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OverDrive was a heavyweight robot built by C2 Robotics, which competed in BattleBots World Championship I and World Championship II.

OverDrive was built by Christian Carlberg, best known for captaining Team Coolrobots during Comedy Central BattleBots. The robot's primary weapon was a lifter in World Championship I, and a vertical spinner in World Championship II. OverDrive used brushless hub motors used in e-bike kits to drive four tall, thin wheels which were positioned at a slant on each side of the robot. Christian Carlberg used these wheels as he had plenty of them to use, and they were easy to use as a drive train. OverDrive performed decently in its debut season as it reached the Round of 16 before losing Witch Doctor.

For World Championship II, OverDrive was completely rebuilt, now armed with a vertical spinning bar. The slanted four-wheeled bot had become a two-wheeled competitor, and this iteration was smaller than the original. Unfortunately, this version of OverDrive lost its first and only match to Escape Velocity, being eliminated from the tournament at the first hurdle.

OverDrive would not return for 2018 competition on Discovery, as it was replaced with a new design, Mecha Rampage.

After a couple of seasons away, Christian Carlberg would return to BattleBots as part of Yeti for World Championship VI. Yeti's builder Greg Gibson cited Christian Carlberg as his inspiration for getting into the sport, and worked alongside him with Yeti entering under Carlberg's team name.

Robot History[]

World Championship I[]

OverDrive vs. Chomp

OverDrive's BattleBots debut came against Chomp, captained by Zoe Stephenson. Pre-fight, Christian Carlberg emphasized his intent to stay away from its opponent's crushing weapon.
"For me, this is the rookie against the legend. Complexity against simplicity. I can't wait to see what happens."
— Kenny Florian weighs in on the fight
Overdrive vs Chomp WCI

OverDrive rams into Chomp and then spins to get under it.

As the fight began, OverDrive charged towards Chomp, missing with its box-rush but keeping its front pointed at its opponent. By contrast, Chomp was slower out of the gate, but possessed the more damaging weaponry and threatened to spew fire from its front.

OverDrivevsChomp BB2015

OverDrive almost flips Chomp.

OverDrive then rammed into Chomp, buckling its side armor and getting around to its back. From here, Christian Carlberg pushed Chomp towards the pulverizer before reversing over its front. It then got its four-bar lifter underneath, tipping Chomp up but failing to overturn Zoe Stephenson's machine. Chomp retaliated by chasing OverDrive down, and the veteran driver almost found himself tangled in the screws.
"Dad, get out of there!"
— Carissa Carlberg, as her father drives OverDrive out of danger
Overdrive vs Chomp Screws KO WCI

OverDrive forces Chomp onto the screws.

In this momentary showing of poor control, OverDrive was penned near the rails, allowing Chomp to attack with its flamethrower at closer proximity. However, OverDrive reversed up its wedge and into the danger zone of its crusher. In doing so, this forced Chomp back into the screws. The teeth caught underneath Chomp's armor, dragging it up and onto the hazard, in front of Chris Rose and Kenny Florian.

Now stuck with its wheels off the floor, referee Michael Ayers initiated a countdown against Chomp. OverDrive took the win by knockout and advanced to the Round of 16 as the No.8 seed.

OverDrive vs. Witch Doctor

OverDrive now faced the No.9 seed, Witch Doctor.

Quick out of its starting square, OverDrive box-rushed Witch Doctor and slammed into Shaman. Witch Doctor looked to land a hit and chased Christian Carlberg's robot down until it drove into the wall. This allowed Witch Doctor to strike OverDrive's side, dangerously close to damaging its wheels.

WCI Witch Doctor vs Overdrive

Witch Doctor attacks OverDrive.

Witch Doctor and OverDrive returned to the middle of the arena, but the former Giant Nut winner was popped into the air and then flipped it over. An inverted OverDrive fled to the corner but became stuck on its side.

WitchDoctorvsOverDrive BB2015

Witch Doctor hits the left side of OverDrive.

Andrea Suarez and Mike Gellatly's robot attacked again, buckling and locking up OverDrive's left-front wheel. Witch Doctor dealt another hit to OverDrive's flank as Shaman looked to scorch its veteran opponent.
"OverDrive is taking a beating!"
— Kenny Florian

Witch Doctor vs OverDrive WCI KO

OverDrive is counted out.

With little over a minute gone, John Remar counted OverDrive out. As a result, OverDrive was eliminated from the tournament.

World Championship II[]

OverDrive vs. Escape Velocity

Returning for World Championship II, OverDrive's first opponent was newcomer Escape Velocity.

OverDrivevsEVelocity BB2016

The first hit between OverDrive's spinning bar and Escape Velocity.

As the main robot collided with OverDrive in the middle of the arena, Escape Velocity's shell spinner got up to speed but crashed into the wall and flipped over. OverDrive's primary weapon appeared to have been disabled from this first impact and was a non-factor for the remainder of the battle.

Escape Velocity then maneuvered to the back of OverDrive and flipped it twice - once to overturn the returning competitor and again to right it. OverDrive fled Escape Velocity, whose shell spinner was immobile over the killsaws. After a mistimed attempt to flip its partner over, Escape Velocity turned its attention back to OverDrive, toppling it again. This time, OverDrive was able to use its large wheels and drive power to swing itself upright.

OverDrive inverted vs Escape Velocity WCII

An inverted OverDrive sat next to its aerial.

Remaining the aggressor, Escape Velocity slid the spatula-like end of its arm under OverDrive's right wheel but lacked the leverage to overturn it. Christian Carlberg backed up as Escape Velocity again tried unsuccessfully to bring its shell spinner back into the fight. OverDrive, which was now inverted, had yet to mount a meaningful attack as the fight past the halfway point. One of its aerials lay on the BattleBox floor and OverDrive's mobility appeared affected.

Escape Velocity vs OverDrive flip JD

Escape Velocity immobilizes OverDrive in the closing moments.

OverDrive finally managed to right itself, but needed a strong final minute to appease the judges. Carlberg's robot charged at Escape Velocity, but failed to cause damage as its spinning bar was still out of commission. Shortly after, OverDrive threw itself upside-down once more. Escape Velocity capitalized, flipping OverDrive onto its front and immobilizing it in the final moments, exposing the grawlix on its underside.

Despite this, there was not enough time for a count-out, so the fight went to the judges. Escape Velocity was unanimously declared the winner and OverDrive was not chosen to be a wildcard, eliminating it at this stage..

OverDrive vs. Bad Kitty vs. The Ringmaster

Overdrive vs Bad Kitty rumble

Bad Kitty scoops OverDrive across the BattleBox floor.

Ringmaster Bad Kitty rumble

OverDrive is smacked against The Ringmaster during the rumble.

OverDrive also participated in a small rumble with Bad Kitty and The Ringmaster, with Carissa Carlberg taking control of OverDrive. The fight started out relatively well for OverDrive as it took on Bad Kitty, but the feline bot ripped off a side panel of OverDrive's orange wedge, and it was quickly flipped over in short order and The Ringmaster came in and damaged one of OverDrive's tires. OverDrive was left spinning in circles and was counted out, giving The Ringmaster the win.


World Championship I
World Championship Tournament
#8 Seed, Round of 16
Qualifier vs. Chomp Won (KO)
Round of 16 vs. Witch Doctor (9) Lost (KO)
World Championship II
World Championship Tournament
Qualifier vs. Escape Velocity Lost (KO)
Exhibition Matches
Rumble vs. Bad Kitty, The Ringmaster Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 3
Competition Wins Losses
World Championship I Chomp Witch Doctor
World Championship II None Escape Velocity

The Ringmaster

Faruq Tauheed Introductions[]

"Somebody call the jaws of life. You're about to get a crash course in destruction. It's OVERDRIVE!"

"It's built by an air force engineer, so you know it's going to be the bomb! Let's make some noise for OVERDRIVE!"

"Get ready for some father-daughter robot slaughter. It's OVERDRIVE!"

"It's not a robot, it's a doom buggy. Strap in for OVERDRIVE!"


  • The robots who defeated Overdrive (Witch Doctor and Escape Velocity) would both later fight Tombstone in the next rounds of their respective season and lose.
  • OverDrive featured in curious promotional posters for the show in 2015, being erroneously described as having saw weaponry.