidewinder (Untelevised Undercard Match)

SubZero (Undercard Match)

Faruq Tauheed Introductions

"Nothing could be finer than a bot from Carolina. It will fool you with its southern charm and flip you until you bought the farm. It's a one way ticket to Narlston. It's P1!"

P1 with minibot.


  • So far, P1 is the only robot to fight Subzero in the reboot that isn't armed with some sort of spinning weapon.
  • P1, going in its upgraded form as P1.2, also competed at the 2019 Orlando Maker Faire, alongside a few of the other teams.
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