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Mosquito as it appeared for BattleBots Season 5.0

Mosquito was a Middleweight robot which competed in BattleBots seasons 3.0-5.0 as part of The Swarm, and on its own in the 2007 BattleBots run event at the Sun Microsystems Java One conference. Mosquito performed poorly on its own, losing its only fight to SubZero. Mosquito's shell still exists today, perhaps with some or even all of its electronics and was on display at the 2016 Maker Faire alongside Voltronic.

Robot History[]

Battlebots at Java One[]

SubZero flips Mosquito

Mosquito is flipped by SubZero.

Mosquitos's first fight was against SubZero. In the match SubZero drove straight out at Mosquito, and nearly flipped it out the arena. Mosquito however drove off, and SubZero repeated this attack. Mosquito then got under SubZero and attempted to drive it into the wall, however SubZero got away, and Mosquito drove under the Pulverizer.

SubZero then flipped Mosquito again, and at this point the tap out button malfunctioned, making it look like Mosquito had surrendered, this caused some minor confusion. However Mosquito had not tapped out, and the fight continued. Mosquito then got under SubZero, and took it to the wall before a time out was called.


Mosquito is nearly flipped out the arena by SubZero.

Once the fight resumed SubZero got under Mosquito again, and attempted to get it out the arena once again. Yet again Mosquito survived this attack, and got under SubZero. However SubZero escaped, and flipped Mosquito two more times before Mosquito nearly drove SubZero into the wall again.

SubZero then drove away, and nearly got hit by the Pulverizers before flipping Mosquito again. However SubZero then got wedged unted the arena wall, and the fight was paused to free it. Once the fight resumed SubZero got under Mosquito again, and attempted another flip, however it missed allowing Mosquito to get away.

However Mosquito then got stuck under the arena wall, and this allowed SubZero to come in, and flip it. This freed Mosquito, and SubZero gave chase, but once it got under Mosquito it missed the flip again. SubZero then delivered the final flip of the fight before wedging under Mosquito, and taking it to the wall. In the resulting judges decision SubZero was announced as the winner, meaning Mosquito was eliminated from the tournament.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
Competition Wins Losses
BattleBots at Java One None SubZero

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