Mortis' official picture from Season 2.0.

Mortis was a heavyweight robot that hailed from Nottingham and Cambridge in the United Kingdom. It was a box wedge-shaped and predominantly tank-like machine that ran on tracks, with a top speed of 9 mph. Its weapons were a long Lifting Arm that could comfortably lift 220 lbs (100 kg) and turn the robot back over if it got flipped, and a powerful electric-driven Axe. The Axe was custom-forged and modeled after Japanese tantō knives for optimal armor-piercing capabilities, and could strike up to three times a second with the equivalent force of a .38 Magnum fired at point-blank range. Mortis was also renowned for its extraordinary toughness- at the time it competed in BattleBots, its construction consisted of aerospace-grade materials, including Kevlar, carbon fibre and laminated titanium. It was later coated in abrasive Silicon Carbide as well, which effectively made it diamond-coated.

Mortis competed in two seasons of BattleBots, including the Las Vegas event of 1999. After Season 2.0 however, Mortis stopped coming to BattleBots events, despite continuing to fight in the UK. Random Violence Technologies, the team that built Mortis, began construction on another robot similar to it named Maelstrom, and planned to enter it into later BattleBots competitions. This new machine would have had features including a stronger axe and a four-bar lifting arm, but unfortunately, it was never finished, and the team never came to another BattleBots competition. Mortis always did reasonably well- making it to the quarterfinals of the Las Vegas 1999 event, and winning the Most Aggressive Robot award in Season 2.0.

Mortis stopped appearing on Robot Wars after Series 4's War of Independence, where it defeated frenZy by knockout to claim the title. Team Mortis attempted to construct a new version of Mortis for Series 7, but it was not complete in time for the competition and as a result was not entered. After this, it was bought by Team Bud in 2009 as well as Maelstrom (Since renamed RigorMortis.) and numerous other creations from the team, working on restoring them to working condition. Since then the robots have been sold twice more, now belonging to a currently unknown buyer.

Team captain Rob Knight competed with The Obwalden Overlord in the new ABC season 2 reboot.

Robot History

Las Vegas 1999

Mortis lv99

Mortis' Las Vegas 1999 appearance.

Mortis' first ever match in BattleBots was against Monster. Mortis won on a 6-3 judge's decision and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced the popular and experienced Tazbot.

Tazbotvsmortis lv99

Mortis is lifted by Tazbot.

Mortis immediately went straight towards Tazbot, swinging its axe, but missing. Tazbot then got underneath Mortis and began to lift it. Mortis was about a foot in the air when Tazbot's arm actuator snapped, dropping Mortis and allowing it to attack Tazbot with its axe once again. The battle went to the judges, who ruled 6-3 in favor of Mortis.

Voltarcmortis lv99

Voltarc lifts Mortis over the killsaws.

Mortis then moved on to face Voltarc in the heavyweight quarterfinals. Voltarc got underneath Mortis very early on, lifting it and pushing it into the spikestrip. After Voltarc let it back down, Mortis got some blows in with its axe before being lifted and flipped by Voltarc. Mortis used its own lifting arm to self right and got some more axe blows in, but once again was driven under by Voltarc, before being pushed around and lifted up. Mortis tried to use its lifter against Voltarc, but failed, allowing Voltarc to get underneath Mortis and drag it to the killsaws, despite Mortis trying to free itself using its axe. Mortis eventually escaped and failed to lift Voltarc yet again. Towards the end of the fight, it finally managed to flip Voltarc over and get underneath it, managing to get a few final axe blows in before time ran out. Despite this late effort and winning in terms of statistics, the judges ruled a 6-3 decision in favor of Voltarc, eliminating Mortis.

Mortis wasn't finished, however, as it participated the heavyweight rumble at the end of the tournament. It performed reasonably well, using its lifter to good effect, but was defeated after getting flipped over by BioHazard whilst its lifting arm was up- getting stuck on its front wedge and leaving it unable to self-right.

Season 2.0

Mortis got a bye in season 2.0 allowing it to skip to the round of 32. Mortis then had Berzerker 2000 as its first opponent, however Berzerker 2000 forfeited the fight. Mortis won by default and advanced to the round of 16, where it faced Nightmare.

Nightmare vs mortis S2

Mortis takes a hit from Nightmare.

Mortis started the fight by turning tail and running away from Nightmare. This left Mortis' back end exposed and Nightmare took the opportunity and hit Mortis' back end. Mortis then bypassed Nightmare's weapon and began to attack Nightmare's body, only to miss and the axe shaft to hit instead of the tanto blade. Mortis did this for a while and after that, the fight was stopped as Nightmare and Mortis had gotten stuck together.

Nightmare and Mortis resumed fighting and Nightmare hit Mortis with its disc. Mortis retaliated by pushing Nightmare onto the killsaws, but stopped moving. Mortis then had some of its titanium armor sent flying off by Nightmare but Mortis was already immobilized. Nightmare won by KO and Mortis was eliminated from the tournament again.

Mortisheavyweightrumble LV00

Mortis gets flipped by BioHazard during the heavyweight royal rumble.

Mortis wasn't finished, however, as it participated the heavyweight royal rumble at the end of the tournament. Unfortunately, Mortis was flipped over by BioHazard and Suicidal Tendencies pushed it against the spikestrip. In the end, Tazbot was declared the winner of the heavyweight royal rumble and Mortis lost overall. This officially ended Mortis' Season 2.0 run.


  • Wins: 3
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
Las Vegas 1999



Season 2.0


Berzerker 2000 (Forfeit)


Maelstrom, the team's planned entry for later seasons.

Mark Beiro Introductions

"From Groydon, Surrey in the United Kingdom. In the heavyweight division, weighing in at 195 and a half pounds. From creator Rob Knight and represented by Random Violence Technology. Introducing MORTIS!"

"He will fight to the death- the opponent's death, that is! Here is MORTIS!"


  • Mortis' name comes from the Latin word for death.
  • Mortis was one of the few "Most Aggressive" robots to have fought another "Most Aggressive": Nightmare.