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Metal Mechanics were construction sets produced by Jakks Pacific in 2001[2] which resembled various BattleBots competitors.

They featured a number of metal parts as advertised on the packaging of each set, and often featured functional weaponry and push-along drive with battery-operated weapons. In part due to their complexity compared to smaller toys such as the MiniBots, Metal Mechanics sets were typically more expensive, and were originally sold at $16 each. Two AA batteries were needed per set, and were not included with the kit's purchase.

A total of six sets were released in the standard Metal Mechanics line.

Deluxe Metal Mechanics[]


The only Deluxe Metal Mechanics set released.

As well as the six Metal Mechanics sets released, an additional set was released, titled Deluxe Metal Mechanics. This set followed the same concept as standard releases, but the parts were interchangeable so could be used to form a hybrid design. One of two robots could be built at any one time from this set:

Although Deadblow had previously been produced as a standard Metal Mechanics release, Minion had not.


  • Despite being the only two robots made in this line, Minion and Deadblow never actually fought one another due to being two different weight classes.