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Mini Knightrous was a 15lb robot built by Team Titanium Knights from Bergen County Academies which competed at BattleBots IQ in 2007 and 2008, as well as numerous Rumble at the Rock events.

The robot was a two-wheel drive, invertible robot armed with an eggbeater spinner at the front. It was a scaled down version of the team successful middleweight Knightrous. The robot achieved middling success, however would throw two of its opponents out of the arena in BattleBots IQ 2008, being the first robot to achieve two ring outs in the same competition, as well as the first to do so with a spinning weapon.

Mini Knightrous found more success at Rumble at the Rock, winning the second in 2008 outright and picking up silver at the third in 2009.

Knightrous Family

Mini Knightrous with Knightrous

Robot History[]

BattleBots IQ 2007[]

Mini Knightrous vs. ?

Mini Knightrous made its competitive debut at BattleBots IQ 2007. However, its opponents during this event are not known.

Rumble at the Rock 2[]

Mini Knightrous vs. ?

Mini Knightrous returned for the second Rumble at the Rock event hosted by Plymouth North High School.

Mini Knightrous vs. eXecutor

Though its road to the final is not known, Mini Knightrous advanced to face eXecutor. Mini Knightrous took the win and won the second ever Rumble at the Rock tournament.

BattleBots IQ 2008[]

Blue Flame fight
Please note that the order of the following fights is unknown, as documentation on the event itself is either limited or non-existent.
This is typically true of untelevised events such as BattleBots IQ and those sanctioned by the BattleBots name.

Mini Knightrous vs. Demansi Olivacea

Mini Knightrous took on fellow drum spinner Demansi Olivacea. Mini Knightrous would charge in, landing a series of devestating shots on Demansi Olivacea, disabling its weapon. After a few more shots, Mini Knightrous would rip the top panel off, before knocking Demansi Olivacea out of the arena.

Mini Knightrous vs. Über Schnitzel

Mini Knightrous took on Über Schnitzel from Ransom Everglades Robotics. Über Schnitzel started slowly, allowing Mini Knightrous to approach, dealing glancing shots to Über Schnitzel before popping it into the air. Über Schnitzel's wedge was now loose as Mini Knightrous tore it clean off before throwing a vulnerable Über Schnitzel out of the the arena, landing between the wall and the outer Lexan panel. Über Schnitzel was counted out, giving Mini Knightrous the win.

Mini Knightrous vs. ?

Mini Knightrous would take on one other robot, however the opposing robot is not known. It is know that Mini Knightrous would lose this match.

Mini Knightrous vs. Good Knight

Mini Knightrous took on teammate Good Knight. The match started with Mini Knightrous landing a few glancing blows on Good Knight. However, after a direct shot, Mini Knightrous's drive and weapon slowed down, allowing Good Knight to push it into the wall, where Mini Knightrous started smoking. Despite this, Mini Knightrous's weapon spun back up, however with only one side of drive, the robot was stricken, allowing Good Knight to dominate it around the arena. Good Knight would ram into Mini Knightrous's weapon a few times, disabling one side of its drive, leaving both robots crabwalking. The remainder of the match would continue as such, with Mini Knightrous achieving more hits. The outcome of this match would result in a loss.

Rumble at the Rock 3[]

Mini Knightrous vs. ?

Mini Knightrous returned for the third Rumble at the Rock event in March 2009. Its opponents are again unknown, but Mini Knightrous made the final.

Mini Knightrous vs. UKnight

Mini Knightrous fought the team's own UKnight in the final. However, Mini Knightrous lost this fight and finished second overall.


  • Wins: 9
  • Losses: 4
Competition Wins Losses
BattleBots IQ 2007 ? ?
Rumble at the Rock 2 ?
BattleBots IQ 2008 Demansi Olivacea
Über Schnitzel
Good Knight
Rumble at the Rock 3 ?


Rumble at the Rock 2
1st Place

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