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VEX Robotics Minotaur in its packaging.

"It’s robot-fighting time! Directly from the TV series BattleBots, comes VEX Robotics Minotaur by HEXBUG. Build your own version of this fan favorite bot, with easy snap-together pieces!"
— Official description on the HEXBUG website.

The assembled Minotaur kit.

Minotaur was one of five BattleBots competitors released as part of HEXBUG's VEX Robotics set of construction kits, released in line with Discovery Season 3.

An exploded view of Minotaur, showing off its parts.

Based on Minotaur's 2018 season design, the toy is easily recognisable by its bold graphics and large drum. The robot does not feature a baseplate, allowing for its inner workings to be exposed. The kit features over 345 pieces which, when fully built, allows for the drum to rotate when Minotaur is driven forwards. Minotaur's drum is closer to yellow than the gold color used in other merch lines and on the real robot. The weapon itself is also chain-driven rather than belt-driven, as seen on Team RioBotz's BattleBots machine.

Also included with the kit is a sheet of paper with various information. Much like Tombstone, the Minotaur VEX Robotics kit is priced at $39.99.[1]

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  • Unlike the remote control HEXBUG release of Minotaur, the VEX Robotics kit was not rereleased with updated sponsor graphics on its top panel.