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Mizbayakh was a middleweight robot built by the Jewish Community High School of the Bay[2] from San Francisco, California (also referred to as Team JCHS), which competed in the 2009 BattleBots High School Championship.

The robot itself had an invertible, two-wheel drive wedge-shaped design, with a white and gray paint scheme and a rounded back end. Mizbayakh was armed with a small spinning blade located within the top panel, the slot for which was noticeably larger than the weapon itself.[1]

Mizbayakh endured a difficult run in the High School Championship, losing its first battle to The Piecemaker on a Judges' decision. However, it would go on to score a knockout victory against the full-body spinner Adeptus Mechanicus, before being eliminated altogether following a second loss against Fargo. Mizbayakh therefore finished the championship with a 1-2 record.[3][4]

Robot History[]

High School Championship 2009[]

Having suffered an initial defeat to The Piecemaker in the opening round, Mizbayakh was placed into the Loser's Bracket, where it fought Adeptus Mechanicus for a chance to stay in the competition. When the match began, Mizbayakh advanced towards Adeptus Mechanicus and met up near the screws, taking a hit to the right side that caused no damage and only resulted in the latter bouncing off and into the screws. Mizbayakh immediately charged head on to capitalize, but a momentary wheelie caused it to get on top of the full-body spinner instead, getting pushed momentarily before being let off afterwards.

Adeptus Mechanicus vs Mizbayakh 3

Mizbayakh getting pushed by Adeptus Mechanicus for a moment.

After a bit of maneuvering, Mizbayakh made a huge driving blunder and drove under the opposing team's pulverizer, almost getting hit. Adeptus Mechanicus, now up to full speed, seized the opportunity, heading towards the partially trapped Mizbayakh and striking the right wheel right after the first pulverizer strike. Fortunately for Mizbayakh, the attack did not cause much damage. To make matters even better, Adeptus Mechanicus drove itself into the wall by mistake in the process, rendering itself incapacitated after striking it.

Adeptus Mechanicus vs Unknown Robot

Mizbayakh gets hit in the right wheel by Adeptus Mechanicus, which drives into the wall in the process.

When Mizbayakh finally escaped the pulverizer after another blow, it headed over to the immobile Adeptus Mechanicus and pushed it into the wall, ramming the carcass until it high-centered itself on top of it when it performed a wheelie on the last charge.

Adeptus Mechanicus vs Mizbayakh 4

Mizbayakh high-centers itself on top of Adeptus Mechanicus.

It was eventually able to get off, however, and with Adeptus Mechanicus already incapacitated, Mizbayakh won by KO, advancing it to the next round.


BattleBots High School Championship 2009
High School Championship 2009
Eliminated in Loser's Bracket (1-2)
Main bracket, Round 1 vs. The Piecemaker Lost (JD)
Loser's Bracket, Round 1 vs. Adeptus Mechanicus Won (KO)
Loser's Bracket, Round 2 vs. Fargo Lost (KO)


  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 2
Competition Wins Losses
2009 High School Championship Adeptus Mechanicus
The Piecemaker (Middleweight)



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