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Multi-bots are robots made up of 2 or more different robots that when combined add up to or close to the weight limit of the event they are competing in. The most notable of these is Gemini.


  • They're generally lighter and thus easier to carry around.
  • They can serve as decoys so when one is in trouble, the other can help bail them out in a match.
  • They're generally less expensive to build.
  • Depending on the weight distribution, they can be harder to defeat by KO in a match.
  • Since not every builder aims to make them, they can quickly become a crowd favorite, even if they don't do all that well at the event.
  • If they aren't required to have an active weapon, a simple wedge can be enough to take control of a match. Also, a weaponless member won't elicit a count-out if incapacitated.


  • Since they have to add up or be within the weight limit of the competition they're registered for, they generally come in at a weight disadvantage individually when compared to regular robots at the full weight.
  • There's more to maintain or repair between fights.
  • While they're generally lighter for carrying, it takes good memory to remember to bring each of them to the event.
  • They generally need to have lighter materials and can become more difficult to make the weight limit.
  • Due to their overall size and weight, they aren't always causing significant damage (though The Four Horsemen were able to cause damage despite only 3 of 4 members being able to compete at a time).
  • Even with proper weight distribution, their weight can prove to be their downfall as flippers and spinners can either throw them out of the arena or destroy them in short order.
  • Their size often makes it difficult for the driver(s) to tell where they are during a match and makes it take longer to get across the arena. Additionally, if they cannot be seen moving by the referee, they may get counted out by accident.
  • If one or multiple robots in the multi bot have spinning weapons, they may collide with each other during a match and cause damage to one another (as proven in Gemini's matches against Lucky and The Four Horsemen).
  • They will get knocked out if more than 50% of the total weight of the robot is incapacitated (though weaponless members don't count).

List of Multibots[]

Robots are listed alphabetically.

Robot Weight Class Appearances Notes Image
Agsma Middleweight Season 3.0 This version of Agsma competed only once. Bot-00498
Bliss 2 Heavyweight World Championship II
(Not selected)
Bliss 2
Caulk Heavyweight World Championship VI
(Not selected)
Creepy Crawlies Heavyweight World Championship II CreepyCrawlies BB2016
Diamond Tears Heavyweight World Championship III
(Not selected)
Diamond tears
Doomba and Friends Heavyweight World Championship III
(Not selected)
Doomba & Friends
Evil Twins Middleweight Season 5.0 EvilTwins2
Gemini Heavyweight World Championship II
World Championship III
World Championship IV
World Championship V
BattleBots: Bounty Hunters
Hack & Slash Heavyweight World Championship V
(Not selected)
World Championship VI
(Not selected)
87464240 130803568469014 289874936309219328 o
Insult and Injury Heavyweight World Championship II
(Accepted but later rejected)
No pictures of this robot exist, but as Aren Hill puts it:
"Picture 2x tantrum1's with less armor, and black and green"
Jekyll & Hyde Heavyweight World Championship V
(Not selected)
Download (3)
Jäger Heavyweight World Championship V
World Championship VI
World Championship VII
(Not selected)
Jäeger BB2021
Mortician + CatKong Heavyweight BattleBots Proving Ground The two middleweights had previously competed in RoboGames 2023. CatKong Mortician team PG
No Tolerance II Middleweight
(Season 3.0)
(Season 4.0)
Season 3.0
Season 4.0
Notolerance II sfb01
Ogrekill Heavyweight World Championship VIII
(Status pending)
Pack Raptors Middleweight Season 3.0
Season 4.0
Season 5.0
RACC Lightweight Long Beach 1999 RACC lb99
Slap 'Em Sillier Middleweight Season 5.0 Image007
SlapPest Middleweight Long Beach 1999 Slappest lb99
Spike of Doom Lightweight Long Beach 1999 Spike of doom LB1999
The Cone Army Heavyweight World Championship I
(Not selected)
The Four Horsemen Heavyweight World Championship III
World Championship IV
TheFourHorsemen BBSeason4 2019
The Swarm Superheavyweight Season 3.0
Season 4.0
Season 5.0
The Twins Heavyweight BattleBots Proving Ground
World Championship VIII
(Status pending)
The twins battlebox