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Nightmare was a heavyweight combat robot built by Jim Smentowski. Its weapon was a 4ft rotary bludgeoning device with 5lb teeth on either side of the disc. It debuted in 1999 and competed in all five seasons of Comedy Central BattleBots. Returning in 2015, an upgraded version of Nightmare competed in both ABC seasons of the show, before Jim Smentowski entered Breaker Box in its place.

Nightmare competed in 10 BattleBots competitions in total proving to be a consistent performer and a feared opponent, winning the "Most Aggressive Robot" award at the Long Beach 1999 event, yet never making it past the quarter-final stage in any competition. Nightmare's inspiration came from bucket wheel excavators, with the collection mechanism replaced with a giant spinning disc.

Nightmare had several revisions over the years, starting as a boxy, awkward looking robot and evolving into a much sleeker and more powerful design by Season 5.0.

It returned for the 2015 competition with wheel guards and a redesigned titanium blade. For the 2016 competition, symmetrical teeth were added to the spinning disc and the wheel guards were replaced by titanium "hubcaps". A self-righting mechanism was finally added into the arms of Nightmare, a weakness that had plagued Nightmare for nearly two decades. The team planned on entering Nightmare into the third season of the reboot, but due to a conflicting schedule with the Chinese show King Of Bots, they ultimately did not apply.

While Nightmare wouldn't compete in the main season in 2019, as it was on display in the entrance for the audience along with Ginsu, Breaker Box took its place in the main tournament. Although it didn't compete in the main competition, it took part in an exhibition fight against Mammoth, where it lost in disappointing fashion after being flipped over and being unable to right itself.

Team Nightmare eventually built a lightweight version of their popular heavyweight, named Backlash. It achieved even better success than its heavyweight counterpart, winning the Season 1.0 Lightweight championship. A middleweight version was also built, which competed under the name Locust as part of multibot The Swarm. All of these robots were retired after BattleBots, but antweight and fairyweight versions of Nightmare still compete today.

Robot History

Long Beach 1999

Nightmare vs. frenZy

Nightmare's Long Beach 1999 appearance.

Nightmare's very first fight in BattleBots was against frenZy. The fight had a pattern, Nightmare hitting frenZy, frenZy got flipped over, frenZy got itself back on its wheels and then it starts again with Nightmare hitting frenZy. After a while, frenZy's weapon was ripped off leaving frenZy weaponless. However, Nightmare also lost its weapon as the disc got caught on the drive chain for the disc. Nightmare pushed frenZy into the spike strip and then into the killsaws. Nightmare won on a crowd vote.

Nightmare vs. KillerHurtz

Nightmare fought KillerHurtz next. Nightmare had a problem though, the safety crew thought that Nightmare's weapon was too dangerous when shrapnel flew out of the BattleBox during the fight with frenZy. Jim was given three options by the safety crew. He could withdraw Nightmare and get a special award, lower the disc speed or reverse the direction of the disc. Jim chose the last one. The result made it harder to attack Killerhurtz without lifting itself in the air. KillerHurtz won on a crowd vote.

Nightmare vs. Malicious Mischief

Malicious Mischief was Nightmare's third BattleBots opponent. Nightmare beat Malicious Mischief via KO. Punjar was the next foe for Nightmare. The US Robot Wars veteran sent Nightmare flying 6 feet through the air (because the disc was running backwards) during the fight. Nightmare, however, lost via crowd vote.

Nightmare was unable to compete in the rumble at the end of the tournament due to electrical problems that were unable to be fixed in time.

Las Vegas 1999

Nightmare vs. Namreko 3000

Nightmare's Las Vegas 1999 appearance.

Nightmare tears into the top of Namreko 3000.

Unlike Long Beach, Nightmare was allowed to run the blade the correct direction. Nightmare got a bye due to its rank of 7th. It then had to fight Namreko 3000. Nightmare started this fight by getting its weapon to full speed and attacking the front of Namreko, tearing one of the circular saws off and flinging it across the BattleBox. The next two attacks from Nightmare tore large pieces off the front and sides of Namreko's shell, whilst the second nearly destroyed Namreko's bubble dome. As Nightmare lined up for another shot, the fight was ended. Nightmare won by KO and advanced to the heavyweight quarterfinals, where it faced Rhino.

Nightmare vs. Rhino (Quarterfinals)

This fight started with Rhino trying to line up at Nightmare, whilst staying just out of reach of the spinning disc. This was easily done as Rhino was considerably faster than Nightmare. Nightmare kept on turning to face Rhino, and eventually the robots met. The attacks came fast and powerful and somehow in the carnage, Rhino had managed to puncture Nightmare's left side wheel and Nightmare had torn into Rhino's thick armor.

Rhino fires its spear right into Nightmare's wheel

Nightmare had left behind some pretty nasty dents, gashes, broken bolts and had ripped off the front of Rhino's spear.

Nightmare tears off Rhino's spike.

Nightmares weapon motor was shifted back and the weapon weakened. Any more hits on Rhino from Nightmare's disc and the chain could have come off. Somehow, the other drive motor went on Nightmare's wheel (oddly, not the side with the punctured tire). Nightmare could now only drive in a circle with just one drive motor on a flat tire. Nightmare got caught in a bad situation where it was too close to the killsaws and, not wanting Rhino to pin it against them, Nightmare drove backwards over the killsaws. This caused only minor cosmetic damage to the rear end. Nightmare's disc continued spinning, but it only had a limited time as the motor starts to overheat. The disc, (being on the whole time), was down to about 75% power towards the end. Meanwhile, Rhino was suffering because of the damage done by Nightmare and the two machines limped around each other for the last minute, with nothing else really going on, and the time ran out.

Nightmare gets pinned against the spikestrip by Rhino

Rhino won on a 7-2 judges' decision and Nightmare was eliminated from the tournament again.

Nightmare was unable to compete in the rumble at the end of the tournament due to a wiring problem in one of the drive motors that was unable to be fixed in time.

Season 1.0

Nightmare vs. Mauler

One of Nightmare's wheels gets ripped off by The Mauler.

Nightmare's first match of the season was against the dangerous spinning maces of Mauler. Nightmare went straight at Mauler but it turned around just to get smacked by Mauler's maces, which eventually ripped off one of Nightmare's wheels. Mauler later struck Nightmare's behind and whacked it against the entrance ramp. Nightmare was then unable to move and was counted out. Mauler won by a quick KO at 40 seconds and Nightmare was eliminated from the tournament again.

Heavyweight Rumble

Nightmare on its side during the heavyweight rumble.

Nightmare participated in the heavyweight rumble at the end of the tournament, and it performed well in the beginning by ripping off one of Suicidal Tendencies' tracks. However, about 30 seconds later, Nightmare was overturned by Vlad the Impaler. Nightmare was still moving on its back by using its right drive wheel and was one of few robots that were still moving at the end, but it lost overall to BioHazard.

Season 2.0

Nightmare vs. Surgeon General

Nightmare hits Surgeon General.

Nightmare's first match in Season 2.0 was against Surgeon General in the round of 32. At the start of the the match, both Nightmare and Surgeon General spun up their weapons and approached each other. Surgeon General stopped and attempted to come around the side of Nightmare. Nightmare instantly turned into Surgeon General and the spinning discs collided. After the impact, Surgeon General's disc had been destroyed, as well as the top half of its armor had been peeled back. Surgeon General, now weaponless, moved around to the side of Nightmare, where he attempted to push his attacker into an arena trap, but Nightmare pushed back. At one point, Surgeon General backed over the killsaws, and the remainder of the match consisted of Surgeon General and Nightmare pushing each other around. It comes down to a judge decision, which Nightmare won, 30-15. This win put Nightmare to the round of 16, where it faced Mortis.

Nightmare vs. Mortis

Nightmare gets tangled with Mortis.

Nightmare tears a piece of metal off of Mortis.

At the start of the match, Nightmare's disc spun up and approached Mortis, who turned tail and ran, exposing his rear end. Nightmare took this opportunity and slammed it from behind with the disc. However, it was just a glancing blow and not enough to do much damage. Mortis immediately spun around, got past Nightmare's weapon to his side and started firing his sharp hammer/blade. But the aim was such that the blade kept missing Nightmare's body and was only hitting on the shaft of the hammer. This went on for a while as Nightmare tried to navigate into a position to hit Mortis with the disc again. Jim realized was that the bots were somehow tangled together, and Nightmare couldn't move without taking Mortis with it, and vice-versa. The refs called timeout and separated the two robots. The match started again and Nightmare was able to hit Mortis with the spinning disc before Mortis pushed Nightmare into the killsaws, but then stops moving. Nightmare drove at Mortis again, disc spinning. Nightmare was able to smash a chunk of Titanium armor off the side of Mortis, but Mortis had stopped altogether. The refs counted Mortis out and Nightmare won by KO after a 2:10 minute match. This win put Nightmare to the heavyweight quarterfinals, where it faced BioHazard.

Nightmare vs. BioHazard (Quarterfinals)

Nightmare hits BioHazard with its disc, causing a shower of sparks.

The match began, and Nightmare's weapon spun up, heading towards the center to meet BioHazard. BioHazard attempted to get around the side of Nightmare, but Nightmare moved into it, catching his side panel with the spinning disc and Titanium sparks flew as the hinge was torn up. BioHazard tried again to start to lift Nightmare's left drive wheel in the air, but the gyroscopic forces of Nightmare's disc at full speed caused it to lift almost straight up in the air instead of tipping. Nightmare backed off BioHazard and moved into position again. BioHazard attempted to move around Nightmare again, but this time, the teeth of Nightmare's spinning disc gashed deeply into BioHazard's side skirt and BioHazard got sent flying. Pieces of titanium rained down on the BattleBox floor for several seconds. The titanium skirt on BioHazard had been nearly completely cut in half. Nightmare was then blindsided by BioHazard, who pushed Nightmare over the killsaws then under the pulverizer, using its lifting arm up to suspend Nightmare right underneath the pounding hammer.

Nightmare is lifted under the pulverizer by Biohazard

The top armor on Nightmare was very tough, but Nightmare did not move again. The problem was that the armor that Jim had installed above Nightmare's speed controller had been hit hard enough to break the welds, causing the armor assembly to crash down on the Vantec, disabling the drive system. BioHazard won by KO at 1:36 and Nightmare was eliminated from the tournament again.

Heavyweight Royal Rumble

Nightmare wasn't finished, however, as it participate the heavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. In the beginning, Nightmare managed to hit Vlad the Impaler and another robot. Panic Attack 3 lifted Nightmare's rear end, causing Nightmare to make a 7" gash in the BattleBox floor. Nightmare then did very little as there was not enough power in the batteries. When the original 5 minutes ended, the staff agreed to add another 2 minutes to the rumble. When it was over, it came down to seven robots and the crowd cheered loudest for Tazbot so it was declared the winner of the heavyweight rumble and Nightmare lost overall.

Season 3.0

Nightmare vs. SlamJob

The initial hit between Nightmare and Slam Job.

Nightmare's first fight in Season 3.0 was against Slam Job in the round of 32. When the match started, Nightmare drove Slam Job with the intention of hitting one of Slam Job's sloped fronts. Nightmare got lucky though, hitting Slam Job's weapon shaft and sending Slam Job flying upside down, into the BattleBox corner, breaking the tank that powered the tire iron weapon and preventing Slam Job from being able to self-right. Nightmare was not undamaged as its weapon motor threads were torn free and the receiver that was taped in place was jarred loose. Nightmare and Slam Job were both immobilized and the battle was over in 34 seconds. Nightmare won on a close 25-20 judges' decision and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced the feared Son of Whyachi.

Nightmare vs. Son of Whyachi

The initial hit between Son of Whyachi and Nightmare.

Son of Whyachi and Nightmare both spun up their weapons at the start of the fight and the two machines made their way across the BattleBox until they met. Nightmare, however, was lifted by the Hell Raisers into the path of Son of Whyachi's weapon, tearing off Nightmare's wheels and flinging Nightmare across the BattleBox. Nightmare actually ended in the same corner as Slam Job. Son of Whyachi won by KO in a match that was just 48 seconds long.

Heavyweight Royal Rumble

Surprisingly, Nightmare was repaired in time for the heavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. It didn't perform well, however, as its blade wasn't going and was immediately flipped by HexaDecimator. Nightmare was still able to move, but it mostly drove around in circles. In the end HexaDecimator was declared the winner of the heavyweight royal rumble and Nightmare lost overall.

Season 4.0

Nightmare vs. Junkyard Offspring

Nightmare tears the lid off of Junkyard Offspring.

Nightmare's first fight in Season 4.0 was against Junkyard Offspring in the round of 32. Nightmare and Junkyard Offspring slammed together only a few seconds into the fight, and Nightmare's spinning disc tore a large chunk of lexan from the top of Junkyard Offspring off and sent it flying. The bots then circled each other and attacked each other a few more times, each time Junkyard Offspring lost a little more lexan. One hit, sent a piece of lexan flying into the camera at the roof of the BattleBox, severing some of the wires leading to it. The video feed instantly went dead from that camera for the rest of the match. The bots continued circling, and Junkyard Offspring got a couple good shots in with his spikes on Nightmare's right wheel, but Nightmare was unphased. Nightmare turned, hitting Junkyard Offspring hard enough to damage the drive motors on one side, it wasn't long before the stalled motor started smoking. With Junkyard Offspring's defenses down, Nightmare came in for one last hit, squarely in the front, which jarred loose the receiver battery pack, and Junkyard Offspring was out. Nightmare won by Knockout in 1:37.

Nightmare vs. BattleRat

Nightmare tears BattleRat's arm in half.

BattleRat was Nightmare's next robot to fight in the round of 16. The bots came together in the middle of the BattleBox, and BattleRat slipped under Nightmare from the front and started raising the lifter. The lifter immediately came in contact with Nightmare's disc, and because of the angle, Nightmare sent itself backward several feet. BattleRat came back with a very bent lifting arm. The bots came together again, Nightmare chewing up the sides of BattleRat, but not finding much to grab. But, the spinning disc then came in contact with the pivot of BattleRat's arm and Nightmare actually got its tooth in the gap so deep that the match had to be stopped and they had to dislodge the bots with a crowbar. The match was underway again in a few moments. BattleRat once again rushed at Nightmare, this time pushing Nightmare back against the screws. However, the disc was still spinning and the moment it came in contact with BattleRat's lifter again, it was ripped in half. The rest of the match was a lot of clumsy pushing, mostly by BattleRat, but try and try again, he was unable to push Nightmare into any arena hazard. Nightmare spent much of the rest of the time trying to get off of the top of BattleRat, but neither bot could do much to each other. Time ran out and it went to the judges which Nightmare won 27-18.

Nightmare vs. BioHazard (Quarterfinals)

Nightmare proceeds to rip in to BioHazard.

The next fight for Nightmare was a grudge match against BioHazard in the heavyweight quarterfinals. In the first few seconds of the fight, the two bots met in the middle of the BattleBox, and in a tremendous shower of titanium sparks, Nightmare smashed the front of BioHazard, an impact, that Jim learned later, damaged the lifting mechanism on BioHazard. His lifter didn't work right for the remainder of the match. The bots came back together, and Nightmare struck the front of BioHazard once again, sending more sparks flying. BioHazard, seemingly dazed, skidded over the killsaws, and even more sparks flew. However, Nightmare's disc motor started emitting smoke and the disc spun to a stop. So, with Nightmare's weapon disabled, Nightmare tried to push BioHazard. Because of BioHazard's low profile, Nightmare just ended up riding up on top of BioHazard nearly every time Nightmare attempted to push. The fight continued with both bots trying to achieve position against each other and shove each other around. What was not unknown until after the fight, BioHazard's weapon lost its ability to flip its opponent. Nightmare's right side drive motor gear box's gears had stripped, leaving Nightmare hobbling around on one wheel, trying to avoid the killsaws. Nightmare managed to get its tail end on top of BioHazard, using BioHazard's arm as leverage to push BioHazard over the killsaws one last time. But it wasn't enough. The three minutes ended and it went to the judges, which Nightmare lost 32-13.

Heavyweight Royal Rumble

Nightmare wasn't finished, however, as it participated the heavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. As rumbles always are, this was pretty chaotic, so Jim don't know exactly how things went for everyone else, but he did know that Nightmare smacked a heavyweight called Botulizer (known as Aces and Eights in Season 5.0), sending it flying in a shower of sparks. The next victim was SlamJob who Nightmare sent flying upside down again. SlamJob, somehow in the minutes following, managed to get back on its wheels. Nightmare seemed to be out in the open after that. The first bot that came in close was M.O.E. M.O.E zipped in and without a delay, knocked off one of Nightmare's tires, peeling it right off the rim. M.O.E then came back around and took out the other wheel too, smacking it so hard that the gearbox broke, leaving Nightmare with almost no mobility on one bare steel rim. Nightmare was stuck, but the weapon was still going and Nightmare was facing outwards into the BattleBox, with the wall behind it. Nightmare sat, disc spinning wildly. No other bots approached it for the rest of the match and time ran out. In the end, Little Sister won the heavyweight royal rumble and Nightmare lost overall.

Season 5.0

Nightmare vs. Warhead

Nightmare's wheel gets ripped off by Warhead.

For Season 5.0, Nightmare had Warhead to fight first. The match began with both bots spinning up and approaching each other. Warhead swooped in, but missed. Nightmare saw its opportunity, and moved in to attack the backside of Warhead, but Nightmare only casually approached. By the time Nightmare had got to Warhead, Warhead had spun around and was facing Nightmare head-on again, so Nightmare just kept going in. The first impact was both spinners against each other. Nightmare's vertical disc, up to full speed, slammed into Warhead's full-spinning horizontal dome. The impact cratered Nightmare's tooth deep into the aluminum dome of Warhead, which for most opponents, would have been just what Jim wanted, but because Warhead's dome was spinning sideways with the tooth embedded, Warhead effectively 'twisted' Nightmare's tooth right off the side of the disc. The 5 pound tooth flew across the BattleBox, bounced off the lexan and landed back near where the bots were fighting. The disc was still spinning full-speed however, and the peeled-back aluminum from the gap where the tooth used to be, came back around and sliced through Nightmare's own weapon drive belts, and the disc slowly spun down and stopped. Warhead spun around again to attack, and the stunned and now weaponless Nightmare couldn't do much but try to aim into the attack. Warhead ferociously pushed Nightmare to the side to get at its left-side wheel. Quite efficiently, Warhead smashed the wheel so hard that the motor it was attached to, shattered, sending the wheel, along with the hub and the face of the gearbox (all still attached), flying, leaving Nightmare crippled on the BattleBox floor. White sparks was coming from the inside of the brush housing that was still on Nightmare, and although Nightmare still had its other side drive working, there was no way of winning this fight. So Jim tapped out Nightmare and Warhead took its victory spin. Warhead won by knockout in 56 seconds.

Heavyweight Consolation Rumble

Nightmare strikes Junkyard Offspring.

Nightmare wasn't finished, however, as it participated the heavyweight consolation rumble at the end of the tournament. Nightmare's first attack sent the lexan lid of Junkyard Offspring towards the lights in the BattleBox, causing a shower of glass from the lights fall onto the BattleBox floor. Nightmare then struck Junkyard Offspring again and then Spitfire, tearing a tooth off the disc after striking the latter and sending it through the lexan roof at extreme velocity and landing amongst the crowd. Jim and all the other drivers were completely oblivious that this had happened, believing the tooth to be in another robot or on the floor. Nightmare's blade was now unbalanced, causing the entire robot to shake when it spun. It continued to fight despite this, spinning the now unpredictable weapon down between attacks, occasionally using its back wedge to push some of the robots and using the blade for others like Spitfire, Spinister and Diskontent. In the end, FrostBite and Little Sister were declared the winners of the heavyweight consolation rumble and Nightmare lost overall with the crowd being outraged by the judges' decision.

Nightmare hits Diskontent.

Luckily, nobody was seriously injured, although the outcome could have been much worse given the circumstances. After this heavyweight consolation rumble, the BattleBots staff decided that it was just too dangerous to continue the rest of the rumbles, and they were cancelled.

ABC Season 1

Nightmare vs. Warrior Clan

Nightmare gets flipped by Warrior Clan.

Nightmare's first battle was a grudge match with Team Whyachi, this time fielding Warrior Clan. When the match begun, Nightmare was able to get its spinning blade up to speed and delivered some glancing blows to Warrior, but the two minibots swarmed it. However, one hit immobilized the first minibot, and a second hard hit to the back end of the other minibot obliterated it, scattering parts around the BattleBox. After this hit, Warrior Clan made its move and used its flipping arm to topple Nightmare, knocking it on its back. Despite still being mobile, it was unable to right itself. As it tried to get back on its wheels it managed to get hit once by the pulverizer and landed some noticeable hits riding over Warrior. However, when Nightmare tried to drive into the screws to self-right, it ended up crashing into the corner where it was carried up and onto the BattleBox barrier. With its spinning blade no longer in contact with the ground and being unable to move, Nightmare was counted out. Warrior Clan won by TKO at 2:06 and Nightmare lost again. Despite the damage done to Warrior Clan, Nightmare unfortunately was not chosen to be a wildcard, although it outperformed other robots such as Chomp, meaning it was eliminated from the tournament at the early stages.

Nightmare vs. Overhaul vs. Witch Doctor

Nightmare wasn't finished, however, as it went up against Overhaul and Witch Doctor & Shaman in a three bot rumble at the end of the tournament. Witch Doctor hit one of nightmare's wheel guards.

Nightmare approaches Witch Doctor

After Overhaul flipped Witch Doctor, Nightmare managed to get a massive shot in on Shaman (who then went to help its boss) and then focused wholly on Overhaul and proceeded to disable Overhaul after ripping off its weapon,

Nightmare rips off Overhaul's crushing arm.

leaving Nightmare the only mobile bot, apart from Shaman though it failed to get Witch Doctor back on its wheels, thus winning the rumble.

Nightmare was also due to compete in a nine bot rumble at the end of the tournament, but due to time restraints in filming, the rumble never happened.

ABC Season 2

Nightmare vs. Stinger

Nightmare's first fight in Season 2 was against Stinger. Both robots went straight at each other and Nightmare ripped off one of Stinger's wheels, causing sparks to fly in the process. The two robots sparred on one side of the BattleBox for a while, but eventually Stinger got underneath Nightmare and flipped it onto its back.

Nightmare gets suplexed onto its back by Stinger

Nightmare couldn't self-right as one of the sensors for the self-righting arms had broken loose and was giving a false reading. As a result, the pin on that side couldn't be removed. Stinger tried to help, but Nightmare was already being counted out and Stinger got the win by a quick KO at 44 seconds. After the match ended, an autographed piece of Stinger was given to Jim as a souvenir. Despite being eliminated in the round of 48, Nightmare was awarded one of the eight wildcards and was given the No.25 seeding, and was drawn against the No.8 seed and crowd favorite Icewave.

Nightmare vs. Icewave

Nightmare and Icewave collide.

As the fight began, the two robots went at each other and as their weapons collided, one of Nightmare's drive belts for its weapon got sliced off by its own weapon, damaging the frame in the process. As the two blades collided again, Nightmare lost its right wheel guard and the wheel itself got bent. Nightmare was left unable to get its blade spinning properly, as it was touching the ground due to the frame being damaged on the first hit, and Nightmare lowered itself to the floor because the second impact disengaged the pins that held Nightmare's driving arms in place. As Jim tried to get the arms back in place, Icewave proceeded to tear off Nightmare's left wheel guard. Suddenly, Icewave stopped moving due to radio interference and Nightmare tried to attack them again, but the blade couldn't spin properly due to being too close to the floor and its speed controller burnt out rendering the blade immobile. Jim decided to drive Nightmare around to prove to the judges and referees that Nightmare was still mobile. After that, Nightmare drove back to the blue square where it proceeded to do a victory dance as Icewave was counted out. Nightmare won by KO at 48 seconds, the team's first victory in sixteen years, and advanced to the round of 16 where it faced the No.9 seed Beta, in a rematch dating back to the first BattleBots event.

Nightmare vs. Beta

Nightmare with its Beta blocker.

Beta slowly strikes Nightmare with its hammer.

For this match, Nightmare swapped its totaled self-righting arm mechanism for a new pyramid-shaped shield dubbed the "Beta Blocker" in an effort to shield Nightmare's delicate electronics from Beta's hammer. When the match began, both robots circled each other before Nightmare got the first hit, sending Beta flying and removing the Beta Blocker from Nightmare's back. Beta continued to try and maneuver but Nightmare was able to keep its disc facing Beta and disabled Beta's weapon motor. Nightmare continued to attack but Beta got underneath Nightmare and pushed it around, eventually flipping Nightmare over. Since Nightmare had no self-righting mechanism, it was unable to move and was counted out with 13 seconds left in the match, eliminating it from the tournament again.

There have been rumors that Nightmare was going to fight in a three-way rumble against Mega Tento and Creepy Crawlies, but the rumble was cancelled because of the other teams ahead of them in line.

Discovery Season 4

Nightmare vs. Mammoth

Nightmare gets flipped by Mammoth.

Despite not competing in the main tournament, Nightmare participated in an exhibition match against Mammoth alongside Breaker Box's minibot Hacker. The match started off okay for Nightmare as it got to the side of Mammoth and hit it. But then, Mammoth's spinning lifter caught Nightmare's frame close to the disc, causing Nightmare to lift up a bit, then hit the floor with its disc and end up onto the screws. Nightmare was able to escape, but was quickly toppled by Mammoth. Nightmare remained upside down as it was pushed into the corner and counted out, giving Mammoth the win by KO.


  • Wins: 10
  • Losses: 12
Competition Wins Losses
Long Beach 1999


Malicious Mischief



Las Vegas 1999

Namreko 3000

Season 1.0 Bye Mauler
Season 2.0

Surgeon General


Season 3.0 Slam Job Son of Whyachi
Season 4.0

Junkyard Offspring


Season 5.0 Bye Warhead
ABC Season 1 Witch Doctor, Overhaul (Rumble) Warrior Clan
ABC Season 2 Icewave Stinger


Discovery Season 4 None Mammoth (Exhibition Match)

Series Record

Long Beach: Quarterfinals

Las Vegas: Quarterfinals

Season 1.0: Round of 16

Season 2.0: Quarterfinals

Season 3.0: Round of 16

Season 4.0: Quarterfinals

Season 5.0: Round of 32

ABC Season 1: Qualifiers, Rumble Winners

ABC Season 2: Round of 16

Discovery Season 3: Did Not Enter

Discovery Season 4: Exhibition Match

Mark Beiro Introductions

"From Novato California, weighing in at 210½ pounds with a number 7 ranking, and from creator Jim Smentowski and supported by Team Hercules. Introducing NIGHTMARE!"

"From Novato, California, machine for mayhem, created for chaos, also weighing in at 210 pounds of absolute domination, it's NIGHTMARE!"

"....Muhahahaha, it's NIGHTMARE!"

"You are about to witness the most destructive and violent carnage in robot fighting, if that's what you came here for. Put your hands together for NIGHTMARE!"

"Do not try to wake up. This is not a dream, this is your worst NIGHTMARE!"

"Its specialty is a mauling so complete, that identifying the body is beyond the reach of forensic science. Let's hear it for NIGHTMARE!"

"A bot so powerful, he could smack the can off of George Hamilton. Here's NIGHTMARE!"

"Even the toughest robots wake in a cold sweat and sit straight up in bed crying for their mama, just thinking about NIGHTMARE!"

"Callous and cold blooded, but he don't care- 'cause this is the soulless creature called NIGHTMARE!"

"He has not eyes, he has not hands, just science. Here's the merchant of menace, NIGHTMARE!"

Faruq Tauheed Introductions

"Here's the bot that keeps other builders up at night- 'cause if you're sawing logs, it's sawing you to pieces. It's NIGHTMARE!"

"Think you're in jeopardy? Oh no. It's time to play wheel of misfortune. It's NIGHTMARE!"

"If it were a painter, it would be called Vincent Van Gore. Scarry, Scarry Night. It's NIGHTMARE!"

"According to Dr. Sigmund Freud, your dream analysis is extreme paralysis. It's NIGHTMARE!"

"It keeps you up from dusk till dawn, the big bad horror is back to do major harm. It's the big deal with the big wheel. The original bot to make you scared, make some noise for the return of NIGHTMARE!"


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  • Nightmare is one of six robots to compete in the original BattleBots series on Comedy Central, and the ABC reboot. The others are Warhead, Complete Control, Moebius, Son of Whyachi, and Warrior Clan (as Warrior).
  • Between eras of BattleBots, Nightmare was also on display at RoboGames 2011.
  • Nightmare was originally going to be an alternate for the 2015 reboot, but another team dropped out two weeks before filming, so Nightmare was given the nod to compete.
  • In every odd-numbered season of Comedy Central's BattleBots, Nightmare was knocked out after losing a wheel to a robot armed with a spinning weapon. Also, in both even-numbered season, Nightmare lost to Biohazard in the quarter-finals.
  • Nightmare has competed in more series than any other BattleBots competitor, though it did not appear in Discovery Season 3, and was replaced by Breaker Box for Season 4.
  • A replica of Nightmare's disc was seen in the crowd during the semifinals of the Discovery Season 3 reboot, as well as showing up in various episodes of Season 4.
  • Nightmare was one of multiple robots to appear on the BattleBots website as a competitor for the 2019 season despite confirmation that the robot was not competing that year. However, it was seen on display with Ginsu on top of it at the event.
  • Nightmare's match with frenZy was included in the opening sequence of BattleBots Season 4 on Discovery and Science, a rare nod to the classic era of BattleBots.