Mr. Chuck a lot

Mr. Chuck a lot in the arena at BattleBots Rochester R3.

Mr. Chuck a lot was a Middleweight robot built by Team Chippermonkey which competed at BattleBots Rochester R3 in 2005. It was a Red, and White, four wheeled, box wedge shaped robot. Mr. Chuck a lot was armed with a lifting arm quite similar in design to that of SuperHeavyweight The Probe.

Mr Chuck a lot did not do well in the competition, winning only one match before being destroyed by Falcon, and forfeiting its second fight. The team that built Mr. Chuck a lot also built the Middleweight Chipper Monkey which competed in Season 4.0. However it did even worse than Mr. Chuck a lot, winning no fights.

Robot History

BattleBots Rochester R3

Mr. Chuck a lot lifts Terminal Velocity

Mr. Chuck a lot lifts Terminal Velocity.

After receiving a bye in the first round, Mr. Chuck a lot's first opponent was Terminal Velocity. This fight started with Terminal Velocity being box rushed by Mr. Chuck a lot, in an attempt to flip it before it reached full speed. However Terminal Velocity's blade struck Mr. Chuck a lot's lifter, and bent one of the prongs.

Terminal Velocity then got around to the rear of Mr. Chuck a lot, and popped it into the air, before attacking it's side, and peeling up Mr. Chuck a lot's rear left top armor. Following this Terminal Velocity went for a frontal attack on Mr. Chuck a lot, which promptly flipped it, destroying Terminal Velocity's top weapon casters in the process.

Mr. Chuck a lot hoists Terminal Velocity over its back

Mr. Chuck a lot hoists Terminal Velocity over its back.

This meant that Terminal Velocity could not use it's weapon until it was righted, Mr. Chuck a lot then got under Terminal Velocity, and hoisted it onto its side. However Terminal Velocity recovered, and Mr. Chuck a lot lifted it again. After a few more lifts Mr. Chuck a lot took Terminal Velocity to the Pulverizer where after a shot from the hazard it became high centered on the arena I beams, and was counted out.

This put Mr. Chuck a lot through to the next round where it faced Falcon. Mr. Chuck a lot lost by a destructive KO, and was now in the loser's bracket where it was scheduled to fight Secret Weapon. However Mr. Chuck a lot was so badly damaged by Falcon it couldn't be repaired in time, and was forced to forfeit, eliminating it from the tournament.


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
BattleBots Rochester R3 bye

Terminal Velocity


Secret Weapon (Forfeit)


  • As the robot also went by the name of Sir chuck a lot, name of the robot was likely a pun on Sir Lance a lot, who was one of King Arthur's knights of the round table.

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