Minotaur BBSeason4 2019

Minotaur's Discovery Season 4 appearance.

Not to be confused with the robot which competed in Las Vegas 1999.

Minotaur is a robot that was built by the Brazilian Team RioBotz which competed in Season 2 of ABC's BattleBots reboot and both seasons on Discovery and Science. It is armed with a deadly 12,000 RPM spinning drum that was reduced to just under 10,000 RPM for competing.

For Season 3, Minotaur kept the drum spinning at 10,000 rpm due to safety reasons, but it had a few visual upgrades such as a loss of the LED lights in the eyes and behind the drum, as well as a bronze colored drum.

For Season 4, Minotaur gained a more edgy profile while its drum gained some bigger teeth. The new armor makes Minotaur look "cartoonish" this time due to the shine effects it has.

Minotaur was based around Touro Maximus, a robot that previously won the STEM Tech Olympiad in 2014 and RoboGames in 2015, as well as finishing 3rd in the next RoboGames. Since Touro Maximus was also made by RioBotz, it and Minotaur shared a lot components and design elements, with most of the upgrades being used for the armor, the drum and the skids.

Minotaur did very well in the 2016 competition, landing a knockout blow on Photon Storm in the round of 48, causing Blacksmith to catch fire in the round of 32, decapitating Warhead in the round of 16 and removing Bronco's wheels in the quarter-finals. However, it lost out to Bombshell in the semi-finals. It did one better in the 2018 season, qualifying for the main competition after going 3-1 with its only loss to Tombstone and reaching the Grand Final. However, it lost out to Bite Force in the end, marking its second loss of the season.

Robot History

ABC Season 2

MinotaurvsPhoton BB2016

The final hit between Photon Storm and Minotaur's spinning drum.

Minotaur official

Minotaur's Season 2 appearance

Minotaur's first fight was against British entry Photon Storm. The fight started off in Minotaur's favor, with Minotaur getting in a hit on Photon Storm, destroying its left wing. Afterwards, Photon Storm managed to get a grip inside the opening for one of Minotaur's wheels before releasing it. However, Minotaur then lined up a shot and got a good hit with its drum, causing one side of Photon Storm's welds to fail. This took out both of its drive motors and damaged the battery while also damaging the hydraulic line that powered the weapon. Photon Storm was left unable to move and spewing hydraulic fluid around the BattleBox, giving Minotaur the win by KO at 1:41. This win put Minotaur to the round of 32 with its No.7 seeding, where it faced the No.26 seed Blacksmith.

MinotaurvsBlacksmith BB2016

Minotaur rips off Blacksmith's front wedge.

Things started out poorly for Minotaur as Blacksmith not only withstood the attacks from Minotaur but it was able to push Minotaur around. However, Minotaur started to take notches out of Blacksmith's wedge - eventually completely ripping it off. Minotaur then tore off the top plate but Blacksmith kept coming. Minotaur flipped Blacksmith but Blacksmith self-righted. Eventually, Blacksmith's weapon motor caught fire and Blacksmith stopped moving. However, there wasn't enough time to count out Blacksmith so it went to a judges decision, where Minotaur won on a unanimous 3-0 decision to advance it to the round of 16, where it faced the No.23 seed Warhead.

MinotaurvsWarhead bb2016

Minotaur rips off Warhead's spinning dome.

When the match started, both robots made contact with each other, but no damage was done. However, on the second collision, Warhead's spinning dome was ripped off by Minotaur's spinning drum and landed on the BattleBox floor. Minotaur continued attacking Warhead and ripped off Warhead's right side armor. Minotaur pushed Warhead under the pulverizer and Warhead was having driving issues. Minotaur backed away and went straight at the left side of Warhead, which ripped off the left side armor and flipped it onto its side. Warhead couldn't self-right and it was counted out. Minotaur won by KO at 1:11 and advanced to the quarterfinals, where it faced the No.2 seed Bronco.


The final wheel is torn off by Minotaur.

Minotaur came out at Bronco, whom faced forward and sparks went flying. Both robots circled for a bit, allowing Minotaur to get its weapon up to its maximum allowed speed. Minotaur made contact with one of the wheels and damaged it. Minotaur continued to attack while Bronco continued to circle to try and find an opening. Minotaur began attacking the wheels and flipper of Bronco, tearing off wheels and leaving Bronco's weapon useless. More attacks left Bronco with only one side of wheels remaining and driving in circles. Finally, Minotaur ripped off the remaining wheels and Bronco was counted out, allowing Minotaur to advance to the semi-finals where it faced No.19 seed Bombshell.
Images (2)

Minotaur grinds down Bombshell's wedge.


The match turns.


Minotaur takes a panel off Bombshell.

The match started out fairly evenly for Minotaur as neither robot gained the upper hand. However, Minotaur eventually managed to tear off Bombshell's left side and send it into the overhead lights, bringing one of them down to the floor. Several seconds later, Minotaur started taking hits from Bombshell, including a big hit that flipped it over and dislodged a drive train. Minotaur used its drum's gyroscopic forces to help steer but Bombshell kept coming. However, Bombshell's weapon had lost one of its teeth and a wiring problem similar to its match with Red Devil had occurred, forcing Bombshell's driver to shut down the weapon, but Minotaur also stopped moving due to a minor cut in the bottom panel from one of Bombshell's attacks, causing the working wheel to no longer touch the ground. Minotaur was counted out and Bombshell advanced to the next round, eliminating Minotaur from the tournament.

However, at the end of the series Minotaur won the Most Destructive Robot Award as it destroyed Photon Storm, Blacksmith, Warhead and Bronco.

Discovery Season 3

Minotaur s8

Minotaur's Season 3 appearance.

TombstonevsMinotaur bb2018

The two robots collide with each other.

MinotaurvsTombstone bb2018

A flipped Minotaur gets underneath Tombstone.

Minotaur's first match of the tournament was against Tombstone. In this battle, Minotaur got its weapon up to speed but started taking repeated hits from its opponent. Minotaur continued to attack and after being flipped, righted itself using its drum's gyroscopic forces and resumed the battle. Damage to Minotaur was racking up as Minotaur could no longer get its drum up to top speed thanks to the initial impact with Tombstone, which sheared bolts holding the chassis together. Additionally, this prevented Minotaur from righting itself using the drum's gyroscopic forces. After the
TombstonevsMinotaur 2 bb2018

Minotaur gets high-centered on the damaged arena floor courtesy of Tombstone.

repeated impacts, Minotaur's drum eventually stopped working, leaving it with little other choice than to use its own body to attack. These attacks also affected Tombstone's frame, causing it to warp, leaving Tombstone's bar to pull up pieces of the floor due to the bar now spinning at an angle. Unfortunately, Minotaur eventually found itself high-centered on one of these damaged areas of the arena floor where it couldn't move. Minotaur got its drum spinning again and desperately to use its vibrations to free itself but to no avail. As a result, Tombstone was given the win by KO at 2:22.

Minotaur's next opponent was Hypothermia. For this match, Minotaur opted for a slower drum speed in order to lessen the gyroscopic forces of the drum and added its new feeder wedge in hopes of preventing Hypothermia from getting any control of the fight. When the match began, the fight was surprisingly even as while Minotaur landed the first hit, it did little damage, only managing to bend the front wedge of Hypothermia up a bit. Minotaur continued to attack, each time flipping Hypothermia over but Hypothermia wasn't giving up and right itself each time it was flipped. Eventually, Minotaur tore off the bottom plate of Hypothermia and tore into one of the double wheels Hypothermia had opted to use for the fight. Smoke began pouring out of Hypothermia but the match went to a judges decision and in the end, Minotaur won on a 3-0 decision.

Up next for Minotaur was a rematch with Blacksmith. In response, Minotaur's team opted to spin the drum up to only 60% in hopes of having the lower ground clearance when it came to head-on impacts. This proved to be effective as they were able to stay on the arena floor as the match got underway, Minotaur took shots from Blacksmith's hammer but they weren't doing much damage so Minotaur pressed on. Minotaur managed to get underneath Blacksmith and shove it against the arena barrier, causing sparks along the way. Blacksmith then got one of its front forks stuck in the slot for the killsaws so Minotaur dished out another hit.


Minotaur lands a tremendous hit on Blacksmith

Unfortunately, the lower weapon speed and Blacksmith's armor were not allowing Minotaur to deliver the big hits it was known for but it pressed on anyway, taking Blacksmith to the screws. Blacksmith fought back with its hammer but still wasn't able to cause any major damage and started to seemingly catch fire briefly. Time ran out and the judges awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision to Minotaur.

Minotaur was next against SubZero as part of a last-ditch effort to hopefully make the top 16. The match was off to a good start for Minotaur as SubZero had miss-timed their flip and allowed Minotaur to move in underneath. Minotaur continued to stay aggressive and took advantage of another miss-timed flip from its opponent. Since SubZero was still moving around, Minotaur caused more damage,bending up the front of SubZero's flipper and pushing in part of the side armor.  Minotaur threw SubZero onto its back before helping it back up. Minotaur's drum then spun down briefly before it was back up to speed and resuming its rampage. Minotaur got underneath SubZero and pushed it almost to the arena barrier but SubZero got off. Minotaur threw SubZero over once more and SubZero was unable to self-right and was counted out, giving Minotaur the win by KO. Minotaur did enough to make the top 16, where it faced Witch Doctor.

For this fight, Minotaur added a new drum with more teeth in hopes of getting in more hits on its opponent. When the match began, Minotaur was the aggressor, causing sparks on Witch Doctor but causing drive issues for  Witch Doctor. When they collided again, Minotaur managed to take off the wheel that was giving Witch Doctor trouble, allowing it to continue. Minotaur continued its attacks and took off the other front wheel. Witch Doctor was still mobile so Minotaur took its rampage to the arena barrier where Witch Doctor lost one of its rear tires. Minotaur made one final attack and removed the last tire, then flipped Witch Doctor over. Witch Doctor self-righted and caught fire but had no way to move around the arena and was counted out, allowing Minotaur to advance to the quarterfinals where it faced Monsoon.

Both robots came at each other and Minotaur seemed to struggle to do much to Monsoon despite having their weapon at full power. Still, Minotaur managed to get underneath Monsoon and shove it across the arena. Monsoon recovered and tried to deliver some hits but Minotaur was staying aggressive and managed to take off Monsoon's weapon belt. Finally, Minotaur got Monsoon up on its side where its drive wheels were off the ground and took it to the arena barrier where it couldn't move. By this point, Minotaur had only one belt driving the weapon and to avoid further damage, Minotaur opted not to free Monsoon and Monsoon was counted out, allowing Minotaur to advance to the semifinals where it faced Lock-Jaw.

Minotaur went into the fight largely unchanged from its fight with Monsoon and was intending to attack the wheels and go for the knockout. When the match began, things were pretty even as both robots hit but not much damage was caused. However, Minotaur was on the attack and started to get the better of the collisions, getting underneath Lock-Jaw and shoving them around a bit. Minotaur continued to attack, throwing Lock-Jaw into the air and causing minor damage to the wheels. Eventually, Minotaur hit hard enough to flip Lock-Jaw over. Lock-Jaw still boldly pressed on but after two final hits, Minotaur had knocked Lock-Jaw out. Lock-Jaw was counted out and Minotaur advanced to the championship finals where it faced Bite Force.

When the match began, Minotaur seemed to have the edge as both robots were thrown backwards but Bite Force had lost one of its front wedgelets. Minotaur continued its assault but started to be on the receiving end of its opponent's hits, losing its left side rail. Even so, Minotaur had enough power to continue the hits, throwing Bite Force into the air once again. Both robots were now without a working weapon so it became a pushing match with Minotaur seeming to have the slight edge. However, Bite Force's weapon came back to life and now Minotaur was taking more damage, losing the left side rail as both side rails were also manufactured in China and thus were quite brittle. Minotaur stopped moving not long after was counted out, giving the win and the championship title to Bite Force.

Discovery Season 4

Minotaur started 2019 with a match against good friends in the Vasquez family and Whiplash. When the match began, Minotaur had trouble getting its weapon up to speed, both from its own issues and from Whiplash's countermeasures. Minotaur tried to run away and get its weapon going but Whiplash wasn't letting them get far. Minotaur tried to go weapon-to-weapon and Whiplash did lose use of their lifter. However, Whiplash continued to have control using its spinning weapon so Minotaur was still struggling. Both robots took a shot from the killsaws before time ran out. The judges awarded a unanimous 3-0 decision to Whiplash.


  • Wins: 10
  • Losses: 4
Competition Wins Losses
ABC Season 2

Photon Storm




Discovery Season 3

Hypothermia (Undercard Match)

Blacksmith (Main Event/Undercard Match)

SubZero (Main Event/Undercard Match)

Witch Doctor



Tombstone (Main Event/Undercard Match)

Bite Force

Discovery Season 4 TBA Whiplash (Main Event/Undercard Match)

Faruq Tauheed Introductions

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  • The sound of Minotaur's drum used in its battles for the ABC reboot is from outside when the drum was running as the sound of of the drum inside the arena isn't as good.
  • Coincidentally, Minotaur's HEXBUG RC toy accurately reflects the damage Minotaur received in its match against Bite Force despite being released prior to Season 3 being filmed.
  • Minotaur's side rails were manufactured in China and thus were quite brittle, much like Gigabyte's self-righting pole. Despite this, Minotaur's side rails remained attached for several hits before the left one was damaged and then later removed.
  • Out of the 3 losses by knockouts, its loss against Bite Force was the only one that was the result of Minotaur breaking down from the damage dealt to it.
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