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Mutant Robots is an active team who have been everpresent throughout the classic and reboot eras of BattleBots. The team have competed since early US Robot Wars events in 1996, and have entered every single televised BattleBots season.

The team is lead by Donald Hutson who built and drove all of the robots, with his wife Dawn Hutson and teammates Dave Cook, Michael Douglas and Mike Moore operating the weapons and repairing the robots between matches. The team was very successful, scoring a total of 28 wins in all competitions between 1999 and 2002 with Tazbot, Diesector, Root Canal and Easty Beast. The team also earned two superheavyweight titles as well as the heavyweight title at the 2004 NPC Charity Open. Mutant Robots currently competes with their 250lb heavyweight Lock-Jaw in the BattleBots reboot, whose best finish was the semi-finals in the 2018 season.

Team Members[]


Donald Hutson[]

A presence within the sport's history since 1999 with heavyweight Tazbot, Donald Hutson has spearheaded each of Mutant Robots' robots as team captain. He mentored in FIRST Robotics for over nine years leading to the show's reboot. Hutson originally worked as a welder and fabricator for a local awning company before spending almost a decade working to repair and develop home medical equipment as a rehab technology specialist. Now working for Qualcomm Research, Hutson designs robots for more practical uses including transporting small goods and navigating different environments.

Dave Cook, Michael Douglas & Mike Moore[]

Mutant Robots' crew for Diesector and Root Canal's Comedy Central seasons, Cook, Douglas and Moore were responsible for all aspects of the robot alongside team Hutson.

Dawn Hutson[]

Present throughout each of the Comedy Central seasons, Dawn Hutson is wife to team captain Donald Hutson.

Paul Ferrell, Jonathan Medina & Alex Kozarev[]

Donald Hutson's crew since the 2015 season, Ferrell, Media and Kozarev have all been everpresent since Lock-Jaw's debut. All three are listed as mechanics within the team, with Jonathan Medina also holding the role of team strategist.

Walter Maksimow[]

Maksimow joined the team for the 2016 season and has been everpresent for each season since.

Allie Levy[]

Levy joined the team ahead of the 2019 BattleBots season and is head of admin and marketing for Mutant Robots.

Reginald Wilson[]

Reginald Wilson is listed as the team's chief engineer. Joining Mutant Robots in 2020, he was formerly the weapons operator for SubZero's drone, Spitfire.

Dylan Walter[]

The most recent addition to Mutant Robots, Walter joined the team ahead of the 2021 season. As well as being a general mechanic within the team, Walter's specialities surround simulation and CAD.


Name Weight Class Season
Diesector Superheavyweight Season 1.0-Season 5.0
Tazbot Heavyweight Long Beach 1999-Season 5.0
Root Canal Middleweight (120lbs) Season 4.0-Season 5.0
Easty Beast Middleweight Season 5.0-NPC Charity Open
Karcas 2 Heavyweight NPC Charity Open
Root Canal Heavyweight (220lbs) 2009 Pro Championship
Lock-Jaw Heavyweight (250lbs) ABC Season 1-Present


  • Wins: 33
  • Losses: 16

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