As part of the BattleBots Happy Meal range, offered at participating restaurants between April 26th 2002 and May 23rd 2002, OverKill was 1 of the 7 licensed robots included in this promotion. The toy is based on OverKill's season 1.0 version, due to the curved, unpainted wedge and smaller wheels. It is not very realistic, as the knife blade has been smoothened in order to be sold to children, and the robot has limited detail. The weapon is movable, however, as the knife blade can swing on its axis but not in the full range that the real robot's weapon moves. Additionally, the knife's holes are filled in and the knife itself is difficult to lay on the wedge due to the pullback motor inside it rests on. The wedge is also too thick to be effective and the knife's design prevents it from running upside down. It is one of the 3 robots to be included on the promotion poster (the other 2 were Diesector and Tentoumushi)


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