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"The whole robot is the weapon."
— Dick Stuplich on New Cruelty's method of attack

New Cruelty was a superheavyweight robot built by Team Killerbotics which competed in Season 4.0 and Season 5.0 of Comedy Central BattleBots. It was an eight-wheel drive, invertible robot which featured a front scoop for pushing opponents. The robot had no active weapon, instead relying on its pushing power. New Cruelty was very successful, reaching the finals of Season 4.0, becoming the runner-up after a loss to Toro. New Cruelty also reached the semi-finals of Season 5.0.

New cruelty

New Cruelty in The Pits during Season 5.0.

The name derived from a quote from the 1991 film L.A. Story.[1]

Team Killerbotics also entered a heavyweight robot called Bad Blood in Season 5.0, but it lost in its first match. Following the cancellation of BattleBots on Comedy Central, the team entered and won the 2004 NPC Charity Open with Goosfraba Steel. Driver Richard Stuplich, often known as Dick, and daughter Rachel would later return to BattleBots as part of Team Whyachi, where they have remained ever since.

In March 2023, Dick Stuplich confirmed New Cruelty is no longer intact, but he is in possession of Vladiator.[2]

Robot History[]

Season 4.0[]

New Cruelty vs. Alcoholic Stepfather

Alcoholic stepfather loses wheel

New Cruelty pushes the now three wheeled Alcoholic Stepfather.

New Cruelty's first ever match in BattleBots was against Alcoholic Stepfather. Both robots went straight at each other and New Cruelty managed to remove something on Alcoholic Stepfather's front. Alcoholic Stepfather started hitting New Cruelty with its hammers and New Cruelty started pushing Alcoholic Stepfather around the BattleBox. As Alcoholic Stepfather tries to run away, New Cruelty repositions itself and charges straight at Alcoholic Stepfather. This shove from New Cruelty caused one of Alcoholic Stepfather's wheel's to come off. New Cruelty pushed Alcoholic Stepfather against the spikestrip and Alcoholic Stepfather was hitting New Cruelty with its hammers. For the rest of the match, New Cruelty kept pushing Alcoholic Stepfather against the spikestrip. The time ran out and New Cruelty won on a 26-19 judges' decision. This win put New Cruelty to the final preliminary round, where it faced Steel Reign.

New Cruelty vs. Steel Reign

Newcrueltyvssteelreign sf01b

New Cruelty pushes Steel Reign against the spikestrip.

Both robots went straight at each other, but miss. Steel Reign gets its lifting spike under the side of New Cruelty, but New Cruelty escapes and started pushing Steel Reign against the spikestrip. New Cruelty attempts to push Steel Reign against the spikestrip again, but Steel Reign escapes. As Steel Reign was hitting New Cruelty's front with its threshers, New Cruelty pushes it against the spikestrip again and Steel Reign stopped moving. Steel Reign was being counted out and New Cruelty won by KO.

New Cruelty vs. Odin II

Odin II pins New Cruelty

New Cruelty gets pinned against the screws by Odin II.

This win put New Cruelty to the Round of 32, where it faced Odin II. The two survey each other before attacking. Eventually New Cruelty took a hit from Odin's blade but wasn't harmed one bit. New Cruelty then forced Odin II into the pulverizer, and Odin also takes a hit from the killsaws. Odin landed another hit with its blade but again New Cruelty was undeterred. New Cruelty then pushes Odin II into the screws, which ripped a piece of Odin II off. Odin II then lost another piece from the killsaws and New Cruelty then rams Odin II into the spikes. Odin II then pins New Cruelty into the screws, but its blade could not reach. New Cruelty takes a hit from the killsaws, then pushes Odin II into the pulverizer again and kept Odin II there until the time ran out. New Cruelty won on a 28-17 judges' decision and advanced to the Round of 16, where it faced Rammstein.

New Cruelty vs. Rammstein

Newcrueltyvsrammstein sfb01

New Cruelty pushes Rammstein against the corner of the BattleBox.

During the match, New Cruelty ran Rammstein into the spikestrip. Then Rammstein hit the front of New Cruelty with a direct hit from the pneumatic spike and sent New Cruelty back about 10 feet. New Cruelty came back and pushed Rammstein for most of the match. At one point, New Cruelty pushed Rammstein against the corner of the BattleBox. In the end, the time ran out and New Cruelty won on a 34-11 judges' decision.

New Cruelty vs. Swirlee

Swirlee vs new cruelty

New Cruelty pushes Swirlee on the entrance ramp.

This win put New Cruelty to the quarter-finals, where it faced Swirlee. In the beginning, Swirlee tried to drive away from New Cruelty's box rush, but New Cruelty caught Swirlee and drove it into the corner of the BattleBox. New Cruelty maneuvered Swirlee toward the entrance ramp, but got caught under the spikestrip. However, Swirlee was not moving and eventually was counted out. It turned out that the drive train on Swirlee had failed. New Cruelty won by a quick knockout and advanced to the semi-finals.

New Cruelty vs. Diesector


New Cruelty takes Diesector on the pulverizer.

In the final four, New Cruelty took on a former superheavyweight champion in Diesector. At the start of the battle, New Cruelty rammed the front of Diesector before quickly moving around the back of the former champion and pushing it across the BattleBox. Diesector then slid its jaws underneath New Cruelty and pushed it into the spikestrip, giving it a couple of hammer blows in the process. New Cruelty drove away as Diesector pursued it, before ramming Diesector again and receiving hits from its hammers. It then got underneath Diesector and slammed it into a pulverizer. New Cruelty sat in the pulverizer zone with Diesector stuck on top of its body, resulting in the pulverizer hitting Diesector several times, but then Diesector used its hammers to wriggle free and allow its rear wheels to touch the ground so it could drive away. New Cruelty immediately chased after Diesector and ram it, before Diesector retaliated with several hammer blows. The rest of the battle mostly consisted of the two machines ramming each other with Diesector occasionally hitting New Cruelty with its hammers, neither robot able to gain an effective advantage. The battle ended with a judges' decision, which was scored as 24-21 in favor of New Cruelty.

New Cruelty vs. Toro


New Cruelty gets flipped by Toro.

"Gotta get under them, push them to the weapons. Same as I've been doing before. That or I'm gonna get flipped...gonna be flipped a lot!"
— Richard Stuplich of New Cruelty foreshadows the superheavyweight final
This win put New Cruelty to the superheavyweight final, where it matched up against Inertia Labs and Toro. Immediately, Toro was on the defensive, coerced into the wall by New Cruelty. In between the spikestrip and floor spinner, Toro found itself pinned against the spikes before escaping. New Cruelty kept its front pointed at Toro as it misfired its flipper and was rammed again. Toro used its back end to try and control its opponent, but New Cruelty again wedged under Toro and rammed it back into the spikes. After a poor opening minute, Toro finally got to the side of New Cruelty and threw it into the air, where it landed right side up. After both robots tried to get the better of one another, Toro flipped New Cruelty again and it landed upside-down. Able to run both sides up, however, New Cruelty was still in the final as Toro lifted it with a glancing flip. Feeding its inverted wedge into the front of Toro and inviting another flip, Toro obliged and New Cruelty was now able to get its scoop back into play. Inertia Labs' bot misfired again, but New Cruelty's rear wheels drove over the killsaws momentarily. Toro misfired once more before throwing New Cruelty over several more times late on. New Cruelty stopped moving as its safety link fell out, leaving the robot dead on the ramrods, but without enough time left in the fight to begin a count. With five seconds left, Toro headed over to New Cruelty and flipped it once more to leave the lasting impression on the judges. In the end, Toro won on a 36-9 decision and New Cruelty was declared the runner-up.

Despite its finish, New Cruelty did not participate the Superheavyweight Royal Rumble at the end of the tournament for unknown reasons.

Season 5.0[]

New Cruelty vs. Mad Mer

Mad mer vs new cruelty

New Cruelty takes Mad Mer to the screws.

Due to its seeding, New Cruelty was allowed to skip the preliminary rounds of Season 5.0, where it faced Mad Mer. After New Cruelty pushed Mad Mer against the screws, New Cruelty pushed Mad Mer around the BattleBox and the time ran out soon after. New Cruelty won on a 39-6 judges' decision and advanced to the Round of 16, where it faced Ogre.

New Cruelty vs. Ogre

Both robots were pushing each other around the BattleBox and New Cruelty pushed Ogre against the spikestrip. New Cruelty was near the pulverizer and takes a hit from the top. New Cruelty continued pushing Ogre and New Cruelty pushed Ogre to the killsaws. After this, both robots were pushing each other again before the time ran out. New Cruelty won on a 28-17 judges' decision and advanced to the quarter-finals.

New Cruelty vs. No Apologies

Newcrueltyvsnoapologies sf02

New Cruelty gets stuck with No Apologies' axe.

New Cruelty after No Apologies

No Apologies in The Pits post-fight.

In the quarter-finals, New Cruelty fought No Apologies. For this match, New Cruelty opted to remove the rear plate and replaced its traditional plow with a narrower one to save weight for a thicker Lexan panel on the top, which would protect it from the pickaxe of No Apologies. New Cruelty comes in and pushes No Apologies near the pulverizer, but No Apologies strikes back with its hammer. Despite this New Cruelty managed to get No Apologies into the pulverizer. After this No Apologies takes a hit from the killsaws while pursuing New Cruelty, eventually hitting New Cruelty with its hammer again, and missed on another try. New Cruelty then gets hit by both No Apologies' hammer and the killsaws at the same time, but then shoves No Apologies onto some killsaws. New Cruelty then rams No Apologies into the entrance-ramp but No Apologies fired its axe again, but missed. New Cruelty constantly bashes No Apologies who was struggling to get away, though when New Cruelty came in again No Apologies managed to hit New Cruelty with its axe, only to get stuck to New Cruelty. A timeout was called so to separate the robots, and once that was done New Cruelty pinned No Apologies against the seam and No Apologies fired its axe again. New Cruelty began repeating its rams from earlier, but then decided to have some mercy on No Apologies and backed off, but the timer sounded at that moment. New Cruelty won on a 29-16 judges' decision and advanced to the semi-finals.

New Cruelty vs. Diesector

DiesectorvsNewCruelty sf02

Diesector attacking New Cruelty.

Now in the semi-finals once again, New Cruelty met Diesector in a rematch. For this fight, New Cruelty opted to stick with its anti-No Apologies configuration, to protect against Diesector's mallets. The fight began with Diesector instantly charging round the sides of New Cruelty and working the hammers, avoiding New Cruelty's wedge. Both robots then took shots from the killsaws as Diesector continued hammering away and attempted to grapple the wheels. The fight became a pushing-shoving match for a while until both robots crashed head on into each other. This allowed the one-time champion to position its jaw on top of New Cruelty and rack up points with its hammers. The decision to stick with the configuration used in its previous fight against No Apologies proved to be its undoing, as New Cruelty ended up being more susceptible to being exploited through the corners of its narrow, cut down wedge, and thus, was not able to gain as much control over Diesector as it did in their previous run-in. Diesector won on a 29-16 judges' decision and New Cruelty was eliminated from the tournament again.

Team Killerbotics with New Cruelty at Season 4.0


  • Wins: 9
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
Season 4.0 Alcoholic Stepfather

Steel Reign

Odin II




Season 5.0 Mad Mer


No Apologies


Mark Beiro Introductions[]

"He calls Charles Manson a close personal friend and has a timeshare in Hawaii with Satan. Here is NEW CRUELTY!"

"A bot so scary, you'll be begging for sleeping pills to get back to your nightmares. Introducing NEW CRUELTY!"

"He's got eight wheels and what looks to be an indestructible frame but will it be enough? Let's hear it for NEW CRUELTY!"

"He's cruel to be kind and he's cruel just to be cruel. Here is NEW CRUELTY!"

"I don't know but I've been told, this bots gonna knock you cold. Sound off for NEW CRUELTY!"

"He's got an organ donor card with your name on it. Here is NEW CRUELTY!"