Micheal "Fuzzy" Mauldin is the owner of Team Toad. He still competes today at Robogames with Polar Vortex, though the team has also competed in the past with "Avalanche". He is very well known, having many robots over the course of his robot fighting career, each themed after weather terminology. His most successful robot was IceBerg, which reached the quarterfinals twice in the SuperHeavyweight Division.

Micheal is one of only a few builders to appear on both Robot Wars and BattleBots, appearing in Robot Wars' tenth season with horizontal spinner "Cathadh," Gaelic for "blizzard", leading Team Rest of the World as a representative of the United States. He returned to BattleBots the year after with Hypothermia, followed by Texas Twister.


Fuzzy with FrostBite.

Outside of Battlebots

Fuzzy lives in Liberty Hill, Texas. For a period of time, he operated the "Robot Club & Grille", a restaurant that also served as a combat robot venue. Several of the arenas from the Robot Club & Grille are still in use today at independent events in the US. He also likes working on farms, where most of his original robots are used when not in combat.

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