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In BattleBots, there are a wide variety of robots that have 2 or more weapons to fight against their opponents. These robots tend to be more appealing to look at and watch, not to mention more unique compared to robots with individual weapons. Notable robots with multiple weapons include: Diesector, Atomic Wedgie, BioHazard and Warrior Clan.


  • SawBlaze in 2019.

    These types of robots offer more options during battle, either to use one at a time for varying opponents or together in case one of them goes down or becomes useless (such as a wedge), This was especially true in Skorpios' matches where its front wedgelets were bent up, effectively making the saw weapon useless.
  • As noted above, there's more visual appeal to these types of robots and they will be remembered, for better or worse, that they had multiple weapons.
  • Depending on where the weapons are placed, they can prove useful if the opponent tries to attack vulnerable areas of their opponent.
  • If the robot's weapons are spinners, they could be more destructive than a robot with only one weapon, especially if the weapons are used back-to-back.
  • Since most teams tend to choose only 1 weapon, this can prove to be a surprise for other builders at the event, especially if the design process wasn't fully revealed or kept a secret as a whole.
  • Robots with multiple weapons have a higher chance at being on BattleBots due to generally having an appealing silhouette.


  • Robots designed this way tend to cost more. (Minion for example cost $20,000 to build and featured a wedge and a saw.)
  • In relation to the above note, they also tend to be more complicated to build, though this depends on which weapons are chosen to be included with the robot.
  • Repairs between fights can take longer, especially if both weapons are damaged.
  • If repairs cannot be made in time, the robot may have to go in with additional weapons that may not be suited for the opponent they're facing. (Bombshell had to deal with this after their match against Minotaur.)
  • Weight often becomes a factor for the size and power of the weapons being used, which may force the builder(s) to make compromises.(Falcon by Team Whyachi had to use smaller drums as a result.)